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Thankful Thursday | windows open!

This week, I am thankful:

for a lovely, cool morning

As I type this, my office window is open and there’s some delightful air coming in.

cat in window.

It’s been a little on the hot side this week (high 80s, which is a bit unusual for early May) but we’re still having some wonderfully cool mornings.

for beautiful natureredbud flowers.I’m always, always grateful for that!

tiny yellow flowers.

that the bridges on my trail are getting fixed

The nearby trail that I can walk to has had dilapidated bridges ever since I moved here.

Passable, but dilapidated.

However, in the last few weeks, these have all been getting repaired. Woohoo!

new bridge.

for how much I have learned this semester

I was thinking about things like…how much better I am at knowing baseline levels for not just vitals but all sorts of bloodwork.

screenshot of bloodwork.

I went back into my own medical history to look at my bloodwork, just for curiosity’s sake! (this is NOT a patient’s info; it’s my own)

I also understand fluid shifts in the body way better now.

In fact, a few weeks ago, I was able to figure out, without even looking at the bloodwork, that a patient’s albumin levels were probably low and that’s why the patient was having low blood pressure readings, despite having received plenty of IV fluids.

And sure enough, when I came in the next day, I saw the blood results and the albumin was indeed low. I was so proud of myself!

for patients who say yes to student nurses

Not every patient is comfortable allowing us students to assist with their care, but I am so grateful for the ones who say yes.

There is no better way to learn than by getting hands-on experience, and it is impossible to do that without willing patients.

Kristen in scrubs.

Also, just an FYI in case you are ever asked if you’re willing, as a patient: nursing students are always supervised, there are lots of safety rules in place, and the care you get is not going to be compromised if you say yes to having a student nurse.

The care we give doesn’t replace the care the assigned nurse gives; you’re just saying yes to us getting some practice with tasks at our level, and we are so thankful for the opportunity!

Kristen in scrubs.

And sometimes when you say yes, you actually get a little more time and attention; student nurses aren’t spread as thin as nurses and techs are, so we can devote more time to listening, figuring out what you need, and helping you. 🙂 

In fact, a lot of times when I went in at the end of my shift to say goodbye to my patients and to thank them, they were saying thank you to me.

So, a happy experience all around.

that I’m braver than I thought

I can’t remember if I’ve said this before, but I was a little nervous that my dont-rock-the-boat personality would make it hard for me to fulfill my role as an advocate for my patients.

But right outta the gate at med surg, I spoke up for my patients. And if I can do that as a second-semester student nurse, I definitely am gonna be able to do that as a full-fledged nurse with experience.

Kristen in scrubs.

I’m willing to stick my neck out if it’s gonna help someone I’m responsible for. 🙂

that my powerpoint for our group presentation is all done

I tackled it yesterday, and we’re gonna give it a run-through over Zoom today. Luckily this one is only 5-7 minutes, so not too bad to work through.

Chiquita sat on my keyboard and tried her best to change my powerpoint, but luckily I was able to hit control-z a few times to get back to my previous spot.


I’m not that good at powerpoint so I would have been unhappy if I had to redo the work!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 3rd of May 2024

Kristen: I get my health care through a University health care system and the University physicians. Most also have connections with the Medical Education & Nursing Educations. I am happy to have med students, nursing students and also imaging, physical therapy and other med specialties students involved in my care, both as an inpatient and at the Clinics and my primary care physicians office. My daughter has her BSN and has been caring for patients since her high school part-time job at a nursing home.


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

I live in opposite land of most - better half is regimented for doctor visits, I am not. Never had much use for doctors, even at a young age. Add being held hostage for birth control and wing nut ob-gyn (who I dumped as soon as I could). Not fond of medical trainees except if it was for a pregnancy termination. That situation never presented itself for me, mother nature ensured the miscarriage was complete. I'd give a phlebotomist trainee a stick or two - good ones are rare as hen's teeth. Nurses - 50/50 odds. You utter the words "doctor says" and you are immediately on my excrement list. Doctor has something to say, s/he should say it to me directly, not through a third party. Due to mywork schedule, it is mother's day weekend so out of town kiddo is in town. We avoid Cinco de Mayo - little to no opportunity to chat with the owners/employees of the restaurant. Mother's Day is almost as bad convo wise but both are great business days.

Lisa K

Thursday 2nd of May 2024

Thankful things today. 1. birdsong 2. cool/warm weather 3. rain this week 4. several nights of good sleep 5. a successful science project for my class


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

I am thankful for: 1. The ability to still be working despite numerous health issues at 63. 2. By still working, I am able to send my 21 yr old nephew a little bit of grocery money to help as he settles in in being on his own 400 miles from home. 3. Decent weather here in California where I can leave windows open overnite to cool the house. 4. Good friends. 5. My beloved rescue dog. She is the Best.


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

I'm so thankful I put the AC units in the windows last weekend. My classroom is so hot and muggy, but at least my house is not and I don't even care about waiting as long as possible to turn on the AC this year. It was just way too hot way too early this year, but just two little window units do an excellent job of cooling off the whole house.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.