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Right now, I am…

-happy to have our Christmas tree in the house.

-looking forward to putting lights, garland and ornaments on it. It’s lookin’ kind of naked at the moment.

-thinking this is the only time I’ve gone to get a tree in flip-flops. Yay for a December warm snap!

-thrilled that we got a lot of our leaves taken care of.

-equally thrilled that there are almost none left on the trees. So, what’s clean will stay clean for now.

-feeling like the pile of leaves in the backyard can stay for a while. (The girls made a huge pile under the zip line so that they can drop off midway and land in the pile.)

-hoping the three-corner roast I put in the crock pot will eventually get tender.

-wondering what in the world a three-corner roast is anyway. The Internets have not been able to enlighten me thus far.

-thinking that all roasts must eventually get tender in the crock pot. Right???

-remembering that I will have to clean my crock pot. This is horrible because my crock pot doesn’t come apart and must be sponge-bathed rather than immersed.

(Don’t be jealous of my 90s crockpot, okay?)

-starting to agree with Mr. FG’s opinion that I should just break down and buy a better one.

-really, really happy that all of the kids have already bought presents for each other. I think this is the earliest we’ve ever gotten that done!

-feeling slightly proud that I’ve gotten a bit of holiday baking done already.

-looking forward to trying out my new soaps from Third Day Naturals (I get to give some away to you guys soon. Not my bars, though! You get brand new ones. 😉 )

-excited that a new nephew will make his appearance this month. This will improve the nephew to niece ratio ever so slightly, though the nieces are still decidedly ahead.

-thankful that I pretty much never have to deal with my own computer problems-Mr. FG does all of that for me and I’m glad to let him.

-feeling a little disorganized because I didn’t do a meal plan yet this week. I really don’t like flying by the seat of my pants.

-wanting to make: yogurt, no-stir granola, and some homemade bread. Because we’re out of all that stuff.

-planning to buy some vodka (not for drinking! For making homemade vanilla extract.)


How ’bout you? If you want, you can do a 3-5 item “right now” list in the comments. Give it a’s fun!


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Thursday 13th of December 2012

My new crockpot took a terrible flying leap through the air and smashed against the wall at a hotel where I was hosting a hospitality room.... So I am kinda jealous of your crock pot. However, I was boohoo-ing about my crockpot and my friend said, "Ya know, a lot of times you can find like new ones at goodwill." Since you are a goodwill guru... keep your eyes peeled for a deal....


Saturday 8th of December 2012

Three corner roast, known here as a tri-tip, is absolutely wonderful when barbecued. In fact, it's just about everyone's favorite barbecue food where I live. Yum! There's some good recipes on google, but all you really need is a good meat rub, sometimes I even forego the rub, and a little time on a hot barbecue. My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. I might have to head down to safeway to buy one now, even if I do have to barbecue in the cold :)

Economies of kale

Saturday 8th of December 2012

Nice tree and we almost always always wear flip-flops when we get our tree :)

Right now I am: -Happy to have finally posted on my blog. -Working on my homemade Christmas gifts and wondering how to pack them all for the flight -Nervous about Mr Omnivore's upcoming surgery -Needing to work in the garden, my herbs are looking quite neglected


Friday 7th of December 2012

Keep your old crockpot....the new ones get too hot. I'm going to goodwill to try to find an oldie but goodie. My new stainless one looks good, but cooks lousy.


Friday 7th of December 2012

Oh my goodness, girl! Go get yourself a new crockpot already! I can't imagine using the kind without a removeable bowl, they get so dirty!

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