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Merry Christmas!

If you’re celebrating, I hope you have a lovely Christmas today, and I hope joy comes easy for you (some years are like that!)

four stockings hanging on a mantel.


Maybe today you are facing hard things.

Maybe this Christmas doesn’t look like you thought it would.

Maybe you’ve had losses of one sort or another.

Maybe this is a Christmas full of change, and new firsts that are a little hard.

Maybe you are in physical pain. Or emotional pain. Or relational pain.

Christmas tree.

I don’t know what specific difficulties are in your life, but I want you to know that I understand the way that holidays press a little extra hard on the sore spots in your heart.

You are not alone in struggling.

And yet, I also know that in the midst of great struggles, there are always bits of joy to be found as well. Sometimes they are tiny, and you have to hunt to find them…but I promise they are there.

These things can co-exist…if you recognize the joys, that doesn’t erase the struggles, and recognizing the struggles doesn’t erase the joy either.

I’m over here, holding both of these things, and I hope that you too are able to make space for both the pain and the joy.

Speaking of joy, here’s something to make you smile: Lisey’s crazy idea for our Christmas tree this year.

Brobee Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas tree.


It’s Brobee, from Yo-Gabba-Gabba and I can tell you more in a future post if you’d like. 😉

Sending lots of love your way,


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Thursday 29th of December 2022

Belated Merry Christmas to you! Our daughter in law passed away a little over a year ago - this is our second Christmas without her. Thank you for so eloquently putting how I feel. It can be so sad but I also just light up with joy at our 18 month old grandson. I'm posting your words on our refrigerator for the reminder year round. Blessings of peace and contentment to you!


Monday 26th of December 2022

Thank you, Kristen. Merry Christmas!!

Jennifer Y.

Monday 26th of December 2022

Merry Christmas!

Erika JS

Monday 26th of December 2022

Thanks, Kristen, for your post. This has been a super hard holiday season for various big reasons, and your post was cathartic for me. It lightened my heart a bit. And, I smiled at your cool, creative tree, and your fun daughter. Someone said you are a role model, I think that’s very true. Happy New Year


Monday 26th of December 2022

Oh friend, I am so sorry it's been a tough time for you. But I am glad our ridiculous tree made you smile!


Monday 26th of December 2022

I live your thoughtful post Kristen, as always.

Happy holidays to everyone. I hope you all and those you love are safe and well in the midst of the turbulent weather.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.