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I never thought I’d see that again!

“That” being a 2, sitting in front of the decimal point on a gas sign! In fact, I had visions of a life where it was commonplace to see a 5 in that spot. Needless to say, I am thrilled to pieces that gas is below $3 a gallon again. Not only that, the numbers after the decimal point have been pretty excitingly low too…today the BJ’s by my grocery store had gas for $2.44. I’m starting to be cautiously optimistic that the prices will get down to nearly $2.

The fall in prices isn’t going to change my driving routine at all, though. I’m hoping that other people are going to stick with their reduced driving patterns too, because that is at least part of the reason that gas prices are falling. Instead of thinking, “Oh, gas is cheap, so now I can drive more!”, I’m thinking, “Oooh! The combination of low gas prices and my gas-saving strategies will realllly reduce my gas spending!”. I’m still hypermiling, combining errands, and staying home as much as possible(which, incidentally, is a lovely way to save money. You can’t do much shopping if you don’t go out. Well, except for online shopping, which I don’t like doing!).

My husband can’t do a whole lot to reduce his driving, since he does have to go to work every day. He’s been faithfully hypermiling(we both try to see if we can coast all the way to our driveway from the entrance to the neighborhood!), but the drop in gas prices has been what has really helped our gas spending this month. Usually it costs him $50 to fill up, and today the total was only $32. If this keeps up, it will save us $936 over the course of a year. Oh, happy happiness!

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The Frugal Girl :: I certainly love being wrong.

Thursday 13th of November 2008

[...] I love being wrong occasionally. :p A little while ago, I posted about how utter delight had filled my soul at the sight of a 2 perched in the first place up on the [...]


Wednesday 12th of November 2008

I never thought I'd see a 1 in that spot again! Gas is 1.95 here with no sign of going up.


Friday 24th of October 2008

I am an optimist too! I paid $2.27 in Iowa today :)


Friday 24th of October 2008

Awsome! I am very happy too.

Jill Snyder

Thursday 23rd of October 2008

Crude oil is around $79 a barrel so in about 4-6 months we should see a nice price on gas...since it is a futures. :-)

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