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It is amazing what you will eat when you are truly hungry.

These are the dregs from the tortilla chips bag that has been sitting, not very well-sealed, in my snack cabinet for a while. I don’t know why, but we never do very well with eating the last tortilla chips. We plow through 95% of them and then the last 5% just sit. I’ve been thinking that I should just give up and put them in a food waste photo(because I knew they weren’t exactly crisp anymore), but I’ve been putting it off.

When I was cooking dinner yesterday, and the kids and I were very hungry. There wasn’t much in the way of ready-to-eat food in the house, and so we ate the tortilla chips. My children, who have pretty undiscriminating palates, didn’t mind the slight chewiness of the chips, and I was so hungry that I didn’t really care either.

So, I was thinking that maybe my problem with eating leftovers is just that I have too many choices. I obviously am not above eating less-than-wonderful food if it’s the only thing available. And maybe that’s why Laura(of Little House fame) and her family could stand to eat cold jack-rabbit stew for breakfast. If you’re truly famished and you don’t have any other options, I suppose that could start to look pretty appetizing.

I don’t know yet if this revelation/reminder is going to affect my attitude about leftovers yet, because I have been in a fabulous no-leftovers-state for the last two days. As a result, I’ve gotten to have a bread and yogurt lunch two days in a row with not even the teeniest smidge of guilt…I have been a happy girl indeed.

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The Frugal Girl » The road to the trash is paved with good intentions.

Tuesday 3rd of November 2009

[...] up, I give it to my kids when they are hungry between meals. I’ve written before about how hunger will make pretty much any food more appealing, and I’ve found this is especially true of fruits and vegetables. When my children complain [...]


Tuesday 2nd of June 2009

Some other uses: - crush to use instead of breadcrumbs in coating - use in a Mexican casserole - invent Mexican lasagna and use these in place of the noodles

But mostly the first idea.

nancy margerum

Monday 10th of November 2008

First of all, love your blog! Secondly, there is a mexican casserole using leftover tortilla chips (and small pieces). I got it off the Allrecipes website: It's called Easy Mexican Casserole. I actually save up the remainders of chips until I have enough to make this!


Saturday 25th of October 2008

You can crisp them up in the oven for a few minutes too.

Jill Snyder

Thursday 23rd of October 2008

been there...done that! :-)

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