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Grocery Spending-I bought some flour. a LOT of flour.

IMG_6472The oddest thing happened after I posted my silly letter to Safeway on Wednesday. I hit “publish” and then went outside to get the newspaper. As I was perusing the ads I came across Safeway’s, and lo and behold, Gold Medal flour was on sale! Yay!!!

The price this week is $1.50/5 lbs, which is higher than the $.99 price that makes me uber happy, but considering that I was utterly and completely out of flour, $1.50 sounded pretty good to me.

My only worry was that the unbleached wouldn’t be included in the sale (the bleached flour was pictured). I even felt slightly nervous as I entered the flour aisle, but much to my delight, the unbleached WAS included! Woohoo!

So, I bought 17 bags of flour, which cost me $25.50. Because I spent $25 on baking items, I got a $5 coupon off of anything I buy on my next shopping trip. Bonus!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be “in” flour again.

I decided to keep things simple this week, and so Safeway was my only stop. Here’s the other stuff I bought:

All told, I spent $64.62 of my $400 grocery budget for November, and I am really, really happy with that, especially considering I bought a ton of flour.

Soo, my first week of shopping with only cash bore some pleasing results. If only I could make it through every week with only $64!

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Saturday 14th of November 2009

[...] I only spent $64.62 last week (woo!), aaaaand I will be getting $5 back from a rebate (for the crackers I purchased). So, [...]


Friday 13th of November 2009

Those would be the smallest feet in the house...Zoe's! :)


Friday 13th of November 2009

I like the little hot pink feet in the photo. Whose are those?


Wednesday 11th of November 2009

@yenny Ahhh, I see! Well, I figure that unbleached has got to be more healthy than bleached flour, because I don't see any good health effect that could come from bleaching, you know?

I mostly use it because it performs better in baking, doesn't have an "off" taste, and because I like my baked goods not to be completely and utterly white. I think bleached flour looks sort of weird.

I do use it in a pinch, though.


Wednesday 11th of November 2009

oh! what I meant to ask was if unbleached flour was healthy-"er" then regular one. thanks

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