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Freezer Challenge Update (plus what I spent and ate!)

Happy Friday to all of you!

Freezer Challenge Update

So, I’ve been plugging away on my freezer challenge this week.

freezer challenge update


  • made overnight french toast to use bread
  • made paninis to use up bread
  • made tacos to use up tortillas
  • made smoothies to use up frozen fruit
  • made stir-fried cauliflower to use up frozen ginger

The bacon, pizza dough, and marinara are all going to be used up tonight when I make pizza.

So, mainly what I have left are some bread odds and ends.   Zoe asked for more overnight French toast, so maybe I’ll do that and some croutons/bread crumbs.

What I Spent

I did not do a lot of grocery shopping this week…just $74.83.

And I got my produce box for $33.

produce box

April Spending

Week 1: $248

Week 2: $108

What We Ate


I had a pound of ground beef in my small freezer, so I thawed that and grilled some burgers.

grilled burgers

Here’s the recipe I use for juicy well-done hamburgers.   Luckily, it calls for bread, so I used some from my freezer stash.

We also had the stir-fried cauliflower that I mentioned yesterday.

cauliflower in thai red curry sauce


I made easy grilled chicken tacos (salt and pepper chicken breasts, grill, slice, and toss with chipotle sour cream.)

grilled chicken tacos

I’ve mentioned that chipotles are basically manna from heaven, right?   SO GOOD.

We had applesauce from the freezer, and of course, I made guacamole to go on the tacos.

(Guacamole is also manna from heaven, FYI.)

Oh, and we ate watermelon from the produce box.   So out of season, but so yummy.


I grilled some bratwurst, stir-fried some broccoli, and we also ate cucumber slices and fresh pineapple.

Kristen (@thefrugalgirl) • Instagram photos and videos - Mozilla Firefox 4142016 114324 AM

Pineapples are ridiculously affordable at Aldi ($1.49 this week!), which means we almost always have a pineapple in the house.   I love that.


On Wednesday, I salted a beef roast from my chest freezer and then on Thursday, I slow-roasted it, using a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.

(Are we surprised?   No, no, we are not.)

I had some potatoes from my produce box that needed to be used up, so I made mashed potatoes to go with the beef, and I also sauteed some green beans.

I’m a little bit proud of myself for promptly using up the cauliflower, broccoli, AND green beans from my produce box.

I was a veritable veggie-preparing champion this week.   😉


I’m making pizza, which will use up the frozen pizza dough, marinara sauce, and bacon.

Lisey making pizza

I’m going to keep working on my freezer odds and ends this coming week, so there will be another freezer challenge up date added onto next week’s menu/grocery post.


What did you eat for dinner this week?   And if you joined me in doing a freezer challenge, how did that go?

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Tuesday 19th of April 2016

Kristen - you made me laugh with your veg box comment. I was raised where multiple vegetables were a normal part of a meal, so we eat lots of veg with every meal; my plate is typically 50-100% veg.

Yesterday/Monday: spit chicken with broccoli & feta salad, edamame bean & pea salad, pasta & pine nut salad.

Sunday: chicken enchilada (I had fish) with stir fry veg.

Saturday: pork, noodles with shredded veg, pak choi.

Friday: salmon with spinach, broccoli, asparagus and sweet potato

Thursday: oven roasted butternut squash & tomatoes served on top of cous cous (with courgette & feta), topped with sliced avocado and salsa.

Wednesday: ratatouille on rice (or spinach), corn on the cob

Tuesday: spicy chicken with tons of green veg, roast new potatoes

No freezer challenge here; I barely have anything in it. I work hard to keep ice, peas, fruit for smoothies, ice cream and the occasional few bagels/muffins in there.


Monday 18th of April 2016

Thank you for blogging about the cauliflower dish from Cook's. You gave me incentive to try it today for a potluck. It was outside the box for these friends and they ended up loving it. Of course following your frugal ways I had to make adjustments to avoid a store run...carrots instead of cauliflower, green curry instead of red and lemon instead of lime. a real keeper recipe even with the changes. Thank you for taking time to share your life with us. You are a very generous blogger.


Sunday 17th of April 2016

I did a freezer challenge the last 2 weeks..Mostly because I found great sales on organic meats and had to make room for it before I could purchase it. the challenge went well and I've got a turkey thawing. DH will smoke it on Tuesday. For the past week, here's what we had: M-Crockpot ham & bean soup T- pizza W- baked chicken w/mushrooms TH- leftover bean soup F- DH bought a fritatta box mix. I made a fritatta a few months ago and he refused to try it. Go figure. Sat- Attempted 40 garlic clove chicken & potatoes with chicken thighs in the crockpot. I wasn't impressed although DH and DS ate the whole pot. DS gave it a "8" rating. Sun- making BBQ chicken pizza from the leftover chicken thighs.


Sunday 17th of April 2016

At one point, I thought you were mentioning your weekend meals as well. I'm just curious, are you still doing the brinner (breakfast for dinner) thing on Sundays?


Saturday 16th of April 2016

I would love the recipe for the stir fried cauliflower.


Saturday 16th of April 2016

Okee-doke! I'll work on that.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.