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Food Waste Friday-May 22nd


I very nearly had a zero-waste week this time…just a few pesky leftover carrots. I didn’t actually forget about these. I just never felt like eating them, unfortunately. And now they’re old enough that I feel a bit nervous about eating them.

Had they been plain cooked carrots or sweet cooked carrots, I’d have just mashed them up and thrown them into some muffin batter, but these carrots had horseradish on them, and I didn’t think that would work very well in muffins. Yuck.

How did you do? If you blogged about your food waste this week, use the Mr. Linky widget below to share your post with us! Remember to leave a direct link to your food waste post, so we won’t have to spend time poking around your blog searching for the right post.

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Wednesday 3rd of March 2010

Plain old Soup! Yeah, Hubby and I buy chicken broth, in paper cartons, not canned. It is more health and less salt. But, we throw whats in the fridge into our soups! You can throw any veggie, or left over meat. We even have a soup, we call, pizza soup. With that one, you have tomato base, you can throw old catsup, salsas of any kind, too. You cut up any left over pizza, or bread product, i,e, corn bread, biscuits, anything. Plug in crock pot, and simmer until dinner time. 30mins to half a day, what ever your happy with for the flavors to mix.

The Frugal Girl » Food Waste Friday

Friday 29th of May 2009

[...] The noodles were growing some really interesting mold, which happened because some unorganized house wife (read: me) put them in a place she never puts leftovers: the door of the fridge. It was a small container and it somehow went unnoticed for two weeks….which means that I should have found this last week and included it with the carrots. [...]


Saturday 23rd of May 2009

That's what my friend claims, but I hope he's wrong. I'm sure they lose SOME of their nutrients, the key is how much. I'm going to research and write about this withing the next couple of weeks.


Saturday 23rd of May 2009

Seriously? Leftovers lose all their nutrients? You'll have to keep me updated on that.

I think I'm eating a lot more fresh produce since I started this challenge, because I'm always rifling through the fridge looking for fruits or veggies that are about to go bad.


Saturday 23rd of May 2009

Hmmm... I have to say I don't think I recommend eating something you don't really want to eat and is probably past the point of being healthy. So I guess this challenge we're all doing should include trying to eat fresh produce while it's still fresh. I have a friend who says leftovers lose all their nutrients. I'm going to research that for a future post, because leftovers are the basis of eating economically and reducing waste.

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