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Food Waste Friday-1.30


Bummer…I missed another chance for a no-waste week. But, two of these things are from my cupboard cleanout, which means the old me bought them, not the new, improved, no-waste me. 😉

The one thing that is the fault of the new me is the bit of gravy in the glass container. I used the leftover roast chicken to make a salad, so I ended up with gravy and no chicken leftovers on which to eat the gravy. I suppose I could have come up with a way to use it, but I already knew I was going to have a no waste week, thanks to my pantry cleanout, and I lost inspiration.

I posted about the tuna yesterday, and a kind reader told me that Starkist says their products should be good for three years. I’m pretty sure that I bought this because of a weird early pregnancy craving(I don’t normally buy tuna), and the last time I was newly pregnant was over three years ago. It’s vaguely possible that this is from the pregnancy before that, in which case it’s scary old. Either way, I decided to throw it out.

The malted milk mix is REALLY old…as in probably 5-6 years old. I opened it up to peek inside, and found that some sort of insect-like creature had made a cocoon in it. Eww. Needless to say, that ended up in the trash.

I anticipate that I will have some more weeks like this as I clean out my cabinets and freezer, but hopefully in the future my new habits will keep me from hanging onto(and not using!) food for 6 years.


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Saturday 31st of January 2009

Oh, that's a good idea(which I would totally use if I hadn't already thrown the gravy out! lol).

Have fun cleaning(and have even more fun enjoying your organized cupboards). By the way, the beans and lentils should still be good...they have a crazy long shelf life.


Saturday 31st of January 2009

You've inspired me to clean out MY cupboards too! I know I've got some dry beans and lentils that are quite a few years old.....I think that will be my Saturday project today.

With the leftover gravy--freeze it! Then next time you're making a chicken-based soup, or pot pie, or casserole, you've got a great-flavored base already mixed up.

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