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Five Frugal Things | some new clothes!

1. I got a Beyond Yoga tank on eBay

Kristen in blue tank top.

Back when I was still getting Stitch Fix boxes, I had gotten a Beyond Yoga pink cropped tank top, and I’ve worn it quite a bit.

two tank tops.

So, I thought, “Hmm, I might like to have another one of these.”

I had Stitch Fix credits, so the one in my box was free to me. But to buy one from Beyond Yoga was gonna cost $74 and I was like, “ummmmmm, NO.”

two beyond yoga tank tops.

I looked on ThredUp and came up dry, but then I hopped over to eBay and found one for around $20.

It was a listing that accepted offers, so I sent in an offer for a few dollars less, and the seller accepted my offer. Sweet.

2. I got two free Athleta skirts

Years ago (like, maybe in 2015?), I bought a skirt on clearance at Athleta, and I’ve worn it many, many times. It’s a ruched knit skirt, and I’ve liked that you can dress it up or down.

Kristen and her friend.

Sometimes I wear my black tank top with it (a clearance purchase from Old Navy) and people often mistake that combo for a black dress.

Kristen with her hair pulled back.

This is the black tank I mentioned

Anyway, I knew Athleta didn’t carry this anymore, so I looked on ThredUp and I found one in a slightly different color. Yay!

I also found a sort of similar skirt, except in a longer length, with a curved hem.

curved hem black skirt.

two Athleta skirts.

I had a promotional gift card to use at ThredUp (I have no idea how I got it but it showed up in my email a little while back), so both skirts were free for me. Yay!

black Athleta skirt.

ThredUp sells gently used clothes, and if you are new to their site, you can click here and get $10 off your first purchase!

3. I planted my basil seedlings in pots outside

basil seedlings.

How they started

The little seedlings are now respectable plants, so I took them all out yesterday and planted them in pots in front of my house.

small basil seedling in pot.

Here’s hoping they thrive and I’ll get lots of fresh basil this summer!

4. I sold a Lego kit for Lisey

She’s minimizing her possessions in preparation for her move to Hawaii, so I listed a little Lego kit she had, and it sold pretty promptly.

5. I…

  • drank coffee that I made at home (as always)
  • used up a million and one odds and ends in my breakfast/lunch meals (as always)
  • used up the last bit of my conditioner bottle by shaking it with a little water

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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Thursday 18th of May 2023

Love thred up! It’s genius and I have gotten many wonderful items. It is definitely great for finding duplicates of something you already have and love.


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

1) When I went to return a car part that was under warranty, they gave me a $10 off of a $50 purchase coupon. I remembered that one of the wiper blades on my husband's truck was coming apart, so I bought two wiper blades for his truck and a jug of washer fluid to get just over the $50 mark.

2) Ann Taylor sent me a $30 off a purchase of $30 coupon, which seemed like a good deal to me. I didn't think it was worth a drive out to the mall since I wasn't going anyway. Instead I found a classic button up in my size on their website on sale for $39. I did have to pay for shipping. There's always the chance the shirt is not good quality or does't fit me (in which case, we'll cross that bridge when we get there) but assuming I like the shirt, a brand new Ann Taylor shirt for less than $20 (I had to pay for shipping too) is a pretty good deal.

3) I put off grocery shopping until Tuesday night to force me to cook up stuff we had in the house. But by last night we were completely out of produce and almost out of milk, so I wrote a menu, made a list, and got it done.

4) I followed up with our accountant about a second invoice I received from him. He is usually very organized (he is a good accountant), so I'm not sure why he sent us a new invoice for a service we have already paid for. I think it is an error, so I am at least going to wait to hear from him before I put another check in the mail.

5) I . . . -have a day trip tomorrow, so included in my meal plan was a lunch I could pack in the cooler and eat out of town. -batched errands today stopping at CVS to get our daughter's medicine, popping back into Aldi, which is next door, to get the couple things I forgot grocery shopping last night, detouring to Kroger for the specific cookies I have to send with one child for a class celebration tomorrow, and making an Amazon return at the UPS store on the way back home. -added a pair of pants to my sewing pile that are too short for my second son and have a hole in the knee; I will cut them off to make shorts for my third son.


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

* I was running out of dog toothpaste, so I cut the tube open and there was enough in there for another week

* I am using free WIFI whenever I can on my cellphone in order to not have to buy a more expensive package with data (I have 225 MB of data available to me each month, that I keep for emergencies/necessities. I very rarely go over 30 MB). So my bill is only 17.25$/month. Very cheap here in Canada.

* I bought underwear online that ended up riding too low (I like high rise). I asked to return them, and the company told me to keep them and gave me a refund. It's not like the underwear are not wearable, so I'll probably use them anyways since I have them.

* Found a quality dog collar and dog vest/blanket at the thrift store, 5$ for both. The vest is too big, I will fix this myself.

* I don't know if this makes me frugal or plain cheap, but I rarely contribute for colleagues' gifts. I work in an hospital, so I have a gazillion colleagues, and every 3 weeks or so someone is getting married/retiring/having a baby/is on sick leave.... So to give money each time would be a stretch. I only give money for people who are dear to me, and then I sign the card. Otherwise, I don't sign the card (because, to me THIS is cheap : signing a card for someone when you didn't even contribute to the gift)

Rachel R.

Tuesday 16th of May 2023

Love your #5 things!

1) We went to see family for Mother’s Day & rented a VRBO so that we could be with my mom & sis, and cook & avoid restaurant costs. We grocery shopped & had carry-out pizza one night. Our VRBO was stocked with coffee & tea & spices so saved costs there too.

2) We chose free entertainment—walks to the lake, Netflix/DVDs, card games, & crafts.

3) On the way to the VRBO location, we had booked a hotel night to break up the trip. Right before bed, my daughter realized the ceiling lamp near our hotel door entryway was leaking, during a rainstorm. It was quickly pouring in, and we had to pack up our stuff, and head to the lobby. It was already a pretty rough room. We were given a new, much cleaner room. Later we found out the hotel stay was completely refunded—that was a first for us!

4) I used Hallmark Crown Rewards free cards for Mother’s Day cards (blank cards).

5) Library books/DVDs/Hoopla audiobooks


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

1. Last Friday, Chick-fil-A was giving free chicken sandwiches to nurses and health care workers, so I showed my hospital ID and got a free sandwich! Then used my points to order a free salad to treat my husband. 2. Cleaned out my fridge and used up all sorts of random things in a smoothie. It feels much better to look at a clean and organized fridge! 3. I had won a prize in a contest put on by our local farmer's market but wasn't able to claim it right away. When I went this past weekend, the vendor had forgotten, but promised to bring it next week. Turns out to be a free carton of a dozen free-range eggs! I will claim it next week, but she did let me take several freshly picked cucumbers for free while I was there. Also returned the empty glass jar to the honey vendor and got $1 for returning it, which went towards buying a new one. 4. Cleaned out mine and my kids' closets and collected a pile of clothes to donate and sell. Also offered my son's outgrown Canada hoodie to another Canadian friend here in Houston who happily accepted it for her son. 5. Filled in some remaining gaps in my kids' closets with bigger sized clothes bought either on sale, using Amazon gift cards, or going through Rakuten for added cash back. Since they are teens/preteens, they are much pickier about what they want to wear and I can no longer buy what I think they'll like/what I like from the kids' used clothing store. Also bought a few things for myself from thredup during their Mother's Day sale which also included free shipping with no minimum. I will also get $10 credit later this week from saving a clothing search so I may try and use it with my current bundle to piggyback on the free shipping.

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