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Five Frugal Things | some non-skinny jeans

1. I got a free pair of jeans

Most of my current jeans are the skinny-jean style, and apparently, those are starting to be a slightly dated look.

Kristen in a pair of Converse.

Ugh. Why are these out of style now?

This is sort of convenient, because I have had most of my skinny jeans for a really long time, and several pairs of them are starting to wear out.

That’s a handy time to branch out to a different style!

(I almost said “new” style but I am 44 and at this point in my life, no “new” jeans style is actually new. I think I’ve worn all of them already!)

So, I stopped in at Old Navy and tried on a pair of non-skinny jeans. I still do feel slightly more comfortable in my familiar skinnies, but man, I’m trying really hard not to get stubbornly stuck in any particular fashion era, so I bought them.

Kristen in mom jeans.

This is me, trying to adjust

They were 30% off and I also had credits (from credit card rewards!) so they were $0 for me.

2. I used some birthday freebies/discounts

birthday balloons

I’ve been keeping an eye out for birthday offers in my email/apps this month and so far I’ve picked up:

  • a free cookie at Panera
  • a free cookie at Potbelly
  • almost-free socks at DSW
  • a $0.53 pair of undies from Victoria’s Secret

And there are plenty more offers I still have left to redeem.

I like that birthday offers are now often available all month long; it makes it way easier to redeem them over the course of the month as I happen to be near the various stores!

3. I’m using up some not-so-favorite coffee

Normally I make my coffee with bags of Starbucks grounds from the grocery store; I keep an eye out for sales and buy several bags at a time.

bag of Starbucks mocha coffee grounds.

I ran out, though, so now I am making myself use up the other bags of coffee I have (bags I tried and didn’t like as much!)

And in the meantime, I will be keeping an eye out for a sale on Starbucks coffee. 🙂

If nothing pans out, I might order this pack from Amazon, or I could get by with Aldi coffee, which is the best off-brand ground coffee I’ve tried.

4. I got a problem fixed at Eddie Bauer

I had ordered a pair of shoes in-store, for a size that wasn’t in stock. However, the guy helping me with the order seemed a little clueless.

Confident. But clueless.

He kept messing things up with the address and email address, but eventually, he seemed to think that he’d gotten it figured out.

But lo and behold, the shoes ended up going to a completely different city, AND it turned out that the only info he’d put in correctly was my credit card.

So I paid, but I had no shoes to show for it.

I called the store and they said to call customer service.

But when I called customer service, they asked for all kinds of identifying information, and of course, none of it matched what was in the system. They said to go to the store for help.


So I did, and luckily the manager was there. Whew!

I cheerfully explained the whole saga to him, and apparently, it’s not the first time that this employee has messed up an online order, so the manager had no problem believing my whole story.

He got on the phone with customer service and got me a refund, a fresh order (for the right address!), and an extra $15 discount (which I did not ask for! I think he was just thankful I wasn’t angry…he said, “You are a gem. Thank you for being patient.”)

Experience has taught me that if you are persistent and polite, you can usually get what you need in terms of customer service. 🙂

5. I…

  • sold a book on eBay (those sales always are trickling in!)
  • kept eating up my excess potatoes
  • a butter wrapper had quite a bit of butter stuck to it, so I put it into a pan so the butter could melt off

butter wrapper

And then I made a grilled cheese sandwich in the buttered pan, using the two heels from a loaf of bread.

grilled cheese sandwich.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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Saturday 22nd of April 2023

This is a little late, but just found fashionista advice about skinny jeans in 2023. Enjoy!


Thursday 20th of April 2023

OMG We love the low acid Aldi coffee. SOOOO good.


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Persistent and polite....I like that!


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

1- went through my closet of home decorations and found 2 photo frames and a couple decorative items to use on my new book shelf so I did not have to buy new 2- last fall I found a deal buy 1 get 2 free blankets at Dicks sporting goods. $14 for 3 blankets!!! I washed them and put them away for outside blankets. I pulled out 2 this week and used them at my daughters soccer game. They were warm and I was so happy to have found them and not have to use nicer blankets outside. 3- went through my freezer and made a list of what was in it. Then made a list of recipes to cook with what I have. I have used 3 items this week! 4- planned a vacation for summer. We did not have a specific week so I was able to search for the best ticket deals and plan to go then 5- the normal things like cook dinner, make my own coffee, read books from the library, did my own manicure


Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Good find on the jeans deal! I am in need of jeans shopping, but I keep putting it off ... trends, colors, size and fit, deals. Feels like a lot of work!

My FFT: - Found a shirt I loved on the Target clearance rack with no tags + checkout clerk couldn't find it in the system so gave it to me for $5! New shirt win for me, and gave a home to a shirt that may have not found one otherwise - curious what they do with unsold clearance merchandise that doesn't have tags. - I've been slowly but surely painting my basement walls & ceiling. It's been probably 20-25 years since it was painted (well before our ownership), and the walls have gotten dinged up with kid play and moving stuff down for storage. I call this a frugal win only because my mother in law was shocked that I was doing this on my own rather than hiring someone - so while I wasn't pleased at the time and cost of that many gallons of paint, I'll call it saving a few thousand dollars instead! - Transplanted a few perennial baby volunteers to a different bed with bare spots. No idea if they'll take, but if so, free plants for me! - Ordered a new couch months ago but they keep extending the delivery date ... politely complained and they offered an extra 5% off, so I guess that's kind of a frugal win? (Sigh. I already got it on a great sale and frankly would rather just have my couch.) - I just ordered a curtain rod and rings to do a cafe curtain. Far cheaper than the blinds I was originally planning on, and while I'll need to pull out my sewing machine to shorten the curtains, I'm confident it'll be worth it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.