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Five Frugal Things | oldie but a goodie

1. I refreshed some wilted lettuce

I know I’ve shared this a lot of times before, but there’s always someone out there who hasn’t heard of this tip!

I got a head of rather limp lettuce in my Hungry Harvest box.

wilted lettuce.

So I chopped it up, and put it into the bowl of my salad spinner, with cold water.

lettuce in salad spinner.

Just a half hour later, it was so much crispier. It’s like magic!

crisped lettuce.

This might be a sign I need to get out more, but I think it’s kind of fun to refresh wilted greens, so I was slightly happy to see my wilted Hungry Harvest lettuce. Ha.

2. I got some Fetch reward bonuses

When you haven’t scanned a receipt in a while, Fetch always offers you 300 points for any receipt. I happened to have two Safeway receipts, so I scanned those and realized there was also a 100-point bonus for Safeway receipts.

So then I scanned every Safeway receipt I could find in my house. 😉

(Fetch is a receipt-scanning app, much like Ibotta; if you want to try it, use my referral code QG8V2 to get a 2000-point signup bonus.)

3. I got a new kettle on Facebook Marketplace

The lid on my other kettle broke, and we limped along with it for a while like that.

broken kettle lid.

But then the two lid pieces started regularly coming apart, and I decided, ok, enough is enough. I should probably buy another kettle!

kettle lid in two pieces.

Incidentally, remember when I melted one of my kettles by accidentally setting it on the hot stovetop?

melted tea kettle bottom.

That was not my finest moment.

Anyway, I looked around on eBay but man, the shipping on these things is a lot.

Also, some people on eBay are trying to sell the kettles for more than they cost brand new on Amazon. I never will understand this!

I considered a bunch of different listings, but then it occurred to me to look on Facebook Marketplace. I found one that was about a half hour away, messaged with the seller, and learned she works only ten minutes from my house. Woohoo!

Capresso kettle.

The new unit

So, I just met her at her job, and that saved me time and gas money.

And I didn’t have to pay for shipping at all. Yay!

4. I got a free Panera cookie for Lisey

I saw that I had a free cookie offer in my app, so when I went out to pick up the kettle, I popped into Panera and got a cookie for Lisey since I know she loves the Panera candy cookies.

Panera cookie.

5. I bought marked-down chicken

I saw a package of chicken thighs at Aldi, marked down 50%.

marked-down chicken.

I deboned and skinned them when I got home, froze them on a baking sheet, and then transferred them to ziploc bags once they were hard.

chicken thighs on a baking sheet.

And I saved the bones to use for a batch of chicken broth in the future (using a reused ziploc bag OF COURSE.) 😉

bones for broth in a bag.

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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Jenny Young

Sunday 19th of February 2023

Fetch only gives me 25 points per receipt, unless I've purchased something offering higher points? Do you know why you would get 300 for each?

My frugal list is a travel list because we've been on the road for the past week. My husband was traveling for business & asked me to go along.

1) frugal lodging: 5 night free nights at a hotel, plus 2 nights we paid business rate & 2 more nights with family 2) We ate the hotel breakfast & I also took fruit & yogurt to the room for my lunch while my husband was at work. 3) For 5 days all of my husband's meals were covered, so he had some really great meals. 4)I used some Starbuck's stars for some free pastries. 5) I used Walmart plus to save .10 a gallon on gas 6) We stayed with my husband's cousin who fed us the entire time...even eating out once & sending us home with leftovers. 7) We carried food for eating on the road. 8) I also got a free meal when I took a day to visit my aunt who lived a few hours from where we were staying. She cooked lunch for us. 9) I carried some crafting a spent quite a bit of time in the room just playing with crafts rather than out shopping. I also walked the local parks for free.


Monday 20th of February 2023

That was a limited-time promotion on Fetch, I guess! I'm glad I took advantage of it when it was there.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

1. We were given leftovers from an event in a club our kids are part of, so we've been eating those leftovers for a few days. BBQ and coleslaw!

2. I bought a friend a book from Goodwill that I knew she's wanting to read.

3. I bought several canisters of coffee marked down half price, so when the splurged K cups just ran out, we've started back to the regular coffeepot with the clearanced coffee.

4. I have been collecting things from around the house to try to sell on eBay.

5. I was putting my husband's auto insurance info into his glove box and I found a Menards rebate credit certificate for $16 from 2016. I'm gonna see if it's still spendable! (And husband is banned from hanging onto any more gift cards. This is the second gift card I've found in a week that is old. The other rebate credit from a tire shop expired in October.)


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Not sure I have 5 but we will see. Received cherries as a substitute for grapes. Noone else likes them &I don't like pitting them but didn't want to waste so I ate them. Checked out prices on all the grocery apps before ordering. Surprisingly Walmart is not the cheapest on most things. Kroger won out. Stuck to needs on the list no wishes. Returned new phones when husband was able to fix old onespaid off remodeling on bathrooms. Kept shower ,tub &toilets to keep price down on remodeling. Did better than I thought.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

I am the same way about the wilted lettuce! And when you have limp carrots, putting them in a glass of water can crisp them right up too. It really is like magic!


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

1) My husband and I celebrated Valentines Day one day early because I am out of town tonight. We watched a Netflix special from our favorite comedian and ate Aldi Valentines cupcakes after the kids went to bed. It might not scream special and romantic, but it was perfect for us.

2) I packed food for my trip out of town so I don't have to eat at restaurants or spend the time and money to uber to a grocery store.

3) I strategized my travel because it is kind of complicated this week. I left on the train but am returning by plane. Of course our train station and airport are connected only by an expensive uber ride. So I figured out it was cheaper to uber to the train station and avoid parking fees. Then my husband can pick me up at the airport.

4) I took my sewing with me to the conference I attended this weekend. In between sessions I finally ironed and pinned up the seams in the curtain I started altering a long time ago, repaired a ripped stuffed animal, darned a knitted glove, and cut out and pinned the pieces for a baby shower gift for a friend.

5) Sunday we meal-planned and grocery-shopped. I turned the thermostat down a couple of degrees because the gas bill has been so high, and it is supposed to be warmer this week. I opted for the cheaper airbnb for upcoming travel. I'm reading library books to the boys. We have the appliance repair man coming tomorrow to look at the dishwasher; he might say at 15 years old it is caput, but if there is a chance I can fix it again I will. And I canceled Spotify because I am no longer commuting by car, which was about the only time I listened to music.

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