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Five Frugal Things | in 15 minutes

Hey everyone-

I have 15 minutes before class and I have spent my morning doing homework in prep for a quiz.

So…let’s see what I can type in 15 minutes!

1. I resold a book Zoe didn’t need

eBay package

I think I mentioned she ended up switching health classes…but this was after I already bought her book.


I’d purchased the book on eBay, but I’d gotten it for a really good price.

So, I relisted it for more than I’d paid, and it sold within a week!

Even with eBay taking its portion out of the sale, I think I at least broke even and I’m happy with that.

2. I did not go to Fincon

I decided I was too snowed-under with schoolwork to take five days away.

finch Kristen

me last year with Joel and Matt from How to Money

So, I cancelled my flights and got my money back in never-expire Southwest credits. I saved the money from the hotel stay and all the meals I’d have eaten out.

And the only loss was my ticket, which I’d bought at the rock-bottom price at the end of last year’s conference.

I was bummed out to not go see all my content-creator pals, but it definitely was the right decision.

3. I’ve been using random stuff in my oatmeal

For example, this morning I used a honey stick that has been sitting around forever, and I also use peaches that I froze last summer.

bowl of oatmeal with peaches.

(I snagged some of this type of thing from my chest freezer at my house when I moved out!)

4. I listed a jersey on eBay

Zoe had a sports jersey she’d outgrown, so I put it up on eBay. Hopefully it’ll sell!

5. I used a $4 Walgreens reward

I don’t often go to Walgreens, but I do always put in my rewards phone number when I go. This never seems to net me any rewards…until now!

I needed some makeup, and when I put in my phone number this time, I had a $4 reward. Yay!

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to? 


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Rick Miller

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

My favorite grocery chain posts manufacturers' coupons in the aisles. They had a coupon for $2.50 off the purchase of pork products if you bought two. One of the items covered was ground pork rolls at $2.19 each. The final cost for me was 94¢ each per 12 oz. roll. The coupon was available for weeks. My freezer is full.

Katy in Africa

Saturday 17th of September 2022

We made a trip to visit my brother in law in the UK on our way back to Africa, so here's a travel themed one: 1. We stayed at my brother in laws place all but one night when we split a cheap hotel in London. 2. We did order take out and eat street food some, but also combined it with packi g a lunch or meals at his place. 3. I've never been big on buying expensive souvenirs. We gathered beautiful rocks from the beach and took a free newspaper about the queen's passing as remembrances of our trip. 4. We did a lot of walking, which was free. We also did a taxi, borrowed a car, train and the tube. All different prices, but the walking was the cheapest! 5. We did a lot of free sight seeing, only paying to see one or two places.


Friday 16th of September 2022

Sunday: My friends and I went to a free book talk walk. A locally produced tourist magazine puts on book talk walks in our local--southcoast MA. I learned about them after reading The Bookwoman's Daughter. The author spoke about walking book discussions, which I thought may be a great idea for the weekly walking group I am in or maybe when we get the outside space planned at the local Sr. Center. And at the book talk walks, they provide a food item that goes along with the book that they are promoting. Wednesday: I took a free course to memory techniques for elders. (I learned that elder (wise older person) is a better term than elderly (rather old being past middle age old-fashioned). Then I joined a group of women to progress and improve on our watercolor painting and socializing with acquaintances. In the evening I went to a free zentangle class (meditative doodling). Thursday: I spend time with my youngest grandchild. He just had his 4th birthday. I took him to a park that has a small zoo and a playground and a nice walking area. We only did the zoo and playground. The weather was so nice.


Thursday 15th of September 2022

Bravo Kristin for chosing to do what was best for you despote having to forego the purchased ticket.

Having been back now just one week since relocqting from abroad, I have been really assessing what we have and need and do not need to have. Frugality has come in the form of:

1. Took stock of what died good had in the pantry and avoided unnecessary purchases.

2. Cooked all the dried white beans I have had for à long time and making à least 6 meals out of them.

3. Made some laundry détergent out of what I had to hand and saved à lot. Works perfectly well.

4. Finally got DH to replace the kitchen sink fauchet with the one we had bought three years ago...savings on drip and future maintenance.

5. Am shopping around for à Mutuelle to booster my health insurance. DH checking with his provider which means I am not along in my search..

Lindsay B

Wednesday 14th of September 2022

1. Helped a friend make spaghetti sauce from her dad’s heirloom tomatoes, and ended up with a few servings of sauce as well as a half flat of tomatoes. She also gave me a 2-lb bag of coffee and some bread she couldn’t use.

2. My parents are in town, and they are always super generous about buying groceries once or twice. This time included a Costco trip in a nearby town, which was exceptionally nice of them.

3. Ordered a book that was supposed to be in like-new condition, but it arrived with a giant tear down the spine. I notified the company and they promptly issued me a refund. I’m content to own the book despite its condition, but now I need to purchase another copy as it was meant to be a gift.

4. I didn’t receive a Rakuten bonus from a purchase in July, and had the email sitting in my to-do pile all this time. I finally emailed the Rakuten folks and they deposited the $1.37 I was missing into my account. Honestly, I wouldn’t have pursued it if I’d remembered how little a credit it was, but since it credited me immediately I’m glad I did (and it pushed me over the $5 limit needed for a payout).

5. Picked up an extra shift or two through my as-needed job because a full-time employee quit. I continue to wear my old-but-good work clothes over and over again.

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