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Five Frugal Things | Hi, I’m Christen Crow

1. I got a free Firehouse sub because my name is Kristen

Apparently, Firehouse Subs has been doing a promotion where if your name starts with a certain combo of letters, you can get a free sub.

A reader emailed me last week to tell me that the letters of the day were Kr!

I definitely qualified for that, so I stopped in on my way home.

But hilariously enough, when I had called in my order, the dude who took it got my name SERIOUSLY wrong: Christen Crow.

Kristen with an annoyed expression.

That’s not right on the first or last name.

Firehouse subs receipt.

He did let me have my free sub, though; my driver’s license clearly says “KRisten”. 😉

2. I got a free Chick-Fil-A salad

I had a bunch of points in my app, so I redeemed them for a free cobb salad.

Cobb salad.

If you like to eat at Chick-Fil-A, you really should get the app. It makes ordering so super easy, and you earn points fairly quickly.

Also, I have heard multiple CFA employees say that they love it when customers use the mobile app ordering, so if you wanna be kind to your CFA employees, use the app. 😉

I’m so used to in-app ordering now, it feels weird to ever place a drive-thru order through a loudspeaker!

3. I got three discounted months of Panera’s Unlimited Sip club

I was gonna cancel after my two free months, but when I went to do so, they offered me three months for only $3.33/month.

Unlimited sip club offer.

That’s a super good deal, so I clicked yes.

4. I saved my chicken frying oil for future use

I made some chicken fingers last night, and after I was done, I poured the oil through a strainer (to get rid of any crumbs), labeled the lid, and put the oil in the freezer.

oil draining into a container.

Next time I make chicken fingers, I’ll just grab this oil and add it to the pan; it’s definitely good for another use.

5. I…

  • canceled some Amazon Subscribe and Save items that we didn’t need anymore
  • found a book on eBay for a few dollars
  • listed a schoolbook on eBay
  • bought some groceries from Safeway’s markdown rack

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Thursday 22nd of December 2022

Instead of buying -32 degrees windshield washer solvent, I added a cup of isopropyl (does spelling count?) alcohol to the solvent already purchased.


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

Great job! May I ask a question about the Panera sip club? I am afraid that if I join, I will get into the habit of eating there and far outspend what I could have on drinks. Do you find yourself tempted by the bread/goodies? Do the employees mind if you only get the drink?

I am in the car a lot and would love to have this as an option (if I could trust myself!)


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

The employees totally do not care if you just get the drink! I usually go there to study/get work done and I usually go in-between meal times, so I'm usually not tempted to buy food.

But if you went in there hungry, that could definitely be a problem!


Thursday 22nd of December 2022

I've been called many names, too....::sigh:: I just smile and answer to it. My Fab Frugal 5 are: 1) Hubby got free parking when going to the airport from his frequent user card. Savings- $30. 2) I've been finding clearance deals on food- rice chex $2, pasta $1.09, albacore tuna $2.09.... 3) We use very little liquid detergent for laundry- about a tablespoon. I stopped using dryer sheets. 4) I reuse gift bags and the kids seem to prefer them. 5) I found a promo rewards card on the ground and gave it to a friend who could use it.


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

My frugal five: 1. Got a free calendar from the National Park Service so that will be my wall calendar this year. Usually I get a photo one from my son and daughter in law but they were outrageously busy this year. 2. Dh got me 100 Christmas elf postage stamps. I think I will have enough for almost forever, lol! The price of stamps are going from .60 to .63 in January. 3. Using less electricity with our new washing machine. Love seeing that bill go down. 4. Donated to Toys for Tots and got some great bargains at Walgreens to start next year's donations. I get to shop for toys and kids get to enjoy them. Win win for me. 5. Doing a no spend January except for groceries. We've got our big trip to Singapore in March so we'll need all the money we can get for plane tickets and a hotel room.


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

I think Christen Crow could be the name of your extravert vintage rock chic comic book style alter ego that goes about town saving furniture. Christen Crow flying to the rescue!

This week is low on major money savings and I have in fact had to replace some bedlinens (will keep the torn sheets for cleaning rags) and had some other expenses. We did eat homecooked meals all week, and in half an hour or so I will be cycling to the library and to the supermarket for some basic ingredients. Meanwhile I am lazing on the couch with homebrewn coffee, thinking about my latest find in serials, the Detectorists. I watch it on y.outube because I do not know where to stream. It is seriously and at times painfully funny - quiet and kind British humour, great acting. Highly recommend.

Heidi Louise

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

@J NL, Christen Crow Furnishing Resurrections could have a neat logo on the underside of every piece-- Sort of a black bird, kind of Batman, kind of not.

Her cat would have a cape, one presumes.

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