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Five Frugal Things | eBay, snacks, audiobooks, and frozen pizza!

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1. I listed a whole bunch of books on eBay.

I decluttered two bookshelves, which left me with a big pile of books to get rid of.

books for eBay

I listed about half of them yesterday, and I’ll do the other half today.

I do not love listing things (packing and shipping doesn’t bother me, though!) so I am giving myself big pats on the back for this.

(I do sometimes sell books on Amazon too, but only if they are pretty valuable. Amazon’s fees eat through any small listing profit awfully fast.)

2. I’m watching an auction for teacher’s guides.

I realized that for one of our 2019/2020 subjects, I don’t have teacher’s guides. Whoops.

They’re kind of expensive, so I am watching an eBay auction that ends on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll manage to snag this set, which is a really good deal.

3. We ate no fast food on our road trip to Ohio.

I bought snacks and drinks at Aldi before we headed out there.

Kristen, Sonia, and Zoe in the van

And before we left Ohio for home, we stopped at the Ohio Aldi for a restock. 😉

This was not necessarily healthier (though I did pack tomatoes, cheese, carrots, and grapes along with the chips and Capri Suns), but it does end up being cheaper.

Kristen, Sonia, and Zoe in the van

4. I downloaded an audio book Mr. FG was going to buy anyway.

I knew he was planning to download Cal Newport’s Deep Work next, so I decided, what the heck, I’ll choose that as a book to listen to on the drive to Ohio.

That way, I had some entertainment while driving, and we have the book in our library for when Mr. FG finishes his current audio book.

(For the trip home, I downloaded another book by Newport, Digital Minimalism, which I actually liked a little bit better. But I’ll add more about that when I update my 2019 reads list.)

5. We ate at home after our road trip.

The girls and I got home around 6:45, and Mr. FG got home from work slightly after that. It would have been quite tempting to go get food somewhere since no one had been home to cook.

Aldi frozen pizza

But instead, Sonia had the idea to pick up a few frozen pizzas and bake those, so we were saved from takeout.

Yay, Sonia!

What frugal things have you been up to lately? Share in the comments!

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Friday 30th of August 2019

Just discovered your site again and LOVE it - such great ideas for savings. Below are mine for the week:

1. Made egg muffins for quick and easy breakfasts - also extra protein in the mornings as I am trying to lose a few extra pounds.

2. Ordered a bolt of interfacing on line from WalMart and paid just .89¢/yard vs $1.97/yard at the store. It arrived in two days.

3. Used a gift card to purchase a much needed external hard drive for my eBay business rather than buying a pair of sandals that I wanted but didn't really need.

4. Stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up a few things but thought better of it when I discovered the line was so long - put the items back and really haven't missed any of them.

5. Discovered while at the Optical Shop that my eye insurance covered a new pair of frames this year. So in addition to new lenses, I will have new frames. Quite a savings!


Friday 30th of August 2019

Welcome back! :)


Friday 30th of August 2019

Jennifer- That's crazy that the company was charging your DH for something he didn't own! I'm glad he recognized this error and hope he gets every penny back plus interest.

I usually have some doozies for frugal fab but nothing major this week. Just some easy stuff:

1)I had therapy and called insurance to see if they would cover it. As out-patient, they'll cover it at 50%. Better than nothing.... Savings- $600 2) The trees are producing- black walnuts & peaches. We have a few jalapenos, too. No apples yet. Savings- $100 3) I'm still doing a bit of Christmas shopping....I got some awesome after shave for $13 after using a gift card. I understand it's magical.... Savings- $25 4) Son is renting a college textbook instead of purchasing it. Savings- $80 5) Going to Target with a gift card for some toiletries. Savings- $25


Friday 30th of August 2019

that pizza looks so good... 1. My main FT has been holidaying at home - although unfortunately had lots errands/issues to sort out but grateful for the time to act & lovely sleep-ins 2. regular car service -nothing extra to fix yay! 3. Treated myself to brunch & a movie while car was being serviced - not really frugal but I did go to a cheap cinema & just took in a hot chocolate from a local café instead of buying popcorn 4. Got my multicooker for $80 off!! (think it's like an instant pot - slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, saute in one -& you can bake cakes in it, so excited 5. Frugal treat? - I did buy a pizza but went for large so got 3 meals for $13.90 & reheated by sandwiching 2 pieces together in baking paper in George - works great, the pieces peeled apart hot, no mess & no soggy!

Tracey Curry

Thursday 29th of August 2019

1. I've been trying to pantry and freezer eat lately. My puchased groceries this week were: two gallons of milk, English muffins, whole wheat bread loaf, yogurt, and bananas.

2. Made and froze blueberry muffins with berries gifted from a friend who picked too many with her granddaughter.

3. Made a couple quilt blocks from scrap fabric for an ongoing project made completely of scraps.

4. Purchased two ebooks for an upcoming trip using a gift card and discount code. Still have money left on the card!

5. Converted cash back points earned into actual cash.


Thursday 29th of August 2019

1. Oldest kiddo needed a book for his English class and I found a perfect copy on a neighborhood resale page for $1 instead of $10 on amazon 2. Had some fruit that was getting past it's prime, made the blueberries into a breakfast coffee cake for the kids and the strawberries into freezer jam 3. Found a pair of shoes that got shoved to the back of a drawer and never worn so I listed them on the same resale page, should sell for a good bit of what I paid for them 4. Found 2/3 of the books I want to read at our library, will patiently wait for the 3rd to be available for interlibrary loan! 5. DH is traveling off and on this week and next so I got the bare minimum from the store and am using pantry and freezer items this week and next to save on groceries

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