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Five Frugal Things | Cat: 2, Earbuds: 0

1. I got two pairs of Yurbuds on eBay

I bought a pair of pink earbuds from eBay some years ago. I’ve mentioned before that I have very small ear canals, which makes most earbuds painfully large.

Yurbuds used to make earbuds that actually fit comfortably in my ears, but they got bought out by JBL a while back, and the new earbuds they make are not quite as comfy.

An ear with a pink earbud inserted.

my first pair of these earbuds

Anyway…Shelley bit my earbuds several years ago, and the damage was light enough that I was just able to wrap the earbuds with some insulated tape and call it good.

repaired earbuds.

But now, many miles later (I usually wear these while walking!), the cable well and truly split.

split earbuds.

I hopped onto eBay to find someone selling the old style of Yurbuds, and I added a few listings to my Watched list. The next day, I got an offer from one of the sellers, which made the price only $8.


I decided to go ahead and buy two pairs (no extra shipping cost for that) so that I have a backup pair for when these ones give up the ghost.

(or for when a certain cat eats them.)

Want to know something funny? As I was writing this post, I was reminded that Shelley also destroyed my first pair of Yurbuds, and that damage was fatal to that pair immediately.

cat ruined earbud cable

the original damage

Tuxedo cat on bench, looking at the camera.

the culprit. She cannot be trusted around cables.

2. I bought four boxes of shredded wheat

I don’t eat a lot of cereal, but occasionally on a rushed morning, I will eat a bowl of plain shredded wheat topped with berries.

Soo, I like to keep a box around. 

dented cereal boxes

a dented box I bought before

Aldi used to carry plain shredded wheat, but they stopped a while back.

So I bought it at Lidl, and for a while, it was a decent price.

But last time I was in, a regular-size box of plain shredded wheat was over $4! For the store brand!

That’s kinda surprising. 

Even more surprising: Safeway had a special where if you bought four boxes of their store-brand plain shredded wheat, they were only $1.99 apiece. 

I do not generally expect Safeway to beat a Lidl price, but here we are. 

3. I saved some bread odds and ends

I had a couple of bagels, two partial packages of buns, and a partial loaf of bread that were all getting a little dry.

So, I cut them up into cubes and divided them between two glass pans. I froze one pan for future use, and I used the second pan to make a quarter batch of the Pioneer Woman’s baked French toast.

French toast casserole

I’m definitely in my downsize-the-recipes phase of life!

I’ll defrost the other pan of cubes in the future to make a second pan of baked French toast for Zoe and me.

4. I ordered a box of Dinnerly meals

I sat down last Friday to plan out the upcoming week, and once it was all mapped out, I felt rather overwhelmed.

For one thing, I have 22 chapters of reading assigned.

Kristen, looking tired.


I’m a fast reader, but GEEZ that is going to take a long time. Also, the getting-unmarried process is very time-consuming at the moment.

But I remembered that Dinnerly had sent me a 40% off offer since it’s been a long time since I got a box from them, and I thought, “Hmmm, this might be a good time to use that.”

buffalo chicken baked potato.

a Dinnerly meal: buffalo chicken on baked potatoes

The box was something like $36 plus shipping, which is certainly more expensive than me cooking from scratch.

But it is not more expensive than getting takeout all week. And it’s gonna take some mental load off of me, so I will count it as a win.

5. I…

  • made a batch of this granola
  • made a bottle of this simple vinaigrette
  • got a free pound of butter through my Safeway app
  • used the back of saved paper (it’s got printing on the other side) for my math practice


Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

P.S. An embarrassing note about the granola: I JUST realized on Saturday that this whole time, the oats measurement has been wrong! I use 5 cups of rolled oats, not 3 cups, and I do not know how in the world I typed 3 and haven’t noticed it all this time.

No wonder some of you said, “Man, this granola is awfully sweet!” Ha. I corrected it now, but I did want to acknowledge it here so you all know!

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Wednesday 1st of November 2023

Sending you all the love while you’re in The trenches. I wish I could bring you dinner! <3


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

1. Slowly continuing to sell more things from my parents' move, was able to make just over $100 this past week. Money in, stuff out! 2. Donated blood a couple weeks ago and declined their free t-shirt. But I get reward points for scheduling a donation and mine have added up to redeem a $25 Amazon gift card. 3. Baked banana bread to use up some rapidly declining bananas and used everything from my pantry. 4. Made sure to use up all my fuel points at Kroger before the end of the month to fill up on gas for the SUV. 5. Brought home some leftover fruit and dessert from a potluck last week. I brought plastic utensils which have been collecting from takeout meals (even though we decline utensils, we still get them!).


Tuesday 31st of October 2023

Sympathy to you, Kirsten, as getting unmarried is so much harder than getting married. No matter what the circumstances. Interesting reading others' experiences with food banks and pantries. I have been involved with my church soup kitchen for over five years now, and have learned how much harder life is for many people. We serve 80 or more people every week, and learned, for example, that many have such bad teeth they can't eat crunchy or chewy foods. So our menus have to be soft food, and not too spicy. Our guests often have no kitchen at all, as they are in homeless camps in tents, but they are happy to get breads and peanut butter that don't need refrigeration, to take home. Getting to know them is an experience in thankfulness, that my own troubles are different from these. Vive la difference? Five frugal things: * Free COVID test kit from the government. ** Used digital coupon at Kroger to buy butter at $2.49/lb., regular price $6.99 per 2 lbs. Digital coupon is irregularly working, tho, and I learned that they will not issue a rain check if a sale item is sold out. *** Carefully priced Halloween candy and found great deal at Costco for big tubs of bubble gum. It was cold tonight so we have a lot left over, which will go to the soup kitchen--anything sweet is very welcome. Also the other candy, which my diabetic DH loves but know he shouldn't eat. My favorite trick or treater was an inflated chicken whose 4-year-old "beak" explained that he was a chicken. **** Bought a bargain pork butt, at 9 lbs., and cut it up to make 2+ pound chunks for future posole and chili. Used one tonight, froze the other three. Crock pot season has begun! ***** Used sale and online discounts for some new sweatshirts, and sorted my closet to get rid of the raggedy old ones. The old ones look especially bad compared to the new ones, so maybe I should have done this sooner, but it feels good to look closer to my best!

Jan G

Tuesday 31st of October 2023

Thank you for sharing about the granola mixup! I've been making the recipe for years now, and no one here has complained about the sweetness. I may need to incrementally work up to the 5 cups of oats so we don't go into shock with the new/correct proportions. :)


Tuesday 31st of October 2023

Rare commenter, routine reader.

We have a 1 year old bunny and the other day he chewed through a bedside lamp cable... a matching lamp set. I was very annoyed at the otherwise adorable bunny. but I've already found and collected some Marketplace lamps that go well with our bedroom. I was heartened to hear it's not just bunnies, but cats too that can destroy items!

We also went heavy on meal kits last week, as the kids bio mum was away, so we had them full time and 5 dinners vs 3 was 'easier' than thinking/shopping. Of course, we didn't eat them in time for today to get 3 more! (we've only got one outstanding... and we ate in yest on my insistence...!)

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