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Bucket List Check-In

Every summer I like to make a list of things I want to do before summer “kicks the bucket” so to speak.

(This is not a real bucket list, which is a list of things you want to do before YOU kick the bucket.)

frugal girl summer bucket list

Since summer is halfway over (sob!), I thought it might be good to see how I’m doing on my list.

1. Declutter my house from top to bottom.

This is going fairly well.   I just worked some more on my kitchen yesterday and I managed to clear both some countertop and cupboard space.

I’ve also done my room, the hall closet, the kids’ bathroom, and the living room (though the living room never really gets all that cluttery, so that barely counts!).

neat junk drawer

Lisey and Joshua keep their rooms fairly uncluttered all on their own, so what’s left is Sonia and Zoe’s room (cue fainting), the laundry room, and our under-the-stairs closet/storage area (also faint-worthy).

  2. Paint Joshua’s room and new loft bed.

Nope.   But my schedule is gonna slow down a lot starting next week, so I have high hopes about this for the next bucket list report.

3. Play in the water twice a week.

Yes! I am definitely doing awesome at this.

girls underwater


4. Say yes to sleepovers.

Yep.   Doing great here, plus we’ve done lots of playing with friends during the day.

5. Go biking at least once a week.

Kind of a fail here, at least in July.   I was doing better at this in June, but July has been a little hectic.

6. Visit the library every other week.

Yep!   Doing great with this.

reading on the couch

7. Redo chore lists.

Not yet.

8. Plan school for next year and buy curriculum.

Not yet.

9. Write to my grandpa once a month.

I have a letter waiting to go out in today’s mail, actually!

10. Eat outside once a week.


11. Go fruit picking.

Yep! This happened.

pick your own strawberries


I’m bummed that summer is halfway over already, but I’m trying hard to look at it like, “Oh! We still have half of summer left!”

So, you know…I still have lots of time left to do all of this stuff. 😉

How’s your summer going? Are you doing the things you hoped you would?

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Thursday 17th of July 2014

I really like the calling grandpa once a month idea. I've been slacking myself. Good luck with your bucket list!

What's Linda Cooking

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

I love to make lists. However, I make my lists too long. I like there are 11 items on your list...even though some are really big things like de-cluttering your home. That in itself is a huge one for a lot of us. We all have areas that are in need of a little attention.

Reading more is definitely on my list. I have a book club book that needs to be finished by tomorrow night!!!! I also have some business books to read.

Also, I have some online classes I would like to take. These are just 20 minute training courses. I will need to start doing some of those. I have 1 year to finish 88 of them. Not bad.

Going into the water is definitely on my list. I have a pool, so this is not very hard for me. But I would love to do laps 3 times per week. That would be great. Of course, our weather in the Northeast has not been great for that. Maybe tomorrow.

Laura Vanderkam

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

Since I never even got around to making my summer bucket list, you're ahead of me! Oh well -- it's been a good summer regardless. :)


Wednesday 16th of July 2014

What matters is that you do stuff you want to do in the summer...list or not! ;) I just happen to need a list.

Nikita K

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

Major kudos for getting around to the decluttering! I've still managed to procrastinate on that :(

Frugal Paragon

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

I didn't make a list because we just moved to a new city--just a more general goal of doing some new and exciting things. So far, we've: --had a bagel picnic in the park --taken the kids hiking--our 3-year-old basically climbed a small mountain and made it most of the way down before asking to be picked up. Two-year-old made it halfway up before getting in the back carrier. --taken the kids out to ride their bikes a few times --gone to a concert (adults only) at Red Rocks, one of the world's coolest amphitheatres

Next up, camping overnight and, maybe, potty training!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.