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Bath Supplies for the Bath Queen, compliments of Goodwill

Today, we’re off to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family, so there won’t be a Q&A post today. I do want to show you one of my successful Goodwill Christmas gifts, though!

Sonia is indeed the bath queen at our house. From the time she was very small, she’s loved to stay in the bath for a r e a l l y long time. She does all sorts of imaginative things in the bathtub (when she was younger, she used to cook breakfast a lot. “I’m makin’ you some beckwist, Mommy!”), and she never seems to be at all concerned about the water getting chilly. “I’m not cold, Mommy!” she says, through chattering teeth.

Anyways, because she loves baths so much, we often keep an eye out for fun bath things to give to her. She loves bath crayons, and she also is very fond of bath confetti and bath fizzers. We’ve bought some for her at Five Below before, but this year, I did much better than that.

All the loot pictured above (plus more that didn’t make it into the picture) is from Goodwill. We’ve been keeping an eye out for bath stuff since her birthday in March, and whenever I found package of fizzers or confetti, I’d stealthily hand them over to Joshua along with some cash so he could sneak up to the cash register and buy them without Sonia’s knowledge (there are advantages to having a five year old, that is for sure! They’re not the most perceptive crowd out there!).

The prices at Goodwill beat even Five Below’s prices…a lot of the fizzers only cost $.10 a piece. And because they were so inexpensive, I was able to buy her a lot of bath supplies. It’ll take even her a while to get through all of those.

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3 Ways to Prepare for Christmas (Yup! Christmas!) — A Guest Post From The Frugal Girl

Friday 19th of February 2010

[...] same token, it does work out well sometimes.  For instance, I know that Sonia is going to enjoy receiving bath products at Christmas time, so I'm already keeping a eye out to see if I can find some at Goodwill, and [...]


Wednesday 30th of December 2009

My kids' doctor recommended them not to use bath products because of urinary tract infections. One thing we did find that we could do (that the kids enjoyed) was coloring the bath water with food coloring. Sometimes we would put our daughter in the center of the bath tub full of water and add one color to one side of her and another color to the other side and she would have fun mixing the two colors.


Tuesday 29th of December 2009

Never made bath bombs. The irony here is . . .

I'm terribly allergic to scented products--my poor kids can't even keep gifts they receive that include "smelly bath stuff" because using it anywhere in the house just about kills me. When they receive something "smelly" as a gift, it costs me because I feel bad for them and we try to replace the smelly item with something equally cute but unscented (thank goodness for the Dollar Store!!!!).

But I remember my eldest making lovely bath salt gifts in nursery school (which we had to promptly banish to the garage) :o(.

AND, it keeps me frugal! I have to stay out of places that have a lot of artificial scents like department stores that have perfume counters and bath stores. Plus, we use a lot of homemade cleaning supplies (vinegar, diluted bleach, baking soda, etc.) that don't have all the artificial scents in them.


Tuesday 29th of December 2009

Janknitz and Frugal Dreamer-great idea! I should look into that, because if I made my own, then there would be no plastic packaging involved.

Beauty Girl, everything I bought for Sonia was new in the package, so no, it doesn't seem particularly unsanitary to me. It's not like bath supplies get rotten over time (soap has no expiration date, for example), so a bath fizzer that's five years old works just as well as a bath fizzer that was bought yesterday.

beauty girl

Tuesday 29th of December 2009

Does anyone find shopping for bath products at Good Will unsanitary? Yes you may be saving a few pennies, but I would much rather buy them at a store, like Five Below, where i know the product is new and fresh??

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