I smell like a toasted marshmallow.

And I love it!

I recently got two bottles from bodycology’s new rich&creamy line…a bottle of Hydrating Lotion and a bottle of Hydrating Body Wash.

Of course, I wanted to try it right away.

And so did some other people in my house.

My girls always want me to share my lotions with them even if their skin isn’t faintly dry. They just like to smell good!

The Lotion is creamy without being greasy, and the variety I got smells sweet…sort of like toasted marshmallows, which I think is downright fabulous.

The girls love it and Mr. FG* likes the way it smells too.

*note that he’s not actually using it…I just think it’s important for him to like the way I smell. ;)

The bodycology rich&creamy line comes in 6 different formulas, so you should be able to find a scent that thrills your soul.

I have more skin dryness problems in the winter than in the summer, but I’ve used the Hydrating Body Lotion on my back (I got a little too toasted at the pool and the cool Lotion felt so good.) and on my hands after working in the dirt. And I’m looking forward to using it in the winter when dry hands plague me.

The Hydrating Body Wash is definitely different than other body washes that I’ve tried. It almost looks like lotion when you pour it out.

And it’s not as sudsy as typical body wash.

But it works great, smells wonderful, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or dry…just clean.

The bodycology rich&creamy line definitely feels more luxurious than the body washes and lotions you can typically find at a drugstore or grocery store. Because of the scent (so much better than the cheesy scents cheaper products provide) and the creamy texture, these products reminded me more of the kind of product you can find at specialty bath and body stores.

The lovely thing, though, is that a large bottle from the bodycology rich&creamy line is less than $5…definitely a more affordable luxury than something from a specialty store.

Also, because it’s a higher-end product (it promises to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours), you don’t have to use tons of it to keep your skin from getting dry, which means that it can actually be a better bargain than the $2 lotion or body wash. I anticipate my bottle of Lotion lasting me for a nice long while.

You’d like to be all fancy-smelling like me now, right? Well, I have a gift basket filled with $100 of bodycology products to give away to one of you, and it’s super easy to enter to win it.

Just visit www.bodycology.com, then leave me a comment here sharing which rich&creamy formula is right for you and you’ll be entered to win.

And check out bodycology on facebook for hydrating tips and a hydration quiz.

This giveaway runs from August 1st 14th.

If you’d like more chances to win, check out the BlogHer promotions and prizes page where you can find more bodycology giveaways!

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  1. Molly says

    Oh, the clean lemon smell – it’s so hard to find a good lemony smell. Mmm… And it’s so fresh and so clean and so nice. Please!

  2. Melanie says

    Oooh, this is tough… so many good scents! Either the coconut lime or the clean lemon. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  3. Heather says

    I think the clean waters would suit me best. I LOVE a nice clean, crisp fragrance! Like fresh outta the dryer scents… ;)

  4. Becky says

    I’ll have to try it. I love a good lotion that doesn’t feel greasy. Although last winter, we just used dabs of plain coconut oil. Very frugal and it doesn’t sting my daughter’s skin like some lotions do.

  5. Sue says

    I think I would like the white gardenia. I love the smell of gardenias. A lot of good ones. It’s hard to decide.

  6. Lea Ann H. says

    I think the “ultra rich” would be the formula for me. Sounds like it might be the one to put an end to dry, cracked skin :)

  7. WilliamB says

    Since there’s no unscented I’d take Clean Waters.

    And I find myself wondering… did you buy a black body scrubber so the photo would look good?

    • Kristen says

      Um, no. I’m not quite that devoted. ;)

      I did, however, buy a large white plate for $1 at Goodwill this week solely for the purpose of using it as a photo prop.

  8. says

    I’d go with the hydrating body lotion & body wash simply because winter, spring, summer, or fall–my skin is dry! I have terrible eczema so these look like they could help with that. And I love the smell of jojoba as well, so added bonus!

  9. Kris says

    I would say the skin softening looks like the winner for me. Avocado oil has worked well for me in other products.

    (Though smelling like toasted marshmellows doesn’t sound so bad either…..)

  10. Fleur says

    Living in Minnesota, I too suffer from dry skin in the winter and am always looking for a good moisturizer. I think the Cucumber Melon sounds fruity and fresh – wonderful!

  11. Jen says

    I would like to try the hydrating body lotion, probably in a fruity scent like apple or lemon. I am not into flowery smells but I like fruit!

  12. Katherine says

    I would try the Deep Cleansing – With Grapefruit and Apricot Extract. I think that the Midnight Garden scented lotion sounds awesome – violets, lavender and rose – yummy!

  13. Elaine Shannon says

    Oh, anything in the coconut-lime line. That would be so refreshing. The body cream sounds wonderful!

  14. SArah says

    I love citrus smells so clean lemon would be my scent of choice. I would pick the body cream, because my skin is so dry no matter where I am, location-wise.

  15. KL says

    I loked at the first one and thought oooh that sounds good. Then I looked at the next one and said ooh that sounds good…then I looked at the next one and said oooh…

    so if I had to just pick one I ‘think’ it would be Ultrarich.

  16. Jennifer says

    Would love to try any & all of it. For my slightly “older” skin would probably choose the Ultrarich.

  17. Lydia says

    ooh – ultra rich would probably be the one for me. i have dryness problems so i am always looking for thick, rich lotions and soaps!

  18. says

    I will pick Deep Cleansing with Grapefruit and Apricot Extract. We are having a sticky, hot summer, I am overheated and need a break. A shower with this product is just what the doctor ordered ;)

  19. says

    So happy to hear that these aren’t outrageously expensive! I’ve been pretty happy with the St. Ives oatmeal lotion, but these look very nice too. I would love to try the hydrating lotion to help my dry skin.

  20. Anna M says

    I would love to try the refreshing formula. I have a 2 year old and a baby due in October, so I’ll take “refreshing” any way I can :)

  21. Anne Weber-Falk says

    I work at a pool and I get so dry. It’s even worse in the winter. My legs look dusty! I would like to try the advanced healing body lotion. I will be looking for this in our local Walgreen’s or Target. Thanks!

  22. Pam K. says

    The Body Cream and the Hand and Body Lotion sound divine to me. All of the fragrance choices sound delicious!!

  23. Dorothy Miller says

    I would pick the cucumber melon. that sounds fabulous to me right now! i would love to try the rich and creamy body wash and lotion.

  24. Ellen says

    love me some great smelling body wash… and to get rid of my flaking legs….
    hummm like like alot of them… skin softening, hydrating, nourishing, ultra rich, refreshing….
    Love to win this give away…..

  25. sarah says

    The Nourishing with Shea Butter would be perfect for me. I have stubbornly dry skin that needs tons of moisture!

  26. Cindy says

    I would like to try the advanced healing rich and creamy body lotion. I prefer a light scent so would have to smell them to decide which scent would be best.

  27. Chrisanna Robins says

    Ooooooh! I would love to try the vanilla cupcake lotion. I am going to be 30 soon so I have cake on my mind! : )

  28. Dana says

    The apricot and grapefruit deep cleansing body wash sounds best to me. Although I do think smelling marshmallow-y sounds fun too. :)

  29. says

    I would like to try the advanced healing lotion in the winter on my super-dry skin. But the skin-softening body wash looks tempting too!

  30. Claire says

    Oooohh…if I were lucky enough to win, I would choose whatever scent you’re using that smells like a toasted marshmallow! Mmmmm!!

  31. Elizkat says

    I think the Cucumber Melon scent sounds very appealing. I think it would be a fresh light scent. They all look pretty good.

  32. Marsha says

    I’d like to smell them all, and I will look for them, but I’d especially like to check out the clean lemon. Thanks for sharing! It’s always good to get a recommendation of good products.

  33. Erin says

    I would love to try the Island Coconut body lotion. Sometimes the smell of coconut is all I need to imagine I am on some far off island enjoying warm waters, white sand, and an azure sky!

  34. El says

    They all sound good! But to give it a try I’d go with Coconut Lime, or the Fresh Cucumber in the Skin Softening line.

  35. Leslie says

    It’s so hard to find a good lotion and body wash that smell good, hydrate well and won’t break my budget. Thanks for sharing your find! I bet the coconut lime smells like summer!

  36. Forthebyrds says

    Anything hydrating for my battle with dry, cracked hands during the winter months and a soft, fresh fragrance is a bonus.

  37. Christina Bowman says

    They all look pretty good, and I would have a hard time picking just one- I would want to try them all. But to pick one that I would try first would probably be “refreshing”.

  38. cherie says

    I love the coconut lime, received a bottle for Christmas :) Lemon sounds soo great, not sure I want to smell like food, I would then have to bake something :)

  39. Elisabeth says

    I think the body cream would be the best…but the choices on scents…apple orchard looks good, but so does the lemon, but so does the vanilla cupcake! So many yummy choices!

  40. Jeana says

    Island Coconut would be fabulous, especially during the winter when the reality of coconuts is so far away!

  41. Amy says

    In winter I have super dry skin – so much so that my knuckles will crack and bleed if I don’t hydrate them constantly. I find that creams work so much better than lotions then, because I don’t have to reapply constantly. The body cream looks excellent for this purpose. While lighter scents are generally my thing, in the winter I just love the scent of brown sugar vanilla. It seems warm to me.

  42. Laurie says

    When working in the garden all summer, my hands and knees take a beating, so the ultra healing formula sounds great to me!

  43. Leslie says

    I think nourishing would work best for my sticky humid climate. Just need a little for my elbows, knees, and heels in the summer but when winter comes I will be dry all over from indoor heating. Vanilla cupcake, Island Coconut, and Brown Sugar Vanilla are too tough to choose from! :)

  44. Linda says

    Hmm, this new line intrigues me – I took the quiz and need “nourishing”. I love, love, love their coconut lime wash, lotion, and spray. I wear it a lot during the summer.

  45. Michelle Crook says

    definitely Hydrating — I’ve found that lotions with glycerin in them really help my skin. I think either Clean Lemon or Brown Sugar Vanilla!

  46. says

    Island Coconut sounds delicious, it brings back the memories of the first vacation in 8 years my daughter (8) and I recently had. It sounds like one could almost eat these products! Thank you for providing us with a chance to try these great products!

  47. Susan says

    I sometimes have to be careful of scented lotions, but I love any kind of body wash. The nourishing kind looks especially nice.

  48. Missy says

    Toasted Marshmallow sounds toasted-terrific! :) Please enter my name in the give away. Also great post on the product. Can’t wait to try..or win!
    Missy Murray

  49. Kelly says

    Ooooohhhhh…..the stress relief body lotion with lavendar and chamomille sounds like something I could use at the end of every day!

  50. Susanne N. says

    clean lemon, clean waters or vanilla cupcake all sound wonderful! i probably need the skin softening or nourishing line!

  51. Kristi says

    I went to the site and then found the quiz on facebook. They recommend Ultra rich and stress relief – Shea butter and cocoa butter. It all sounds great to me!

  52. says

    Oooooh… I think I’d need the advanced healing body lotion. My hands get so dry, especially in the winter. Most scents look yummy! Thanks for the chance!

  53. Ashley says

    I would choose the Advanced Healing. If it lasts as long as you say, it would provide a great fall/winter scent!

  54. Nancy Brett says

    The sweet petals body cream seems great to me -a brighter spirit and a more positive outlook is always my goal! Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. Katie L. says

    You know, even if I don’t win this (which I probably won’t… I think I’ve won 2 things in my life… and one of them my hubby won for us :-P ) I think I’m going to go ahead and buy some of these! They look absolutely wonderful!

    I can’t seem to decide between the Refreshing (Cucumber and Green Tea) and the Skin Softening (Silk and Avocado Oil). Actually, they ALL look wonderfully invigorating!

  56. Lonyae says

    Deep cleansing with grapefruit and apricot extract to combat the summer dirt and oil! lonyae dot a dot thomas at vanderbilt dot edu

  57. Judith says

    Living in AZ skin gets real dry. I looked at the hydrating but I agree Shea Butter is the best sooooooo I go with Nourishing

  58. Georgia says

    The Skin Softening With Silk and Avocado Oil would be best the first one I would try for my skin.
    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  59. Raeleen says

    I love anything cucumber so I would love to try the refreshing, my skin is a complete mess this summer for some reason.

  60. says

    If what you say is true and the scents aren’t annoying and overpowering like at other specialty bath and body stores, the White Gardenia scent should be flowery but subtle, which is just what I like. :) I’d probably get the body cream, a lotion that’s so thick and rich that I can use it on my feet.

  61. Violet says

    I would love use the Skin Softening Body lotion with silk and avocado oil. Growing up, I had a probably with getting really dry skin and had to go to a dermatologist to get treatment. So I always make it a point to buy products that really hydrate and moisturize my skin. Thanks for an awesome giveaway..Hope I win!! :)

  62. Tina V says

    I think either the Vanilla Cupcake or the Brown Sugar Vanilla would be absolutely lovely. I have a deep love of the vanilla scented things.Thanks!

  63. Linda says

    I would go duel. First using grapefruit and Apricot for deep cleaning then go for the silk avocado. They both sound great.

  64. Missy says

    MMMMM yummy smells! :) For me it would be the Nourishing Body Wash. Something that would leave my skin soft and fresh looking for the WHOLE day! <3

  65. Mona Miller says

    I would love to try the hydrating cream or body lotion. I’m not picky at all about scents but the lemon and midnight scents sound appealing! I work with kindergartners and 1st graders and wash my hands about 100 times a day, so anything that will help with hand dryness would be great!

  66. Barbara says

    Ohhhh, this is great, I would love the cucumber/melon scent, I love that scent in anything! These products look great, thanks for doing this….

  67. Karen L says

    I would like the stress relieving rich and creamy body lotion and ultra rich formula in the rich and creamy body wash. I like cocunut so any frangrance mixed with cocunut would be fine by me.

  68. Juanita says

    Oh, I’d love to smell like a Midnight Garden. Violets, lavender and rose are 3 of my most favorite scents. I do get tired of all the rinsing you have to do with those really foaming body washes. Sure do hope I win this one! Thanks for the chance.

  69. Stephanie says

    I would LOVE to smell like a vanilla cupcake. Or an apple orchard. Or maybe the brown sugar vanilla. Yep, definately the clean waters. Hmmm……

  70. maria in chicago says

    Ooh, I would opt for the rich&creamy Stress Relief formula. The lavender and chamomile would put me in less of a worrywart state of mind. And I always prefer rich lotions for the body to keep the skin well hydrated during all seasons.

  71. Lindsay S says

    The Ultra Rich formula sounds dreamy! I have really dry skin and the combination of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter sounds like just the thing for me.

  72. Sophia DeLonghi says

    Would love to win this smell good stuff! Thanks for your blog that I always find enriching and entertaining.

  73. Laura S. says

    Having three babies in the last five years has really thrown my hormones for a loop, resulting in dry skin. I could really use products like this. The ones that sound the best to me are : White Gardenia, Brown Sugar Vanilla, and Apple Orchard, in that order :) . Thanks for a great giveaway!

  74. Renee McD says

    I could never wear any of these products due to the smell when I was married becuase my husband had terrible allergies. BUT, since he is now gone I can lotion up in all kinds of fruity smelling goodness. :o)

  75. Renee McD says

    I posted this on twitter also but don’t know how to show that here – my user name is the same as the first part of my email address. Thanks.

  76. Stephanie N says

    I love to smell great! Hmmm, doesn’t everyone? I would like
    the same formula as what you received. The idea of toasted
    marshmellows sounds good!

  77. Alexis says

    The rich & creamy advanced healing lotion would be the best for me! I too have very dry skin, especially in the winter.

  78. Carrie Evans says

    Rich and creamy for sure! I have 3 boys with constant dry skin issues so they are no stranger to my lotion. My youngest also happens to be quite the marshmallow man!

  79. says

    So difficult to choose,they all seem so good, but I think Ultra rich would be okay for me. I just hope it’s not too fragrant. Don’t want Tommy sneezing when he comes near me!

  80. Lyn says

    All I can say is, “WOW”, what an awesome bunch of scents. I would love the flowery scents or vanilla ones. No coconut ones though. Good luck to whoever is the lucky winner, even if it’s not me. I would love to win though. Blessings…

  81. sandra says

    I love bodycology products. They are reasonably priced and all smell soo good.I would love to win this stuff.

  82. Robyn says

    I love marshmellows, but am trying to go sugarfree. So I think I would love to atleast wear marshmellow on my skin;-)

  83. Lori Washburn says

    I think I would like the stress relief formula. I recently gave birth to my fourth boy, and would love to use a product that would help me unwind. I’m not very picky, so I would probably enjoy any of the scents, but my boys would probably think it would be cool if Mom smelled like a marshmellow. ;D

  84. Deedra says

    I have never tried any of these before, but would love to! I suffer from dry skin, the tight, itchy, sometimes flaky kind :( in the summer and of course the winter is just worse. I unfortunately don’t use lotion as much I probably should because I just hate that greasy feeling from them. When I just can’t take it anymore then I just start slathering the stuff on. It would be great to have a lotion I could wear daily, and to have a body cleanser that didn’t leave me itchy would be devine. To top this all off your giveaway end on August 14th which just happens to be my birthday!!

  85. Molly F. C. says

    Like many readers, I like all of the products! I’d probably gravitate toward something from the Hydrating line, though, if I HAD to make a choice. Thanks Kristen for another great opportunity!

  86. Melissa Logan says

    I would choose the lemon scent! I love all things lemon, and sunny yellow :) Not my skin…just the thoughts that it provokes :)

  87. Kim says

    I think I’d have to try the vanilla cupcake. I’ll have to say, I’d like to try
    all their products though. They sound wonderful.

  88. Adele S. says

    The hydrating body wash looks great. I just had another birthday, and am slowly drying up. I don’t want to turn into a prune! The scent doesn’t matter. I’m sure that they’re all good!

  89. Chelle W. says

    I would probably choose something in the deep cleansing line…but I am gravitating toward the coconut lime :)

  90. says

    I am new to this whole blog sweepstakes stuff! I would love any scent (though Gardenia sounds wonderful). I have a blog but wasn’t sure how to do the referral in the comment. So I hope this will do for any entry needed! ;o) I’ll catch on to how all this blogging works!

  91. Kim says

    I absolutely LOVE Coconut Lime, but after reading the reviews, I’m tempted to try one of the other ‘flavors’. Yummy!

  92. Melinda says

    I would love the cucumber-green tea because of the clean fresh scent. I don’t usually flowery scents,but I love bodycology because they are so natural.

  93. Cathy W says

    I would love to try the rich and creamy bath wash. The winters are terrible for dry skin. Usually I’m a brown sugar vanilla scent person but the vanilla cupcake sounds fun :)


  94. melissa brown says

    i would love to try the Bodycology Deep Cleansing body wash and the Bodycology Advanced Healing lotion. As a new mother the deep cleansing wash would give me energy for the day and still moisturize with a what sounds like a great fruit smell and the advanced healing lotion sounds wonderful after a hard day of working and chasing around my young son. I’m hoping to win!! i would LOOOOOOVE to try these things without having to splurge.


    also, i posted on twitter.

  95. Rebecca says

    toasted marshmellow. MMM sounds so delicious. Love that scent. Thanks for always being an example of how to live on less.

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