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WIS, WWA | under the weather

What I Spent

Part of this week was spent being under the weather, so this is not gonna be The Most Exciting Week of Eats. 😉

yogurt and fruit in a bowl.

I spent:

  • $36 at a ramen place
  • $41 at Sam’s Club

And that makes $77.

What We Ate


I remember that Zoe was at work, but I cannot for the life of me remember what I made for myself. Something very basic, or I’d have remembered it. Ha. 

And unfortunately, I did not even take a picture; I looked on my phone to see if there was a memory jog.


It was Zoe’s actual birthday, but she had to work in the evening.

post it notes.

I wrote 18 things I love about Zoe (since she was turning 18) and stuck them all over her walls 😉

I picked up a sushi burrito for her to eat after work, and I got myself a bowl of ramen (with an extra soy egg, as usual, because soy-marinated eggs are SO GOOD.)

bowl of shrimp ramen.


A friend treated me to tacos, and Zoe ate her leftover burrito. 


I got back late from an orientation about an hour away, so I popped by Panera and picked up dinner for Zoe and me, using a gift card from my credit card rewards.

$0 out of pocket for me! 


Breakfast for dinner: we had Swedish pancakes, bacon, and sliced mango. 

swedish pancakes lazy crepes


I made spaghetti and meatballs and, not gonna lie, I did not even serve any produce with that. I didn’t even cut up any fruit.

It is what it is. Good thing I eat salads at breakfast sometimes, so it all evens out. 😉

fried eggs on greens.


We have leftovers from last night, so we’ll probably eat those up tonight. Easy button for me!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Sunday 25th of February 2024

Never heard of a sushi burrito. Had to Google that one!


Sunday 25th of February 2024


I haven't either but I am re-watching Kim's Convenience and they mentioned it in an episode I watched after reading about them here. Apparently its a thing in Canada at least but I have yet to see them in New England.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

What I, or should I say better half spent, I have just a number via the debit or credit card. What we ate - better half salvaged his crappy Outback rib-eye (not cooked as request which might have been a blessing) as an addition to chili. His cold mashed taters stuffed my leftover baked potato plus I ate the rest of my not anywhere cooked as requested steak. Pasta and meatballs one night. Can't remember the next. Hamburgers the next (he and one kiddo ate Brussel sprouts and broccoli - ick to me lol), out to eat with family Friday and the next (yeah I might be more current week). Truth be told, I don't do the cooking or grocery - my wheelhouse is earning money and non-perishables - aka NEVER a panic moment during the pandemic for TP or other non-perishable/cat food. One goes with their strengths.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

WIS: Something like around $55 after coupons and store card discounts. WWA: Leftover spicy sausage rice, which was supposed to make four servings and came in closer to six. Bacon-spinach salads with rye crackers and the Aldi version of Laughing Cow cheese or smoked provolone -- very yummy. Some fiery Chinese soup for my husband, who has been sick with a head cold. Protein shakes and oranges for me.

We took DH out for Chinese food for his birthday last night, followed by cupcakes. Dinner tonight was more salads to make up for last night's indulgence.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

WWS: $92 (grocery store & mystery shop), WWA: Sat: chicken & dumping (drop type) - I added broccoli & shredded zucchini (the latter from the garden that partner had froze). I also added mushroom powder, which makes anything with stock so much tastier - all that umami. Sun: goulash with celeriac, turnips & carrots. Served will grilled no-knead bread Mon: mystery dinner at super-fancy steakhouse. We went over the allocated budget, so it cost me $28 out of pocket, which I will happily pay for Wagyu steak. Tues: leftover chicken & dumplings Wed: out for pizza and salad with friends to celebrate a birthday Thurs: provolone and liverwurst sandwich, sliced cucumber Fri: pork banh mi burgers (Modern Proper recipe, SO good), Asian roasted potatoes (you pre-cook them in "magic stock" - which has soy, cooking wine, hoisin, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise before roasting), and Samin Nosrat's cucumber salad, to which I also added shredded cabbage and red pepper.


Saturday 24th of February 2024

Also, we make homemade ramen and will include soy-marinated eggs. They are super simple.


Friday 23rd of February 2024

I'm sick too, so I'll be briefer than usual.

WIS: 118.27 @ a diner when visiting my mil, 152.93 @Aldi and 20.60 on box wine, so 291.80.


Fri: salad and focaccia with chipotle pumpkin sauce, Parm/mozzarella cheese and turkey bacon.

Sat: salad and pizza from my husband's childhood pizza place, rose cones for dessert because grandmothers can't stand the idea of not having dessert apparently.

Sun: this was the diner night. We each ordered a different breakfast plate and then split up the food so we all got a little bit of everything. My husband also ordered a salad and we discovered that my kids hate blue cheese just as much as me.

Mon: my mother-in-law cooked: salad, California veggies, mashed potatoes and breaded chicken thighs. More rose cones.

Tue: salad, leftover focaccia and leftover rice and beans.

Wed: sandwiches (turkey, guacamole and cheese) and spinach/arugula salad.

Thu: stir fried tofu and red peppers over jasmine rice with spinach and arugula on top.

Tonight: focaccia and salad

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Friday 23rd of February 2024


PS Happy birthday, Zoe!

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