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WIS, WWA | In which I do very little cooking

What I Spent

A texass storefront.

This has been a seriously unusual week; I was in Dallas from Friday-Monday night, then home for three days, and by the time you read this post, I’ll be on my way to my uncle’s cabin for a week with Sonia and Zoe and a bunch of other relatives.

(I’m hoping to do the reader-requested interview with my dad on the way there today; I made a document with all the questions you guys wanted me to ask him!) grocery shopping/cooking game has been pretty off this week, and it will also be off next week.

I’m sure I will cook and shop more regularly once school starts, but while summer’s here, we are taking advantage of it. 😉

I spent:

  • $21 at Lidl
  • $13 at the airport
  • $30 on takeout
  • $31 at Aldi

So, $95.

What We Ate


I was in Texas with my friends and we got chicken from Raising Cane’s (a chain we do not have here out east).

Kristen with a little girl.


Still in Texas! Still taking excessive amounts of Snapchat selfies with my small friends!

Kristen with kids.

My friend made Mediterranean meatballs with tzatziki and Greek tomato salad, and we ate it all over rice. It was kind of like a deconstructed gyro and it was delicious!


I was flying home from Dallas, and due to some flight issues, I had quite a few hours to wait to board.

So, I ate a $12 chicken bowl from the airport Moe’s.

Moe's chicken bowl.


I made quesadillas for the girls and me.


Dinnertime was sandwiched in between some volunteer work (for me) and a work shift (for Zoe), so the girls and I stopped for fast food.


I was busy packing and Zoe had an evening work shift, so I just picked up a frozen pizza.



We are gonna be at my aunt and uncle’s cabin, so we’ll be eating whatever is served there.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

We actually have Raising Canes in SC, and I’ve seen them in GA. I think you are a state or two north of me, so maybe you will get one in the future as they move up the coast. My teen loves their chicken for a quick meal on the run.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

any chance for a bit of a recipe from your friend on the mediterranean meatballs and tzatziki . Sounds fantastic!


Saturday 30th of July 2022

Here are the meatballs she made:

But the Greek salad she made on the side was more like this:

Katy in Africa

Friday 29th of July 2022

I feel like it was different eating week for us too and I'm having trouble remembering what we ate: - À soup made of miscellaneous leftovers. - Chicken tortilla soup - Sandwiches -Macaroni and cheese I really can't remember what else we ate!


Friday 29th of July 2022

Whew, I spent much of the day getting my DH's doctor and lab appointments accomplished. He's back in his room now and I have been able to eat my own lunch. It's a good thing I pack it and knew it was waiting on me, because I can guarantee I would have hit a drive through of some kind, otherwise. It was a rough morning.


I didn't shop last week, but here's what I ate:

Hamburger with carrots and homemade ranch dressing

One night I ate just sautéed okra and squash out of the garden, and it was yummy.

I made a big pot of beef curry stew and ate it twice for dinner (plus packed a lunch from it). The rest is portioned out in the freezer.

Pork chops with steamed carrots, and zucchini and onions cooked in the chop pan after the chops finished.

One night I got home after 8, so it was an omelet with spinach in it, with berries and jicama sticks on the side.

The rest of the chops that I had thawed, with more fresh okra and seasoned cauliflower.

A. Marie

Friday 29th of July 2022

@JD, I'm sorry about your rough day and week. (My DH is now past the point of being transportable out of the facility for anything except dire emergencies--but I well remember what an ordeal it was to get him to appointments in the recent past. Fortunately, most routine work can now be done for him in-house.) But all the same, you did more ambitious cooking than I did!


Friday 29th of July 2022

Not exactly a stellar week on the food front for us, either:

Saturday: I really can't remember...I think my husband and I had field roast sausages and rice. Don't remember what we made for the kidlets. Sunday: Potato curry, rice, dal and roti Monday: In n Out for them, rice, Tuesday: Taquito Tuesday for them Wednesday: chick pea pasta, breadsticks and fried ravioli Thursday: Snacky meal: Mango, peanut butter toast, carrots, homemade hummus, bell peppers, cucumbers, cheeses Today: Planning on making cheesy zucchini bake with a caesar salad and dragonfruit (it was actually reasonably priced this week!) on the side. Fingers crossed it actually happens.

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