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What I’ve been up to this week.

Since you all enjoyed my not-Q&A post a few weeks back, I thought I’d put one up here today since I don’t usually post on Sundays.

What did I do this week?

I watched rain fall, which is a blessing, considering how dry it’s been here for the last month.

Rain falling on deck boards.

I made English Muffins, which I haven’t done in eons.

A collection of homemade English muffins.

I got rained on while grilling hamburgers.

Rain falling on a Weber grill.

I made two batches of blueberry jam.

Blueberry jam in a glass bowl.

I soaked in the uber-domestic feeling that floods my soul when I view Mason jars full of homemade goodness.

Four Mason jars of blueberry jam.

I helped my kids practice their flutter-kicking.

Two kids using kickboards in a pool.

Zoe practiced too.

A preschool girl using a kickboard in a pool.

Sonia just practiced looking cute.

Sonia sitting in the shade.

I made dinner lots of times.

Swiss Mushroom Chicken on a black plate.

I was reminded yet again that water holds endless appeal for children.

Three girls standing in front of a kitchen sink.

The girls played with their soapy water for at least two hours. Love it.

Girls playing in soapy sink water.

I made chocolate parfait bars in a 9×13 pan and decided I prefer them in a jelly roll pan, even if it is harder to spread the crust, filling, and frosting in a larger pan.

Chocolate parfait bars on a cutting board.

I made the executive decision to bump Chicken Tacos to next week’s menu, and instead I fed my children miscellaneous stuff from the fridge (leftover dip, crackers, raspberries, cucumbers, carrots, and English Muffins spread with blueberry jam.).

A sectioned child's plate.

Then I sent them off to play and I ate sushi with Mr. FG. It was blissfully peaceful.

Four pieces of sushi on a black plate.

Did I mention the rain?

Raindrops on a metal tube.

I made a blueberry coffeecake (and blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes. Because it’ll be another year before we have 20 pounds of blueberries again!).

A piece of blueberry coffeecake on a cutting board.

So, that’s a peek into the parts of my week that my camera captured. What filled your days this past week?

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Vicky Kelly

Monday 19th of July 2010

that sorta answers one of my questions, who does the grilling out in your family lol I feel like the ONLY woman who does the grilling. Dh has never had the patience for it, I think a lot of stuff his dad tried to teach him, his dad had a bit of a temper & so dh pulled back. Same thing with when you did your deck power wash. Was it YOU who did it? I wind up doing a LOT of repairs in the house, again, dh just never learned (I've been forced to learn however lol) & I do believe a lot of that hesitance has to do with the times his dad yelled or whatever. Sad & reminds me to learn to be patient when teaching my own kiddos to do things around the house.


Tuesday 20th of July 2010

lol! I prefer to do the grilling husband used to do it some, but then for some reason I took over.

My husband did do the power washing of the deck, though! I have wrist/hand/elbow problems and so I can't do jobs like that. Same with carpet husband steam cleans the carpets because that job hurts my wrists.

I do tend to do a fair number of things that are stereotypically men's work (I paint and spackle and sand, for instance), but then there are things I don't ever touch...I never, ever work on our cars, and I never, ever mow the lawn either.


Monday 19th of July 2010

Yum, yum, yum!!!! I'm baking bread today with fresh yeast for the first time ever... I also started my own sour dough yeast so I must start taking pics for my blog soon.


Monday 19th of July 2010

Yum!! What is that delicious-looking chicken/ham/cheese dinner? Can we get that recipe too?

And the rain was WONDERFUL this week! No more crunchy grass!! Hoping for more this week too!

The blueberry jam is GORGEOUS!!!


Tuesday 20th of July 2010

Yes, I'm going to post that recipe. :)

Karen S.

Sunday 18th of July 2010

Hmmmm...what did we do this week. It was blissfully quiet at work, so I got a lot done. I had lunch with a co-worker so we could catch up--I ordered the children's burrito at California Tortilla, which was the perfect size and portion. I spent Friday night at the pool with my son, his friend, and his friend's cousin--all three of whom went to camp together this week and struck up a fast was sad when his cousin had to go home. Yesterday, I had fun working in my garden since it was thankfully not as hot as it's fact, there were gentle breezes...and I noticed my petunias are getting bigger...who says you need Wave Home Depot bargains are filling out beautifully on their own. My Impasiens are doing well, too. Then, last night we went to Carabas for dinner...yum! And today, I visited three stores and stocked up for the week--$102...woo hoo! I've saved a bundle these past few weeks, thanks to you FG :) Then, it was back to the pool with my son and a neighbor friend...and an impromptu cookout with this neighbor's family. Including some excellent red wine :) A good week!

took my son and his neighbor friend to the pool...aft

Elizabeth B

Sunday 18th of July 2010

I picked a whole colander full of plums off the landlord's tree that grows right by my balcony. I know perfectly well he doesn't want them, because every year that thing drops tons of squishy plums for people to step on and track into their apartments. It was a community service! Yeah, that's the ticket! ;)

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