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What I Spent, What We Ate | So, I went to Costco….

What I Spent

I ran out of frozen fruit for morning smoothies, so I stopped at Costco for that and a few other things.   I spent $119.41 there.

Costco groceries

I spent $37.55 at the regular grocery store, and $33 on my produce box delivery.

So my total is $189.96 for the first week of July. That’s a little on the high side for my average so far this year, but it’s totally not surprising because of the Costco trip.

What We Ate


Since it was the 4th of July, I grilled some well-done (but juicy!) hamburgers.   We also had applesauce and veggie chips.

grilled hamburger


I made Chipotle Chicken kebabs.   Plus guacamole and chips, because I had ripe avocados to use.

chipotle chicken kabobs

You know I don’t miss a chance to use avocados. 😉


As you Instagram people already know, I pressed the easy button by buying a ham at Costco.

costco ham

We also had rice, corn from my produce box, and strawberries from Costco.


Some of us had chicken tacos, and some of us had rice pudding, made from Wednesday’s leftover rice.


I’m not quite sure how my afternoon is going to be shaping up, but if I have time, I’ll make pizza.

Lisey making pizza


What’s been on the dinner table at your house this week?

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Tuesday 12th of July 2016

There were only three of us this week, so it felt like we ate the same thing over and over. :)

Kelly C

Sunday 10th of July 2016

Monday - Fried chicken, broasted potatoes and coleslaw

Tuesday - Grilled cheese & cream of mushroom soup

Wednesday - Cube Steaks, diced potatoes with onions and pineapple

Thursday - Fried egg sandwiches and applesauce

Friday - Dined out at Bob Evans


Saturday 9th of July 2016

I had a very lazy cooking week.... Mon - Burgers and Dogs on the grill with watermelon and chips Tues - chicken and cheese quesadillas Wed - crock pot chicken with onions and peppers on rolls Thurs - take out pizza Fri - breakfast for dinner

Kristen - obviously your family eats a lot of fruit like our family does. Can I ask if you worry about some of the issues with the amount of non-organic produce you purchase? I'm sorry to be nosy but its something that worries me here. I almost always opt for the organic option if it's available and not ridiculously pricey but I would love your take on it. Thank you!


Saturday 9th of July 2016

Definitely an off week here but on budget so far. I spent about $115 for the regular weekly trip and then another $18 yesterday for a few essentials. My goal is to keep our total this month to about $600, so we stepdad to a good start!

Sunday- homemade chicken fingers, captese salad, green salad with back onion vinaigrette, bread Monday- left overs Tuesday- seared salmon with maple Dijon sauce, couscous, and salad, plus strawberry shortcakes Wednesday- assorted take-out appetizers with gift card, salad and more shortcake Thursday- We spent the morning and early afternoon in the ER with my son due to asthma but fortunately I had put beans in the crockpot so we had good old beanie weenies with brown bread and coleslaw (we were all just so glad to be home from the hospital the food was irrelevant!) Friday- homemade pepperoni pizza and coleslaw Tonight we will be eating a chicken pot pie I made to share with my parents, and probably a salad as well...


Saturday 9th of July 2016

Forgot, I also spent $16 at the farm stand on berries and for he week is about $150


Friday 8th of July 2016

Monday- Out to eat.. we traveled home from out of state and no real meal plan when we came home. Tuesday- Chicken Cordon Blu casserole, using up deli ham before it went bad Wednesday- pancakes and sausage with maple syrup made from Grandma and Pap's trees! Thursday - spaghetti and meatballs. Using the homemade sauce we made last year before this years tomatoes ripen Friday- Tacos! We used fresh lettuce, jalapenos and banana peppers from the garden

Veggie and fruit for each meal too but,I do not remember what we had each day.

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