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What I Spent, What We Ate | $100.89

What I Spent

Hungry Harvest veggies and fruit


I didn’t spend much on groceries this week, actually.   Even when adding in our road trip snacks and Monday’s Chick Fil A trip (see below), I’m only at $100.89.

August Spending

Week 1: $166

Week 2:  $100.89

What We Ate


Brats and hot dogs over the fire at my friend Mia’s house!


We’d just gotten back from Ohio, and at first we thought we weren’t hungry.   But then 8:30 pm rolled around and we decided we WERE actually hungry.

I hadn’t gone to the grocery store, though.

So, hello, Chick-Fil-A!


We had chicken and veggie stir fry over rice.

chicken bok choy stir fry


I pulled some chicken thighs out of the freezer earlier in the day, salted and refrigerated them, and then headed to the pool with a friend.

I broiled the chicken, toasted some bagels, and cut up fresh peaches.   Easy peasy for after a pool day.

Good grief, I only just now realized that we had chicken three nights in a row.   Whoops.

Thank goodness Mia didn’t feed us chicken too. 😉


Sonia’s down with a cold, so I asked her to pick whatever she wanted to eat. Swedish meatballs it was.

(Click on the photo for the recipe.)


I’d initially planned on making French Toast, but my dad texted last night to invite us to eat with them.   He’s marinating some meat, so this is going to be an upgrade from my French Toast plan. 😉

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Sunday 19th of August 2018

Monday traveling so ate snacks. Tuesday I thought I could make it a no shop week but with no fruit or veggies I had to shop. Hamburg was on sale, made taco meat. We had tacos, taco salad. Wednesday Back to the Bricks party with Hot dogs and salads. Lunch was Velveeta stuffed burgers. They were soooo good. Thursday we grilled Costco chicken thighs with rice n salads n beans. Friday Tacos again. I use my mil's taco recipe which you add to the meat rice and tomatos. Saturday Italian sausage, eggs. We also had salads out of the garden every day. Lots of cucs and tomatoes.


Friday 17th of August 2018

Monday- Planned on meatloaf, but failed to get it out of the freezer. Moved the plan for Tuesday to Monday. We had chicken and salad. Tuesday- Tacos and smoothies. Finally remembered to pull out the meatloaf. Wednesday- Meatloaf was definitely still frozen. Ate grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup. It was our first time making tomato soup and we're going to try another recipe next time. Thursday- Meatloaf, purple potato fries, corn on the cob.... was the plan. Turns out that the meatloaf wasn't fully thawed. When I pulled it out of the oven after an hour and it registered 90 degrees on my meat thermometer, I grabbed a bag of chicken nuggets. The meatloaf eventually finished cooking and we'll eat it Saturday night. Friday- Vegetable beef soup. I took another reader's idea of putting leftover vegetables in a bag and making soup when the bag is full. It's time! I'm excited to try it. Oh, hey, I should probably get that out of the freezer now...


Saturday 18th of August 2018

You are funny! Thanks for the giggle.


Friday 17th of August 2018

You're funny. LOL.


Friday 17th of August 2018

Once again we had tomato sandwiches every day for lunch, since the garden is still pumping them out every day. For dinner we had a zucchini based meal every single night (more garden produce): zuke latkes, zuke ravioli (where you use zuke instead of pasta), zuke stir fry for two nights, zuke meatballs (zuke instead of meat) and zuke cheese soup. Also froze 23 quart bags of shredded zuke for winter use. Oh, yes, I brought a double chocolate zucchini cake to a pot luck. But it was 41 degrees last night and the trees are changing so soon the garden will be done. I will miss the tomatoes! Note to self: next year you don't need 13 zucchini plants when it is just you and the husband.


Friday 17th of August 2018

I'm impressed with all the ways you've used your zucchini! Way to go!


Friday 17th of August 2018

Well you're not alone in the chicken having department. ;)

Sunday: Cornell Chicken (it was my grandmother's birthday so guess who got to split four whole chickens, brine them and grill them?)

Monday: English muffin pizzas. Yes, we punted on this one but it kept the kid occupied and was cheap and easy.

Tuesday: Bacon, eggs, fruit etc. Breakfast for dinner, basically.

Wednesday: Chicken with a Thai Peanut sauce with salads and brown rice.

Thursday: Leftover chicken with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

Friday: BLT's with the leftover bacon. I'll probably also make tossed salad.

Luckily having been stocked up and being smart on shopping, I haven't spent all that much on groceries this month.


Friday 17th of August 2018

... we went to the city this week for the first time in a few months and spent something like $500 on groceries. But now our freezer is packed with TJ's meals so I can handle the kids' school starting, getting ready for my school to start, and DH being on a business trip without too much stress. And we replenished a bunch of staples we can't get locally including a stop at Penzey's. Also they had local peaches. :)

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