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Well, hey there

I’m over here coming out of the Covid fog. I am most definitely over the worst of it, and mercifully, even the worst of it wasn’t TOO bad for me.

covid test.

I had one day of feeling really, really miserable with body aches and a sore throat, followed by several more days of feeling not-as-miserable.

And I’d say that by now, I’m feeling about 75% better. I’m still tired, but I’m much more able to be up and about.

(Earlier in my sickness, it felt like too much work to even sit up and eat! Remaining horizontal and skipping the food seemed preferable.)

bowl of shrimp pho.

I know it’s not Thursday, but I wanted to write down a few things I have felt grateful for while I’ve been sick.

I’m not in college right now

It would have been so much more life-disrupting to get sick during finals last semester!

I’m too young and healthy to get Paxlovid

Both places I called said that I do not qualify, and while that’s kind of a bummer, it’s actually much better than…not being young and healthy.

And I definitely do not want to take a treatment away from someone who needs it more than I do.

Sonia didn’t catch it from me

I saw her for an extended period of time the day before I got my first symptoms, but she did not catch it. Yay!

And so far, Lisey and Zoe are good too.

It’s easier to be sick with older kids

I was remembering back to what it was like to navigate sickness while also trying to take care of my small humans…and I felt grateful for how much easier it is to sit and rest now.

I have a lovely place to rest and recover


I have a small pile of free Covid tests

I got them free through my insurance a little while back, for just such a time as this!

covid tests.

Covid tests are so much easier to get now

Last winter, this was not so much the case.

Now I don’t have to be at all worried about getting Covid for a while

When I go skiing in a few weeks, I will be worry-free. Woohoo!

I wouldn’t have caught it on purpose, but it IS kind of nice to get it out of the way before a trip.

I have some time to recuperate before I go skiing

If I’d caught this right before the trip, I would probably not be in good enough shape to deal with skiing at high altitudes.

But as it stands, I’ve got some time for my body to get back into shape.

But don’t worry…I will be careful not to overdo it. 😉

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Wednesday 1st of February 2023

Hi Kristen,

I am praying for a swift recovery and hope that you are doing better each day! Thanks for your posts- they brighten my days.



Wednesday 1st of February 2023

Glad you are feeling better. I also had it a month ago and only checked because if one of symptoms for me was lower back was hurting with a light cold. We also had COVID tests at home.


Tuesday 31st of January 2023

I'm happy you are getting over covid now, Kristen. I was very grateful to get the paxlovid when I finally succumbed to covid in November, there doesn't seem to be any shortage in Canada with most people being able to access it if they want.

I am nearly always able to see the silver lining in the clouds too, thankfully! I think it would be a terrible thing to not be able to see the silver lining. It's a blessing, really.

Take care and I hope you continue to mend well!

Anita Isaac

Tuesday 31st of January 2023

so glad you are much better. what a relief. enjoy your ski trip.


Tuesday 31st of January 2023

So, so glad you’re on the mend, and have a trip to look forward to, as well! Re: taking care of little ones when you’re sick: when my son was 2, and I was pregnant with our second child, I got the flu. My husband was an on-air radio DJ and HAD to work his shift. We lived in a small house in San Antonio, Texas. It had a hallway that all bedrooms and the one bathroom opened into, and a door at the end of the hall that would close off the other areas of the house. So we closed the bathroom door, the hallway door, and the door to the nursery that we were still working on. This gave my toddler access to his room, my room, and the whole hallway to play in. His dad made a lunchbox for him before he left and I had the tv and phone. I laid in bed and watched him play. Ya do what ya gotta do.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.