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Update on Electric Bill and my laundry basket

It’s a two-fer! 😉

I got my new electric bill today, and to my great delight, it was $197, three dollars BELOW our monthly budgeted amount. This is quite shocking, considering that last month’s bill was a frightening $365. It’s been a little warmer this month, but not that much warmer, and so at first I couldn’t figure out why we were paying so much less this month.

I looked over my bill and found a couple of reasons. First, this was a 28-day billing cycle, whereas last month’s was a 32-day billing cycle. Upon further perusal, I also noticed that last month, our bill was an estimated bill instead of an actual bill. Sometimes, if there’s inclement weather or something like that, my electric company estimates the bill instead of coming out to read the meter in person. Apparently, they overestimated our energy usage last month by a fair bit, and this has resulted in a lower bill for us this month.

So, I think we used less than $367 of electricity last month and more than $197 this month, but it’s all evened out now. My electric savings account is going to stay at a happy $214, and I’m beginning to think that we will still have money in that account come springtime(last month, I was thinking that account was going to dwindle down to a $0 balance by then).


Ok, on to the laundry basket update…


After I posted about my dilemma the other day, I remembered that I had a clothing return to make at Target. After I got my $7 back, I decided to go price laundry baskets, and lo and behold, one similar to my sturdy white one was marked down to $6. Since I’d gotten $7 back from my return, I decided to just go ahead and buy it. Even though it’s not exactly the same as my older white one, it nests neatly inside of it, which means that my laundry room will be no more cluttered than it was before.

I’m planning to duct tape the old one and use it to store toys in our shed. I suppose some years down the road it will be too worn out even for that purpose, but for now, at least, it’s not going for a ride on the recycling truck.

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Thursday 26th of February 2009

Yay for the laundry basket and the electric bill!!! I hope that our bill is that pretty!

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