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Tuesday Tip | A quick Frywall review

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In an issue of Cook’s Country or Cook’s Illustrated (I can’t remember!), I saw that they recommended the Frywall.

What’s a Frywall?

Well, it’s a big ol’ silicone cone that sits atop your frying pan to prevent grease splatters.

frywall review

I do a lot of, “Heat oil in the pan until shimmering, then add ingredients.” kind of cooking.

Which is delicious but also kind of messy because my stove is always getting showered in grease spatters.

I get really, really tired of cleaning said spatters off of my stove and counters, so this intrigued me and I ordered one from Amazon.

My first thought was, “This thing is HUGE. It will never fit on my pan.”

But it actually does! It’s very, very slightly tricky to situate, but once you get it nestled in there, it’s just fine.

Does it work?

Yep! I’ve used it several times now, and it does a really great job of keeping grease spatters contained.

Thumbs up from me.

frywall review

And unlike a traditional metal grease screen, this one can be left on while you’re adding ingredients (the most spattery time!), and while you’re flipping the food over (the second most spattery time.)

Is it easy to clean?

I’ve just hand-washed mine so far and yep, it’s simple to clean.

It is dishwasher safe, but it’s so enormous, I have a hard time imagining where I would put it.  So hand-washing it is for us.

Doesn’t it get greasy from sitting on the pan bottom?

The Frywall actually sits up a little off the pan bottom, which helps to keep it from getting completely greased up.

frywall review

I mean, it will get grease on it (that’s the point!), but it’s not like it’s just sitting in a puddle of grease while you cook.

What about storage?

It IS a huge item, but luckily, it folds up into a fairly small size. 

frywall review

So even in my not-huge kitchen, storing it will not be a problem.

How much does it cost?

It’s a little under $30, which isn’t super cheap. However, unlike my metal grease screens, which wear out, this one should last for a long time.

To me, it’s worth it to not have to constantly be cleaning grease off my stove!

frywall review

By the way, this comes in several different colors, so if my red one is scaring you off, never fear. You can get a classy black one. 😉

You can also get these in different sizes; most of my frying pans are 12 inches, though, so that’s the size I chose.

And thus concludes this brief review!

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Saturday 4th of February 2023

Why did my Frywall split only after maybe 8 usages?


Monday 6th of February 2023

My goodness, I have no idea! I've used mine probably over a hundred times by now and it's fine. I would contact the manufacturer and politely ask them to replace it.


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Hi Kristen I’ve followed your blog for a long time and now pretty much follow on Instagram only. I just commented on the night stand you just painted but forgot to say I bought a Frywall. I so appreciated what you said about the Frywall (which I’m not remembering now as I write this) but I agreed with you and thought you wouldn’t mention it if you didn’t like it! I have just used it once and it was so much better than anticipated. Thanks for the tip!


Thursday 17th of September 2020

Oh, I'm so glad that you liked the Frywall. Yay! I love not having to clean grease spatters off my counters, floor, and stovetops now.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

My grandmother taught me to put newspaper around the sides of the burner and against the back instrument panel, to keep things clean. She taught me by showing, not by letting me do it. Enter the man I finally wanted to impress enough to fall in love with me, over for his first meal cooked by me. Just as I am standing there demonstrating how well I can flip a hamburger, the paper catches fire. I did not, of course, have a fire extinguisher and greasy newspaper must be the fastest burning substance on earth. I had only about a cup of flour to douse the flames, not enough...He is looking around desperately and finally yanks off his own jacket and throws it over the stove. That did it. He fell in love with me and we are still together 37 years later. But he took over all hamburger duties...


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I love that story! - although I had the same concern about fire - I think that's how the great fire of London started...


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

Did you try to use the flour to douse the flames? I hope not - powder that fine can explode in the presence of open flame, or even just high heat.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

Does the bottom get really greasy? Doesn't it 'sit' in the oil?


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

In a 12-inch pan with flared sides, it actually sits up a little from the bottom. So it's not actually touching the bottom of the pan.

I'll add an addition photo to the post to show!


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I have this. I got it as a gift from my friend who loves hers. It does get greasy but that's not a big deal as it washes up easily. My issue is that the sides are in the way for me and I have different size pans that it doesn't fit as, I still end up with a greasy stove top, lol. I guess if you tend to use the same pan for most applications it would be better.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

I have never seen one of these before! That's definitely intriguing. I hate cleaning off grease spatters, too - does anyone not hate it? :) I tried a metal mesh screen, but 1. most of my pans are rather different in that the handles are higher than the pan, so the screen couldn't sit flat on top of the pan unless I sat it very off-center, which meant it fell off a lot, and 2. I still got spatters through the screen even with pans on which it sat correctly. I've often thought it would be nice if I had "walls" around my pan... This is worth a try! I like to stir fry, saute, etc., and I would love to have a way to block all that flying grease.

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