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Thankful Thursday | Yup. Still thankful for the weather.

New here? Each week, we all practice the free art of hunting for things to be grateful for.

This week, I am thankful:

for the rain that washed some of the pollen away

Rain puddle with trees reflected in it.

The oak flowers have pretty much all fallen, and we’ve gotten a little rain to help wash the yellow dust away. Excellent.

for the lovely weather last night

Generally speaking, every time I plan to grill, I end up getting rained on.

But last night, the weather was perfectly, fantastically gorgeous: breezy, sunny, and in the low 70s.

It was heavenly grilling weather.

that I am DONE with my biology labs

I have one more week of lecture and then a week with two exams, but my lab work is 100% done for the semester.

This makes me happy because now I can focus on studying for our cumulative exam.

(cumulative = yikes)

that I only have two more lectures to get through

I think I’ve mentioned before that my bio professor is the sort that just reads through slides in a monotone. He seems like a nice enough person, but his method makes for extremely boring lectures.

Two more, and I’m done!

that I get to take Anatomy and Physiology next 

Biology has been interesting and I have learned so much, but a course entirely focused on the human body is going to be much more fascinating, I think.

I’m taking the summer off, though; no more classes until the fall.

for the not-too-hot, not-too-cold spring weather

Can I be thankful for the weather again?

(This is going to be a regular occurrence all spring long, I think.)

Spring always feels too short, but I think it is the time of year with the most perfect weather.

that the bugs aren’t here in full force yet

I really appreciate the pre-mosquito season.

for the delight of clear, sunny mornings

Even when it’s cold out in January, I just love a sparkling morning.

And I love mornings in general. They just feel so fresh, cheerful, and hopeful to me. 

that a family friend just got his second shot

We haven’t seen him for over a year, but plans will be made soon! 

that my face is feeling better

I had what seemed like some type of allergic reaction all over the lower half of my face and my jawline, which I have never had before. I hadn’t changed anything about my routine, so I wonder if it was maybe a reaction to the high pollen levels.

At any rate, it’s gone now and my skin is happy again. Whew.

that it is possible to feel joy even when life isn’t perfect

No one’s life is always going perfectly on every front, right? So I’ve been thinking about what a mercy it is that we humans are capable of feeling joy and gratefulness when things are not perfect.

Otherwise, we would be doomed to a miserable life in this broken world, where things go wrong all the time.

Even in the brokenness, there is always something to find joy in.

that the mum from my aunt came back this spring

You may remember that my aunt brought me a chrysanthemum from her yard in South Dakota last fall, because she wanted me to have one that survives winter weather.

And I am happy to say that it has come alive this spring!

Kristen with her aunt and uncle

This is my mum-delivering aunt

for my new bathroom mirror

For my birthday, Mr. FG got me a really big mirror with a defogger and a built-in light (kind of like a ring light, but rectangular).

My dad installed a new recessed light in the bathroom too, so between the mirror light and the new overhead light, it’s so lovely and bright in the bathroom.

I feel like I’m in a hotel every day now!

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Friday 7th of May 2021

Thankful for- My dad hospice workers are really really nice. Very helpful indeed. He isn't terminal, just old. He qualifies for an additional 4 hours of respite without any cost. This will be helpful when my sister has to run errands (or have a life). My boss is the kindest hearted person & so easy to get along with. My puppers mouth is starting to heal after his molar removals 3 weeks ago. One in particular was giving him problems. That I was able to go 2.5 weeks without shopping other than fruit n veggies and I only went to find some decaf tea. 3 stores later I found some.


Friday 7th of May 2021

Thankful for... * Medication * A nest of Robins in my backyard, with 3 little ones in there * Frozen meals for lunches * Not having to work nights and weekends * Not having to work full-time * My husband and kids * Having curly hairs (and getting a much needed haircut tommorow!)


Friday 7th of May 2021

I am thankful that I was able to book a free hotel night in LA for the night we fly back home. It's actually within walking distance of the airport, which is great, and it will be nice not to spend 16 hours at the airport. I also signed up for another mystery shop at a wonderful restaurant here in Hong Kong, which means we'll get a free steak dinner next week. AND, my husband and I are wanting to take a little time off when we move back to the US this summer, so I wasn't really looking for work yet, but I saw a advertisement for a camp nurse for just 2 weeks and the pay was crazy good, so I decided to go for it---and I got the job! With the money I will make from that one job, I will feel much better about taking a few months off. Yeah!! TGIF!


Thursday 6th of May 2021

I am glad that the pollen has beeb washed away.

Here, in subtorpical Australia, autumn has begun.I am enjoying the cooler weather. Sleeping without the air conditioner is wonderful.

I am enjoying my granddaughter more and more and am happily waiting for another granddaughter. My daughter is battling the family odds and is doing brilliantly. I am so thankful that she has had no signs of preeclampsia, hyperemesis or early labour. The baby is stringiest and kicking her mother a lot.

Due to an egg allergy I have never had a flu injection. Finally there is one I can have. The doctors and nurses at my surgery paid great attention to the vaccine. I have had some reaction but I do hope that I don't get the flu this year. Bonus.

Hugs, kisses and tickle cuddles for someone I mentioned earlier.

A laugh...on Wednesday I was reading to the three year old. My mother came up and curled up with her. The little one stayed awake and her great granny fell fast asleep.


Thursday 6th of May 2021

I feel you on the allergy situation, I don’t have seasonal allergies but I developed an anaphylactic allergy to nuts in my late 20s, and stopped being able to tolerate dairy at 38. Apparently most food allergies are adult onset. Maybe look at the big 8 for that allergic reaction.

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