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Thankful Thursday | upstairs, downstairs

Hey friends!

cat on a front deck.

This week, I am thankful:

for our cats, even though they always sit on my schoolwork

Upstairs cat getting in the way:

chiquita laying on school papers.

Downstairs cat getting in the way:

black cat.

cat on papers.

Random but: did I tell you Zoe and I used my stethoscope to listen to cat purrs? They’re SO loud through a stethoscope, and it’s super cute to listen to. 

for raindrops

I love it when it rains overnight and then there are lovely water droplets hanging around for my morning walk.

water droplets on purple flowers.

that my math practice exam score was wrong

I did a practice exam and initially, the system said I got 80%. For the actual test, that would be a failing grade because you have to get a 90% or better.

Soooo, I didn’t feel too good about that. A fail on this test means you gotta sit out the rest of the semester and start over in January, and I was starting to envision having to do that because I could NOT figure out for the life of me how I got an 80%.

math dinosaur

Always gotta use Lisey’s math dinosaur when we talk about math 😉

Happily, though, my actual grade was more than passing. Apparently, some of the questions just had to be manually graded. WHEW.

So now I feel less nervous about the upcoming math test.

for a good study session with my friend

One of my pals has to get at least an 80% on an exam this Friday, or she’s gonna be sitting out the rest of the semester. She’s so nervous about the exam (understandable!), so she and I got together and studied/made flashcards.

I think she feels better, and I do too! Talking about the concepts with other students definitely helps to solidify them in my brain.

that reader Talia is ok

You may remember that reader Talia lives in Israel with her husband and children; we have been wondering how she is faring, and yesterday she left a comment letting us know that she is ok, although there is terrible loss all around her.

(Please note: I am not gonna be able to stay on top of a discussion about the war and who’s ultimately to blame and how we think it should be solved, so if you leave a comment along those lines, I’m not going to publish it. There are lots of other places on the internet for such discussions; here, we can just agree that human suffering is a heart-breaking reality, and we can hope for resolution in a way that preserves as much human life and dignity as possible. Thank you for understanding!)

for some days with sunny skies

blue skies.

This is always good for my mood.

for my base of biology and anatomy and physiology

I know I say this all the time, but my goodness, I use that knowledge almost every day in my nursing classes. I am thankful for every bit of pre-req knowledge that is still rolling around in my brain!

for general good health

I’m not very far into nursing school, but thus far, it’s making me really thankful for all the things that aren’t wrong with my body.

Because a lot of the interventions we do are not that pleasant for the patient!

for a strong stomach

Being not-easily grossed out is such a boon for me as a student. This week we’ve been studying urinary and bowel elimination, so I spent lots of time listening to chapters on those topics while cooking dinner and eating meals, and it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

And I actually watched some lab videos on enemas and stoma care while eating my dinner the other night.

A strong stomach is good for studying efficiency. Heh.

that my semester is already half done!

Or at least, it will be at the end of this week. And then once this semester is done, I’m 25% of the way through nursing school. Woohoo!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Saturday 21st of October 2023

I know I'm a bit late to the game, but I am no less thankful, and don't want to forget these things by next Thursday.

I have had sharp pains in my knee that almost made me fall on more than one occasion over the last couple of weeks, so went to the ER last Sat morning, worried that I had torn a ligament or something. Came home with a walker, prescription for Voltaren, and a referral to an orthopedist. So I am grateful: 1. That husbands of my friends in our gifting group came over Sunday evening and moved my sofa from the den to the living room. It would have involved me trying to put a blanker under the sofa and manipulating it, dragging it down the hall, and it took them only 3 minutes. 2. That after hubby's lift chair broke, we decided to buy ourselves a reclining loveseat (I know, not frugal, but we only celebrated our Sept. anniversary with a $10 coconut cake and we decided to buy this for our combined anniversary and Christmas gifts to each other), and it was delivered Mon. morning. Now I can sit and elevate MY knee, also! 3. That the teenage girl next door has happily agreed to walk my recovering dog in the afternoons after she gets home from school--and refuses payment. So I'm going to find her a nice gift, instead! 4. That I was able to get a quick appt with the orthopedic office the morning after i contacted them. 5. That the diagnosis is not a torn ligament, but severe arthritis in that knee, which is not a "now" surgery. 6. That although I need a knee replacement (they don't know how I've walked on it for so long), I have some conservative stop-gap options to use until a more opportune time to do the surgery. 7. That the weather is so beautiful and I got my wind chimes up right after the pressure washing and before the knee thing< so I can sit on my porch, bundled up, watching neighborhood kids on their bikes and listening to lovely chimes during breezy days. 8. That my local grocery store has online ordering so I can just drive over and have them load the groceries into the car instead of making my way painfully down those aisles. I still have to get them into the house, and put away, but that can be done in stages, with resting as needed. 9. That my church has online services, so I can go back and watch what I've missed. 10. That my husband, being disabled for so many years, can understand my frustrations and gently remind me to prioritize and space out activities with rest periods.


Friday 20th of October 2023

You are killing it, Kristen! This week I am thankful for - 1. This blog - you are an inspiration to even this "notsoyounganymore" lady. 2. Sunny days. 'Nuff said. 3. The True Crime podcast that gets me through my workday like an old friend (or a fuzzy pair of socks). =) 4. That there are more truly good people in the world than it seems some days, and they deserve to be the headlines instead of the bad stuff. 5. That my Mama quickly recovered from being very sick from dropping blood pressure.

Kristen - doing you as only you can do it and please promise all of us in Neighborhood Frugal that you will not leave us when you gain your RN and are uber busy saving lives. We need you.


Friday 20th of October 2023

I will most likely keep blogging. I mean, if I can keep blogging during nursing school, while also dealing with a divorce on top of it, I'm pretty sure I can pump out some posts in between RN shifts. :)


Friday 20th of October 2023

Who knew that 2 years is a long time in hamster years. I thought they’d live longer than that. Interesting


Friday 20th of October 2023

1. I am right there with Becca, glad I can do hard things. It has been a trying few days. 2. That I have grown children that listen when I vent, and even though it must be difficult for them, they give me advice which they know I probably don't want to hear. 3. For gardens that still need tending which helps me through the hard things. 4. The Stillwater Vet that came to our house to help our dog, Remi, over the rainbow bridge. That was difficult but easier than the rest of the week. If you can even imagine that. Crazy. 5. I am thankful that I took my sister's advice a couple of months ago and bought what she calls "a happiness journal". I wasn't keen on keeping a journal but this version has you just write 2 or 3 sentences about what happened that day. It is supposed to make people happier. I can't really tell if it has in my present state of mind but I think it helps to reflect and look back. It is a 5 year 'Happiness Project Once Sentence Journal.


Friday 20th of October 2023

This has been a HARD week, physically and emotionally, and I am glad to see it coming to an end! Even though the weekend is supposed to be 100% rainy, at least I will not be sitting in ERs, doctor offices or nursing homes. That said, I am thankful for * My very helpful, understanding cousin. He has so much on his plate, yet he manages to be there when he’s needed. * the local police department who have had our backs and helped us with a difficult situation. * My wonderful sister in law, who helped me secure a nearly impossible to get appointment! Love her, she is kind and sweet, too. *My brother, who lives with our mother, and keeps her safe, warm, and fed. *That my drug reaction rash , which was a horrible, itchy and uncomfortable mess has mostly subsided, and for my son, who gave me a tube of the most wonderful cream that made my bumpy start to feel smooth again. *For all the creature comforts in my life and my home. i am so blessed, really.

I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend

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