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Thankful Thursday | Oh hey, open windows!

This week, I am thankful…

for some fall-like weather

acorn in Kristen's hand.

Yesterday when I woke up, it was in the low 60s and I WAS SO HAPPY.

And when I walked to and from class, I felt so good outside.

Today promises to be even more lovely. Ohhhh yessss.

that my air conditioning is off for the moment

I think we are entering a string of days where I won’t have to run my A/C at all. Yay for saving on electricity!

that my tire pressure has been fine since last week

My low-pressure light came on last week, and it turned out that one of my tires was five pounds low.

I checked them all, added air to the one that was low, and so far, all has been well.

dirty car tire

It’s a little weird that one of them lost more air than the others, so of course, I will keep an eye on my tire pressure.

But I’m glad that it appears nothing is wrong.

for the Kahoot games my professor has made for us

My microbiology professor has fun interactive quiz games for us each week, and I think these are super helpful. The gamification of the studying does make it more fun!

Plus, I hear that some of these Kahoot questions are going to be on the exams, so hopefully, my multiple practice attempts each week will pay off when the exams roll around.

that I’ve been doing math with my kids for years

My chemistry class is currently swimming in unit conversions, and I have been feeling thankful that I am not at all rusty on this concept.

Saxon Algebra

The reason I’m good at unit conversions

These conversions are a little more complicated than what my kids have been doing, but at least I have the basic idea about unit conversions down pat.

I am also grateful that my professor gave us a printable list of conversions to use during homework and exams. This means that I do not have to memorize things like the fact that 1 pound = 453.6 grams or that 1 quart = 0.9464 liters.

that Thursday is my last day of class for the week

I have no classes on Friday, which is lovely! That way I have a day to focus just on homework.

Also, I’m really thankful I only have my three-hour microbiology lab once per week.

that college semesters aren’t terribly long

I dislike my online chemistry class for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that I don’t have to be in this class for super long! The semester will be entirely over in just three more months.

that Sonia likes all of her law classes

She’s working on getting her paralegal right now, and so she’s taking lots of law classes. This sounds so super boring to me, but she really loves what she’s learning!

This reminds me of how wonderful it is that we are all designed to do different things in life. Lisey loves working on planes, but she’d be miserable trying to be a nurse.

And I love learning about the human body, but I’d hate learning about the law stuff that Sonia is doing.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Monday 19th of September 2022

I’m so thankful that my body works. I went to Colorado to visit my daughter and hiked every day. So wonderful to have legs and lungs that can hike. I take care of older people for a living, and have been increasingly grateful about my working body as I age. I’m thankful that my bathroom remodels are almost done. We have put off needed work in both bathrooms for years (to save money). I am within a week of having these very expensive and very needed remodels done!!! And I have 2 beautiful bathrooms now, which is completely amazing. I’m thankful for my family. My husband is my rock. My kids both live out of state and like spending time with me. My sister has been a amazing as we navigate getting my mom and step dad moved across the country and into memory care. I am so lucky to have so much support.


Friday 16th of September 2022

The mornings here are very cool this week, too. I've been leaving my backdoor open in the early hour to try and hear the neighborhood screech owls. So, I am thankful that the last two winter storms we had didn't kill them!! Also: *that's its Friyay! After tonight I will not be on call again for several weeks. *There is a pick up party at one of my wineries tomorrow and I get to relax and listen to live music while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine and a kebab plate. *That I am physically strong enough to keep up with my job lately - NO SMALL FEAT *For my quiet house with its pot of coffee this morning...I know I'm one day late on this Thursday post, but I would have listed similar things! Happy Weekend!

Lisa K

Thursday 15th of September 2022

This week I'm thankful for: 1. The school year starting out well and my class settling in well. 2. The beautiful weather we have been having. 3. Little smoke from forest fires, even though some parts of the province are having a difficult time. I'm so thankful for the clear air we have had this summer compared to about three years ago. 4. I got to attend on outdoor concert of the local symphony orchestra in a park in a nearby city. This event hadn't happened for a few years, and I was so pleased when my parents let me know it was happening again and invited me to join them. We had a nice visit on our drive, listened to some great movie music played by the orchestra, and enjoyed a delicious Vietnamese meal before heading back home. Usually, starting school has me so busy I wouldn't have felt able to say yes to this opportunity. I am thankful for a calm start to the school year. 5. Finding a cheap brand of stir-fry noodles at my local grocery store that actually taste delicious. Sometimes cheap noodles = eating "cardboard".

Jenny Young

Thursday 15th of September 2022

1. I'm so thankful for fall weather & fall blooms this past week. 2. I'm thankful for pumpkin & all the delicious pumpkin things I'm enjoying this month. 3. I'm thankful to see my son doing his best for himself & his son. 4. I'm thankful for my little dog who is always super happy to see me. 5. I'm thankful for fun times with friends.


Thursday 15th of September 2022

Thankful for: 1. Our local non-profit hospital which has a cardiac unit. When I go for an appointment it usually takes along time because I have a perculiar genetic disorder and every drug has the possibility of destabilizing the beating. The doctor always spends a very long time and when I asked, he said he is not paid by how many people he sees, so he has the freedom to take as long as he needs. I know this is not the case everywhere. 2. My China asters, who look their best in late summer, make great bouquets, and survived a frost with just a sheeet placed over them for the night. It was like tucking kids in for the night. 3. The husband, always the husband. I was resisting going in for a medical test; I just get so very tired of being touched by people in medical settings. I asked him to give me one good reason why I should do it and he said, "Because 40 years with you is not enough for me." With that sort of clever nagging, how could I resist? I went and did the stupid test. When we married I told him it was for two years and then there would be no hard feelings when he left. I did not believe anyone could live with me longer than that. It boggles the mind that it is now 40 years later and he is still here. 4. My teen garden helper. I don't use him a lot but when I need him he comes and does everything with a smile and never complains no matter hose gruesome the task (like power washing the inside of the hen house!) He turns 17 this year, so I am afraid he will soon be off to a real job. He also shovels our snow in the winter... 5. For mitten droppers. Apparently young children are starting to wear mittens on our cold mornings again. About every other week all winter I find a random mitten near our yard and this week we found our first one. I put them on our fence but if they are still there a week later, I bring them in and wash them and unravel the yarn. When I get enough, I make a pair of mittens and wait for one of our local and sock and glove drives for the homeless.


Friday 16th of September 2022

@Lindsey, What a great and varied list, but your #3 is especially awesome (and I empathize with your being tired of the medical appointments - I have no particular reason/excuse but I dread them anyway).

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