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Thankful Thursday | My semester is done!

I took my final exam on Tuesday and I am so, so, so happy to have made it to the end of the semester. It’s been a wild ride since January (!!), and I am delighted to have a break.

Kristen in a red hoodie

This is the face of a relieved college student

This week, I am thankful:

for the kind note my professor sent to me

When he graded my extra credit essay last night, he included several paragraphs of encouragement along with the grade, and I was so touched that I cried. To hear these kind words after such a hard semester was just such a balm for my heart.

A backpack on a sofa.

for a whole semester of in-person classes

I know some people really dig the online learning thing, but I am so thankful I got to go in person. I like interacting with my classmates and professor in real life, and I also much prefer looking at actual anatomy models vs. photos of the models.

for a summer of more free time

I am so excited to have time for things like settling into my house, getting Zoe’s driving hours done, reading books for fun, and hey, maybe even baking some bread again.

for good health

The girls and I did get sick in January (in the midst of the wave that infected so many people), but I haven’t been sick since, not even with a cold.

that our cat is getting so comfy here

She’s totally gotten over the whole hide-under-Zoe’s-sheets phase and is roaming the house. And she’s back to her old tricks of trying to fool me into thinking she hasn’t had breakfast so that I feed her twice. 😉

A black cat looking out a window.

for kind neighbors

I met some more neighbors last night; people are so friendly here!

Also: reader/neighbor Kate brought me some edible goodies, which included Trader Joe’s Unexpected cheddar cheese. I’d never had it before, but my goodness, it was tasty. I am most definitely going to buy some of this for myself in the future.

Cheese and crackers in a bowl.

for the way my rental came to me

You guys know how I was struggling to find a place (the current market is so fast, and I am self-employed, which makes the approval process harder). Multiple places fell through and I was getting seriously discouraged.

My mom went to her Bible study in the midst of this time and shared about my difficulties, and one of the ladies in her study said, “Actually, my son just found out that the renters are moving out of his house in a few weeks.”

I applied immediately and sent a deposit even though I’d only seen pictures of the house! I was just so grateful to have a chance to apply for a rental before it even was listed for rent.

When the other rentals kept falling through, I was super disappointed, but now I can see the many reasons that this rental was better than all the others anyway.

that my table is done!!

I promise I will do a whole post about it soon once I pull together all the before, during, and after photos.

But here is a tiny sneak peek of the underside, from when I was doing the last bit of painting this week.

An upside-down table with painter's tape on it.

that my rental has wood floors

Wood floors are beautiful, of course, but they also feel more fresh and clean than carpet.

Carpet can always hold…mysteries. But with wood floors, you can easily see if they are clean or not!

that I have a carport

I’ve never had a garage or carport in my adult life, so this feels pretty great. I’m not parking in it at the moment but I AM using it as a place to work on furniture.

A white headboard.

And once I get all that done, I will be able to park my van there.

that my landlords are good about fixing things

We’ve had a few issues pop up (mostly plumbing stuff) and they’ve been responsive and prompt about addressing them. I know sometimes renters struggle to get repairs taken care of, and I am thankful that’s not the case for me here.

that I have room for Lisey

She’s coming next week to stay with us for the summer (yay!), and I am so thankful my rental has enough bedrooms. I actually have four total, so even with Lisey coming, I still have an extra bedroom (which I am using for an office.)

for all the green around here

My area of the world is very green right now, but I am specifically grateful that my rental has so much green. There’s quite a lot of space between the houses here, and there are trees everywhere. It makes my house feel like an oasis!

A white hydrangea in bloom near a creek.

This is not in my yard! The creek is on a walking trail in the woods near here.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 20th of May 2022

I am a different Sophie the one above!

Congratulations on the house Kristen and thrilled you have your cat back!

This week I am grateful for the silver light on the sea, a good place to live and the fact that my semester is almost over. The end of my thesis is in sight, although it seems far off right now!


Friday 20th of May 2022

@Kristen, I live in Denmark :)


Friday 20th of May 2022

You must live somewhere very beautiful...silver light on the sea sounds just lovely!


Friday 20th of May 2022

I ran into a glass door at work this week. Someone had shut it shortly before. Grateful that my head and neck seem to keep up. Had one day of headaches and am taking things very very slowly now. And in my pray-every-day app I heard the most wonderful song: 'Belong' by Jamie Ward, a Canadian singer-songwriter. We alle try to belong in one way or another, issues may keep coming up during our lifetime, and praying to Jesus about those issues is just something to be intensely grateful for. Oh and this month is very very green here as well! I went to the woods early today to see the sun carve its way into the light mist between the trees.


Friday 20th of May 2022

Kristen I am so pleased and thankful you have found a home. Enjoy you summer with your girls.


Thursday 19th of May 2022

Are those sweet potato crackers? We buy them, ostensibly for my celiac kid, but I think I eat them more often.

This week I'm thankful for beautiful, sunny skies; for perennials that my parents gave us as they're redoing part of their yard; for rain today; for coworkers who have my back; for students who actually express gratitude; and that it's 1 more week until school is out.


Friday 20th of May 2022

This is like when I bought a jar of cookie butter for Sonia, thinking it would be a stand-in for peanut butter. And then I ate the whole jar myself. Heh.

And yes, they're Trader Joe's sweet potato crackers!

Jody S.

Thursday 19th of May 2022

Today I am thankful: *for lovely weather for the kids' soccer game this evening. Not too hot, not too cold. *that my husband was the frugal/tough one this evening after the game. I sort of wanted to take the kids out for ice cream cones (last game + a birthday in the family), but he made the wiser decision to stop at the grocery store for cones and ice cream to take home. (I think the quote that came today for our vehicle repair was shocker for both of us.) *for the library and for kids who are old enough to keep track of due dates for me. *that my eldest only has a couple of subjects to finish up before graduation. Then again, I cried a bit today when I realized that I will probably only meet with him one more time, one-on-one, to grade his work, etc. Ever. It has been a very good homeschooling experience with him. *that my father's cataract surgery this week seems to have gone well. *for my Jane Austen reading group. This month is Mansfield Park; I'm giving it another chance.

A. Marie

Friday 20th of May 2022

@Jody S., let me know how your rereading of Mansfield Park goes. I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate it. And I'll defend Fanny Price against any detractors. (An older JASNA friend of mine claims that all she did to lead a breakout session at an early Annual General Meeting was to step to the lectern, say, "Fanny Price: Yes or no?", and let the argument rage for the next 40 minutes.)

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