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Thankful Thursday | my letters reappeared!

This week, I am thankful:

that Mr. FG replaced my keyboard letters

He and I had the same computer keyboard, but somehow, I’d managed to rub off the letter markings on a bunch of my keys and he had not.

Black ergonomic keyboard.

This morning I sat down to type this post and I noticed that a lot of my letter markings had miraculously reappeared! He just got himself a new keyboard (part of his wore out), so he must have salvaged some of the keys from his old keyboard and installed them on mine.

That was a nice surprise. 🙂

for the interesting discussion on yesterday’s post

It was fun to read everyone’s stories about their adult-life paths; I love that there is not a one-size-fits-all route for everyone.

that Lisey got a $1000 grant

Her school had a matching grant program for people who had come to school with scholarships, so she applied, and she got it!

So, her Mike Rowe scholarship is doing double duty for her, because she wouldn’t have qualified for this one without the Dirty Jobs scholarship in hand.

for my aunt and uncle’s kindness to Lisey

When Lisey Facetimed me to tell me about the grant, she was sitting in her car on break at school, eating a chocolate cake made by my aunt.

And she told me that my uncle was at home working through one of her electrical problems so that he could help her with it later.

Kristen as a child, sitting in her uncle's lap.

the uncle who is good with electrical stuff 🙂 and me (no better at electrical than I was when this photo was taken!)

I know I keep saying this every Thursday, but my goodness, I am so thankful for their kindness to Lisey! I tear up whenever I think about it.

This reminds me that one of the best ways to love a parent is to show love to their kids. This is a good thing for me to remember as I move into the empty-nesting stage of life in the future; I can use my empty-nest time to bless some other parents by loving their children like my aunt and uncle are doing.

that Sonia and Zoe helped me with my flashcards

Going over flashcards by yourself is helpful, but I find it to be extra helpful to go over them out loud with someone else.

that I’m studying A&P in a time when animations are abundant

In this module, we are learning about the physiology of muscles, and that involves learning about the rather complicated processes that lead to muscle contraction. In my studying, I just went through a learning unit about the neuromuscular junction with was replete with animations and animated activities.

After finishing that, I really feel like I understand what’s happening, and I don’t think I’d grasp it nearly as well if all I had was a textbook.

What a good time it is to be in A&P!

that the end of the semester is not too far away

We just started module six, and there are only two more modules after this one, so the end is in sight. Since I’ve maintained a good grade past the midpoint of the class, I’m feeling good about the rest of the semester, and I’m thankful.

Quite a few of my classmates are taking A&P for the second or even third time, so I am especially grateful that things are going well for me. I think I’m only gonna have to pay for this class one time.

And that makes my frugal heart happy!

for an extra hour this coming weekend

Ikea clock

This one is a reach…I am not really very thankful that it is going to be dark so early in the afternoon, starting this weekend. But at least this time change is one that doesn’t steal an hour, so that’s good.

that it will be lighter earlier in the morning 

Recently, it has been so dark at 7:00 in the morning. So, I am going to appreciate that part of daylight saving time ending: it will be brighter earlier in the morning.

for a car that always passes the emissions test

I was thinking about how I have never had to worry that my car might fail the required emissions tests; even my older cars have always been in pretty good shape, and they have always passed.

It’s not that failing an emissions test would be catastrophic…it’s just that thinking about this has reminded me to be thankful that I’ve always been able to drive a car that is in good repair. 

jumper cables on the front hood of a van.

When Sonia’s car battery died the other day, we were talking about how nice it is that a non-starting car is a noteworthy event, not a regular event. It is so lovely to be pretty sure your car will start every time you turn the key, and I know that is not a given for everyone.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Saturday 6th of November 2021

Thankful for... The Libby app We get 2 weeks paid time off at Christmas My pup came through lump removal surgery without a hitch For the way above normal temps That my DIL's pregnancy so far has been good and is due soon their other child who will be 2 pats her tummy and says Out! Out! Ya it don't work like that lol

Suellen J Roley

Friday 5th of November 2021

Thankful for freebies on my birthday (Starbucks, Arby's and Dutch Brothers so far). Thankful for a good job that pays well, especially since most of my life I've been "working poor" and one paycheck away from disaster. Thankful for savings if there is a disaster. Thankful for my 2009 Pontiac G5, it runs well and gets me where I need to go (especially good for working at night) Thankful for credit that's improved enough to be able to finance new tires for the car mentioned above. Thankful for friends and family who wished me a happy birthday today.


Friday 5th of November 2021

I have been having a rough go of it these last few weeks, so being able to really think about what I am thankful for is a good exercise. I wrote about it here: I was sitting (crying) in the office of a kind radiologist this week as she was reading a CT scan of a young child who had metastatic cancer and I said, oh my God, things could always be worse! to which she replied, that's very true. I am thankful to God for giving me a kind soul at work and a little perspective every day.


Friday 5th of November 2021

I too found yesterday's discussion riveting, thank you to the person who asked the question and to you , @Kristen, for posting it.

This is such a timely question, "what am I thankful for?".

On Tuesday, I received a very unexpected email informing me that a very dear friend, who had been a port-in-a-storm kind of friend to me for 40 years, had died. I was shaken to my core, and I am still coming to grips with the change in my perception of the world - one that won't have her physical presence gracing it. However, the thankful part of this came to me immediately upon hearing the news - I hadn't visited her and her husband for at least 4 years, yet late this August my daughter and I went to stay with them for a night, and we had a wonderful visit. It was sweet and easy and lovely, I was so glad to see her (them) and she clearly was glad to see me (us). Her husband shared tonight that she really loved me, which brought us both to tears. The gratitude that came to me when I read that she had died was so intense - I am not carrying any regrets that I hadn't visited. Such a gift to me, that we went this Summer. I think that is a big enough gratitude, I don't need to list another 4. Go hug your beloved friends, folks!


Thursday 4th of November 2021

I am thankful for this website that I just found and subscibed to. So uplifting to read all the posts and comments. Also thankful for hospitals, all the people that work in them and nursing homes. I just spent all day today with my 92 year old mom who had fallen. All is well thanks to prayers and people who work in those places I mentioned.

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