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Thankful Thursday | I wore shorts!

This week, I am thankful:

for the super warm day last week

It was an anomaly and probably won’t be repeated for a while, but…it was so warm, I sat out on my front steps in shorts to drink my coffee!

coffee cup on porch.

that the IRS did finally answer the phone

I needed to get some tax payment paperwork for my accountant, so I bravely took on the task of calling the IRS.

I was on hold for about an hour, but they did finally answer AND the lady who answered was able to find the paper I needed and get it mailed.

screenshot of phone call.


I thanked her profusely. 🙂

for the option to use speaker phone while on hold

During my hour of hold time, I just put my phone on speaker and I got all kinds of other computer-related tasks done.

for the time to cram for my CLEP test

I’m glad this “Oh, you actually do need college algebra!” news wasn’t dropped on me in the midst of a busy school semester.

I don’t have any other classes right now, so I’ve just been doing oodles of algebra practice in hopes of passing the CLEP test next week.

algebra papers.

I figure that even if I don’t pass the test and I end up having to sign up for an actual algebra class, the cramming I’m doing right now will make the class easier.

for the years of homeschooling math

Kristen correcting Saxon math work.

Back in the days when I was swimming in math correcting!

As it is, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by the CLEP practice problems I’m getting; I cannot imagine trying to navigate this without the advantage of having taught high school algebra to all my kids.

for my reliable car

My Toyota minivan is over ten years old now, and in that time, it has seriously not had one single mechanical problem.

It has needed routine maintenance stuff, of course, but aside from that, I have spent no money fixing it, and I am grateful.

why i Iove my minivan

It is such a serious blessing when you never have to think, “Hmm, I wonder if my car will start today.”

I doooo still hope to get my dream car (a Honda Civic) one day, but for now, my minivan is working just fine.

that daylight saving time starts soon

I don’t like this switching-back-and-forth thing we keep doing, but I do really love having daylight at dinnertime after the switch.

March 12th is the date this year, and that’s a week from Sunday!

that it’s March now

This is a month when we will start to see my part of the world turn a little bit green, and I am happy about that.

I’ve been noticing and appreciating any bits of winter green that I see on my walks (holly trees! mosses! some hardy ferns!) but it’ll be nice to have more and more green to appreciate.

I’m especially looking forward to watching the ferns unfurl; I really enjoyed that last spring!

fiddleheads of ferns.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Fru-gal Lisa

Saturday 4th of March 2023

1. I am thankful beyond thankful for not having any damage to my house and yard (other than a few downed limbs, which were dead anyway, so glad they fell) when the tornado sirens went off the other night! 2. Also thankful for the rain we got. Every drop helps bust this drought! 3. That the PTA served all the teachers and subbies lunch on Friday. Free lunch from my favorite taco place! 4. That the 7th grader who gave me fits last year with his constant extreme misbehavior not only remembered my name, demonstrated perfect behavior, had a nice conversation with me during class, but also came up and hugged me! And said I was one of his favorite substitute teachers (although he might say that to all the subbies, lol!). You could've knocked me over with a feather on that one! 5. That the new health care providers are working with me to schedule my labs and CT scans at times where I won't have to miss work (and miss getting paid). Praying that this group will be more efficient than the one I "fired."


Friday 3rd of March 2023

I’ve never posted before but was just reading and thought, wow, reading Kristen’s posts are like having a chat with a friend! You spread lots and lots of joy! Thank you


Saturday 4th of March 2023

Aww, this is such a nice compliment! I'm so happy that you feel that way here.

Jody S.

Thursday 2nd of March 2023

Today I am thankful: *that my son's amblyopic (?) eye has improved enough that he'll be able to drive someday! We'll keep patching to see if it'll continue improving.

*that my college boy is coming home tomorrow for spring break.

*that supper was nearly ready when I got home this evening from my son's eye doctor appointment.

*for all the piano and recorder practice I've heard in our home this week. Three of the kids took it upon themselves to practice recorder together; they even tried playing parts. Okay, keeping it real here--- it was LOTS of recorder playing, and that can be tough to handle for hours and hours at a time. BUT it also meant that my homeschooled children were taking care of teaching themselves music, so that means I can focus more on something else.

*for coffee. I've enjoyed it this week.

*for warming weather. Soon it will be warm enough out for me to go out without ill effects on my paralyzed face. (I hope.)

Jody S.

Thursday 2nd of March 2023

@Amanda, Maybe in 7 years (when he gets to be driving age), we'll have different feelings! ;)


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

@Jody S., How wonderful about your son's eye. Celebrating with you!


Thursday 2nd of March 2023


I’m sure you’re doing great on your CLEP prep! If you get stuck on anything, I’m a high school math inclusion teacher (which means it’s my job to expertly and cheerfully explain math), and I’d be happy to hop in a Google Meet and talk it through. I think you’ll see my email through this comment, right? Best of luck!


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

Thankful for:

1. How content a good dinner makes me. Mmmmmm. 2. Thinking about maybe having a real vacation, the first one since 2011 3. Playing with the ChatGPT APIs—seriously, I know most of you aren’t into artificial intelligence, but this is gonna revolutionize everything. 4. Feeling much more like myself the past week. 5. My son, who cracks me up every single day.

Jody S.

Thursday 2nd of March 2023

@Rose, So glad for #4.

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