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Thankful Thursday | I found a policeman

This week, I am thankful:

that my headlight saga is over!

The officer who informed me about my burnt-out bulb told me that once I got it fixed, I needed to either stop at the police station or find a random officer to sign off on the repair.

working headlight.

I tried going to the police station to have someone sign my papers. But apparently, they only do such things during lobby hours (me over here not realizing police stations have business hours. Whoops.)

Sooo, I drove to my next destination and lo and behold, there was an officer just sitting in the parking lot of the shopping center. He wasn’t busy, so I pulled up next to him and asked if he could help me.

He checked my headlights, printed me some new paperwork, and I was good to go. Yay!

I had 30 days to get it signed off, but I hate having stuff like that hanging over my head. Better to get it done and off my plate, I say.

for a hilarious video-filming session

For one of my classes, each small group has to do a video on an assigned topic. I got together with my group last night to work on filming and we laughed so hard while working on some of our skits.

blood pressure gauge.

I was playing the role of a bad nurse in the skit, and it took a lot of tries for me to get through it without dissolving into giggles.

This reminded me of when my kids would play make-believe drive-thru or grocery store games; they always loved to be the bad customer and there was lots of laughing involved then too. 

Thankfully, I did eventually get through the whole thing with a mostly serious face.

I love my nursing classmates; laughing with them was good for my soul.

for a small group that’s working

I think all of us have been in group project assignments where someone doesn’t carry their weight. So frustrating.

But I feel very lucky that for this class, which has multiple group projects, everyone in my little group is motivated and involved. That is a huge blessing!

for the encouragement of a song

Yesterday afternoon I was driving home and Jenn Johnson’s You’re Gonna Be OK came on.

This one bit reminded me of what I was writing about yesterday:

When the night is closing inDon’t give up and don’t give inThis won’t last, it’s not the endIt’s not the endYou’re gonna be OK
I listened to it on repeat for the rest of my drive, and yes, I cried.
And then I carried on, which is the story of my life. 😉
Kristen in a tshirt

that I’m gonna nearly reach my step goal

Usually, I walk at least 100 miles/month, and I’m at 96 miles right now.

drops on tree branches.

So, regardless of how far I walk today, I will be close to my goal for November! I’m thankful for the ability to walk, and also thankful that I’ve been able to squeeze in regular walks even during a crazy time of life.

that Chiquita is excited to see me

I pulled into the driveway last night and sat there for a few minutes, on the phone with Lisey. Chiquita was impatiently waiting for me in the window; I think she was confused about why I wasn’t coming in right away!

cat in window.

She is crazy, but we love her.

cat underneath bag.

cat and Kristen.

And we love our original cat too. 🙂

tuxedo cat.

that the end of the semester is SO close

Lectures are all done for the semester and now I just have to finish:

  • two exams
  • a patient presentation (a PowerPoint presentation I give to my lab group about a patient I took care of)
  • four days of clinicals
  • our group video project

And there are some other smaller things, like discussion posts, but those are pretty easy.

December 12th is the final exam, so I’ve got less than two weeks left!

(We do have a second-semester orientation day after that, but I’m not counting it. Orientation is not graded. 😉 )

What are you thankful for this week?

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Monday 4th of December 2023

Kristen, make sure there is no fee attached to getting your ticket signed off. The first time my husband got a fixit ticket, we didn't realize there was a fee, and we got an ugly reminder from the city of Los Angeles! (Instead of $5-ish, it was well over $100, 25 years ago.)


Monday 4th of December 2023

Whoa, that's wild! Mine is fee-free as far as I know, based on what both officers said to me.

PEO sister

Sunday 3rd of December 2023

Good luck on your exams and enjoy the holiday break!


Saturday 2nd of December 2023

Thankful for your uplifting blog. You offer so many frugal tips and recipes and you bring such happiness every time I read it. I am also thankful for my health and the health of my friends and family, that I was able to work for 53 years and retire finally! I loved my career path though so that made it fun. Thankful for a nice home, good food and friends and a man who has been my partner through thick and thin for 36 years. And thankful for cooler weather, the heat and humidity of summer are not my favorites.

Brenda D

Saturday 2nd of December 2023

‘Tis the season to be thankful….. For a nice lunch out with some relatives on Thursday. It was great fun! For a cute Christmas tree that will fit nicely in the corner of the living room, and smell so divine. That my daughter and family are almost done with their car trip from Colorado to Kentucky with a toddler, a preschooler and a 90 lb dog. They planned well, stopped and explored some areas of interest, and played in the hotel pools every night to help the kids relax, move around and switch gears. They are a military family who has moved a lot, and I am very proud of all of them. And of course, I am thankful for all members of the military who protect our many freedoms. For heat. I Hate feeling cold, and I am fortunate to be able to turn the pellet stove up and enjoy the heat blasting on me! For the pharmacy technician who finally took care of the refill problem I’ve been having. My prescription should be ready on Monday. Fingers crossed!


Thursday 30th of November 2023

Ah. Chiquita is so cute, waiting for you. I love it when my cats peek out the window when I pull into the driveway and then greet me at the door.

The first thing I am thankful for is that I never have to do school group projects again!

Today I am thankful for my vet's office. I switched about a year ago from the vet's office my family used for 40+ years! I was very sad to do it but it had become impossible to get an appointment there other than routine care that you could set 2-3 months out. For urgent care you had to line up before they opened at 7:00 a.m. and *hope* you could get one of the very limited number of urgent care appointments and then wait hours before your pet was actually seen. So I switched to smaller feline-only vet and found care was easier to access, the vets and support staff are fantastic, and it's less traumatizing for the cats not to have to wait or being around dogs.

I am grateful to have a day off tomorrow! I never thought I would max out the 6 weeks of vacation we are allowed to roll over from year to year. But now I have "use-it-or-lose" time to burn. So tomorrow I get a day to decorate for the holidays and work on some gifts I am crafting.

Tomorrow we are expecting the first snow of the season, which I will especially appreciate since I won't have to drive in it. I love the snow when I have nothing to do but enjoy the beauty of it.

I am grateful for my county library's change in policy where they automatically renew your books unless someone has them on hold and they abolished late fines, too. I am still careful to return things by the due date, but renewing them is one less thing to keep track of.

I probably mentioned this before, but I am grateful for my washer and dryer EVERY SINGLE TIME I use them. After using laundromats and apartment laundry rooms for 20 years, I am forever grateful to have my own machines to use whenever I want.

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