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Thankful Thursday | from the island

I’m typing this from the middle of the ocean; Hawaii specifically!

deck by hawaii beach.

Zoe and I hopped on a plane to sneak in a visit to Lisey before our semester starts, and we are so happy to see her.

Obviously, Hawaii is nice too, but the main draw is seeing Lisey. 🙂 

Kristen and Lisey.

So, here’s some Hawaii-themed thankfulness.

This week, I am thankful:

that I was able to get on the flights

Zoe isn’t 18 yet, so she can’t use Lisey’s flight benefits. I can, though, so I was flying standby.

flight tracker screen on plane.

There’s always a faint chance that there will be no seats available, so I felt thankful that on both legs of the flight, I got seats!

that I didn’t have a middle seat

The leg from Chicago to Honolulu was especially long, and I was lucky enough to get put into an aisle seat.

And on the leg from home to Chicago, I got a window seat, with no one in the middle seat! Woohoo! 

that Sonia was willing to stay with our cats

Sonia is house-sitting for us, so our cats are being well-loved.

She’s been sending me regular updates and the Chiquita pictures are cracking me up.

I don’t take baths, really, so when Sonia was filling up the tub for a soak, Chiquita was very confused.

cat standing up.

And maybe a little concerned.

cat leaning on bathtub.

Sonia did a little photoshopping with the one photo.

cut out of chiquita.

cat in car.

And when Lisey saw it, she said, “How did Chiquita afford that car? Probably with dirty money, from all the crimes she’s committed.” lol 

that Zoe and I are both healthy

It occurred to me that a January trip could easily be downgraded by some illness. But thankfully, neither of us got sick before our trip. Yay! 

that Lisey got some weekdays off

She discovered that she had some paid vacation time, and her boss kindly let her take two midweek days off to hang with us.

So, thanks to weekends and the vacation days, she’s only having to work a few days while we are here. 

for how happy Zoe is to be here

I am, of course, delighted to see Lisey. I missed her a lot!

Kristen Zoe and Lisey on a beach.

But perhaps even more than that, I am delighted to see how happy Zoe is to have some Lisey time. She’s really missed Lisey since the Hawaii move, and to see them reunited is wonderful. 

that I don’t have to do SO many med cards before my semester starts

I originally thought that all 74 had to be done before school started, so I’ve been spending some of my Hawaii mornings doing med cards before the girls are up.

But I just realized that only the module one meds have to be done by the first day. Whew!!

Med cards are very tedious and take forever to do; probably the most annoying part of nursing school so far. 

that Lisey is doing so well at work

When I landed here, she texted to say she’d been nominated as an MVP at work.

Lisey working on a plane.

And when I read the little write-up about her, it made my heart warm to see that in addition to praising her professional skills, it said, “Her positive attitude and kind-heartedness raises the morale of others.” 

That’s my girl! 

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Katie Smith

Monday 15th of January 2024

I love this!!!!!! So happy for each of you!!!!:)


Saturday 13th of January 2024

This makes me so happy to see you in HI with 2 of your girls. What a blessing! Have a fantastic time together!


Friday 12th of January 2024

It is a long flight from ORD to HNL. First time I ever flew (and from ORD to HNL no less), I figured best to go non-stop. Glad you guys had a good time. Chiquita is doing a prairie cat. If she moved her front paws, Godzilla time. Cats are so entertaining.


Friday 12th of January 2024

What a wonderful way to spend a few days of January!

Thankful: 1. that my braces are off! 2. for longer days. I made it home before dark today! 3. for friends who celebrate life with me and for me. 4. for snow. It looked like a snow globe outside my classroom all day yesterday and today. Even the snow removal hasn't been absolutely awful (though, having to do it before work in the morning is sorta a bummer)!


Friday 12th of January 2024

Aww, I am so glad you guys could visit Lisey! She seems to be doing so well!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.