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Thankful Thursday | for a sunny bedroom

This week, I am thankful:

for how sunny my bedroom is

The shifting of the fall sun has meant my bedroom is getting a lot of bright sunshine, and I like this!

sunny bedroom.

for no exams this week

I think I already said this in last week’s post, but MAN I am so happy to have a break from exams.

I’ve actually gotten ahead on my chemistry homework now. Yay!

And this is in spite of the way my cat is always getting in the way of me doing homework.

cat sitting on table.

Cat sitting on table.

It cannot be comfortable to sit this close to the edge.

cat on table, viewed from above.

that I only have a few more weeks of lab left

I have two more weeks of actual lab sessions, I think, and then the last week that’s a final exam. 

Microbiology lab is a lot of work, and having that off my plate will help a ton. 

for fall colors

As I have been driving and walking this week, I have been noticing how colorful the world is right now.

maple leaf on asphalt.

It’s a fleeting beauty, so I’m soaking it in before the gray of winter arrives.

for the fun of seeing changes in the woods

Yesterday I went to a trail I haven’t been to for about two months and whoa, it was a whole different experience.

fern on a walking trail.

Last time, the trees were green and full, and now the leafy foliage is thinner and yellower, there are cool fungi to see, and some of the unpassable trails are now walkable since some of the grasses have thinned/died.

fungi on a log.

I love to watch how the seasons change a trail! 

small bridge on trail.

for my blue Converse

I feel pretty happy when I look down at them. 😉 

blue converse.

for encouragement from my professor

My microbiology professor left me a nice note when she graded a writing assignment, and that made my heart happy.

for an upcoming writing assignment

Unfortunately, most of my schooling does not involve essay writing. This is a shame because writing is kinda my thing.

But our next assignment in psychology is an essay and I think that should be pretty easy for me. 😉

for my chest freezer

I am so, so happy to have a chest freezer again! I like the extra space and I love not having to worry about freezer burn.

for Fridays off

When I was in college after high school, the class options were Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday.

But now I have Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday (I think this may have switched during the pandemic?)

Regardless, this means that I have zero classes on Fridays, and I give this a 10/10 rating.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Saturday 29th of October 2022

We got our cat fixed this week. I’m sure he’d love to go outside again, but he’s been entertaining and sweet to have inside. He looks just like your cat, Kristen but with a little white mustache added. :)


Saturday 29th of October 2022

Ohh, I love when cats have that white mustache! So cute!


Friday 28th of October 2022

I am thankful for all the kinds comments I got this week from strangers. I had three (four?) different people tell me I was beautiful . . . and I thanked them! It makes me feel pretty good, despite the fact I'll be 44 on Monday.

I am VERY thankful I have work to do. I was VERY slow a few weeks back, and I was very worried about the future. However things have picked up and I feel MUCH better. Fingers crossed the holiday season stays busy for me!

I am also very grateful I got chosen for a program online where I get to try free products and leave reviews. I am going to leave this vague, but the prospect of doing this is exciting for me, and I hope to be successful in working on this endeavor!

I am also loving my growing cactus collection, which is something I started this year! Its fun picking out plants, planting them, and watching them grow! They make me happy!

Finally, its good to be in fairly good health (KNOCK ON WOOD). I know a couple people whose bodies have turned on them . . . so I hope to learn from their mistakes in health! I do hope they get better, but some things cannot be fixed :(


Friday 28th of October 2022

You are a 1978 baby like me then!


Friday 28th of October 2022

Totally NOT related to this post, but where did you get your comforter/bedspread? I'd love to get something like that!


Friday 28th of October 2022

@Kristen, thank you!! :)


Friday 28th of October 2022

Target! I just have a duvet cover/comforter set, but this online one comes with a bedskirt as well:

I got mine in-person.


Thursday 27th of October 2022

1. For the dahlias that are still blooming and the sweet friend who gifted the roots to me. 2. That everyone (of course knock wood) is healthy right now especially my parents. 3. For my daughter who is thriving in her first year of high school. 4. For my dog who never fails to be glad to see me.


Thursday 27th of October 2022

That cat - she's so cute that she tempts me to get one... I am thankful this week that I have friends at work that I can talk to - and in turn, I like to think that they are thankful they have me, too! For whole weekends where I get to decide how to spend my days - I hadn't had that in years and it feels so good. For tonight's dinner which was quite delish, and the ability to feed myself good meals. For my craft room which I have been spending loads of time in lately. And for great nights of sleep - one of the most important things I can do for myself to get thru this season of life.

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