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Thankful Thursday | a visit from Lisey

This week, I am thankful:

that Lisey came to visit

She came for two nights to help us celebrate Sonia’s birthday, and that is always something to be thankful for!

Kristen and Lisey at an outdoor table.

for a new job for Lisey

Now that the hardest part of her aviation mechanic school is over (the electricity part!), she has schedule space for a job. And since she says she misses turning wrenches, she got a job installing tires and batteries. 🙂

for some warm days

We got a sneak peek of spring temperatures earlier in the week, and it was lovely! 

for green things starting to grow

I went to drop books off at the library and noticed that the daffodils are getting ready to bloom. Yay!

daffodil buds.

that I am almost halfway done with exams

We have eight this semester, and we just did exam #3. So, after next exam, we are halfway done with tests!

that my professor graded our tests so fast

We had our exam on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning, we had our grades.

I was surprised, because he gave us blood tracing problems to do, and those had to be time-intensive to grade.

A blood-tracing worksheet.

This is what the answers to blood tracing problems look like. Imagine grading dozens of these!

for an acai bowl date with Lisey and Zoe

acai bowl.

While Lisey was here, we had a little girls outing to get acai bowls, and since we went on a beautiful warm day, we got to sit outside to eat them. So lovely!

Kristen and Zoe.

(We invited Sonia, but her food allergies made everything on the menu off-limits. And she had homework to do too, so she skipped.)

for apps that show me old photos of mine

The Google photos app is always showing me pictures from when my kids were little. Like, “on this day, 14 years ago…”. And it is fun to take a trip down memory lane.

Here’s one of Sonia and Zoe from 2008, shortly before I started my blog.

A young Sonia and Zoe with a cat.

These cuties are 16 and 18 now!

that my van takes the cheapest gas

As I have watched gas prices rise and rise, I have been feeling so thankful that my van’s engine does not require premium gas.

Costco gas pumping opposite side

What a good time to not drive a sports car!

(I mean, there is probably no cheap time to buy or own a sports car. Ha.)

If you recall, my future dream car also is a type that will take regular old fuel.

for a better night’s sleep

I had a tough time sleeping on Tuesday night, so Wednesday was a tired day for me.

But like I always say, the good thing about a bad night of sleep is that it is rarely followed by another, at least for me. I am usually so tired after a crappy night’s sleep, I can’t help but sleep better the following night. 

So, yay for a better night’s sleep on Wednesday night! 

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Saturday 12th of March 2022

Great list! Your daughters are becoming such lovely young women.

I'm super thankful for our new kitten! He is bringing delight and joy into our lives after we lost all three of our pets in the last 18 months. He's sweet and friendly, and seems to have no issues. He's very trusting.

I'm thankful for piano lessons and game playing with my daughter. She took piano as a child, and now I'm teaching her to play from lead sheets. She brings a game each time and so I get to learn new games that we wouldn't buy and play on our own. (Also each time, I've found a snack of some kind left behind on one of my bookshelves, among the books and ornaments. Each time I take a picture, go into editing and circle the snack and put a question mark beside it and send it to her. It's gotten to be pretty funny!)

I'm thankful my oldest son and daughter-in-law and grandson are recovering well from covid, and that the baby seems to have not caught it.

I'm thankful my youngest son has had his vehicle issues solved by his wife's parents, and that he now has a really reliable truck so he can continue working. I'm not in a position to help, so I'm grateful that they can. It's a bit of a catch-22 because now he has big payments to go with it, but at least he can work. Hopefully with a vehicle that doesn't break down all the time he can make more money.

I'm thankful for an easing of the reactivity I've been experiencing due to all our trauma last summer and fall with moving, covid, broken back (of my wife), and the loss of pets. I was stuck in what for me is reacting-to-trauma mode, which means feeling quite paralyzed, eating too much junk and not sleeping well. It's a vicious cycle that promotes itself, so I'm happy that I can feel it starting to turn the corner.

And spring is coming! I think most of us in this hemisphere are thankful for that. :)


Thursday 10th of March 2022

I'm a long time reader who's children also have food allergies. I'm hesitant to offer a suggestion on something as personal as health, but oral immunotherapy (OIT) may be worth looking into for Sonia. It operates under the same principle as allergy shots. The treatment is relatively new and I've found only a handful of allergists in the DC area that offer it, but the research shows significant improvements and even the possibility of allergy remission. There are downsides (daily dosing/rest periods, frequent appointments), but it has felt like the right path for us.


Thursday 10th of March 2022

ah!! Whose children! Not who's :)

Ruth T

Thursday 10th of March 2022

I love that Google Photos shows me old pictures, too. Even though my kids are still relatively little, it's fun to look back.

I'm thankful for... * Great news from a doctor that will bring much relief in the days ahead. * The ability to laugh at myself. It's been a blessing more than once in the last week. * The chance to attend Muffins with Mom at my daughter's school today! A normal life activity! * My daughter getting to go on a field trip yesterday! The first one in over 2 years! They went to a theater with kids from other schools and saw a play that one of our librarians was acting in (which made it even more special for her).


Thursday 10th of March 2022

Thankful for- That hubs biopsy surgery results were on a positive note. His doctor felt he got it all. His doctor told him always be thankful you are breathing and living. I am much less stressed than I was last week. That I don't live in a war torn country. How does this happen in 2022??? Grands are visiting this weekend.


Thursday 10th of March 2022

1. For a garage. We have had over 9 feet of snow and it is snowing again. It is wonderful to pull the vehicle out of a warm garage and not have to hack ice off the windshield before leaving the driveway. 2. For enough income to absorb gas and food price increases associated with the situation in the Ukraine. I am happy to do it. 3. For the library. 4. For reading a book where I am learning a lot. That is not always true. 5. For beefsteak tomatoes that suddenly appeared at the grocery coop we belong to. Honest, these are the best tomatoes I have eaten since last August. 6. For this blog, which forces me to look up instead of down all the time.

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