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Thankful Thursday | a tough/good month

August has been sort of a tough month for me.

But, as I always tell my kids (and you guys!) nothing is all good or all bad. Even in the midst of some tough stuff, I’ve been able to churn out weekly Thankful Thursday posts, full of honest things I am grateful for.

open window.

It would be easy to tell myself the story, “August was a terrible month.”

That would only be partially true, though. Some hard things happened, yes.

But also some really good things happened (some of which I gotta wait to tell you about!)

Like almost every month in my life, it’s been a mixture of good and bad, hard and easy.

That’s one of the benefits of making these lists, I think. It turns my brain from the, “Everything is awful” story and helps me see what is actually true.


This week, I am thankful:

for several cool days

You guys! The last two mornings I was actually a little chilly when I started my walk. That made me very, very happy.

Also: I slept with my windows open. That’s an extremely happy-making thing.

cat in window.

Chiquita LOVES it when the windows are open.

I know that the heat and humidity will return (I can’t count on consistent cool days until October, probably), but this little taste of fall sure did make me happy.

that I didn’t get sick for Zoe’s half-birthday

I mentioned last week that back in February, I got sick on Zoe’s birthday. I don’t think we even made a cake!

So to make up for it, on her half-birthday this past Friday, we did make a cake!

pink flower cake.

Her friend came over and the two of them decorated a pink cake, using Pinterest as inspiration.

cake decorating.

And then we all had cake for breakfast the next morning. 🙂

cake for breakfast.

The little flower characters Zoe made are so cute. 🙂

frosted cake.

for cool enough weather for sanding

Sonia and I bought a storage chest on Facebook Marketplace, and I’m gonna paint it white to match her other furniture.

sanded storage chest.

You don’t NEED cool weather for sanding, but the weather yesterday made the sanding process so much more comfortable.

for a honeybee sighting

I see a lot of bumblebees and yellow jackets as I walk, but this week I saw some honeybees, and that made me happy.


that porcelain berries are at least beautiful

They are a terribly invasive species, but these berries are really, really beautiful. They remind me of little speckled easter eggs.

porcelain berries.

And they go through so many different shades of blue/purple.

porcelain berries.

Invasive species are never a good thing, but at least this one isn’t ugly.

for neverending variety

I’ve been walking these paths and trails daily now, on a rotating basis, for over a year. And still, I am always finding new plants that I’ve never seen before.

red berries.

These have such an interesting pattern!

red berries on a branch.

that I get to talk to Lisey so often

Thank goodness for cell phones! I get to talk to her almost every day, and so in some ways, this move to Hawaii doesn’t feel terribly different from when she lived with my aunt and uncle during aviation mechanic school. 🙂

Lisey on a ladder by a plane.

that I found a cat brush Chiquita loves

I bought one from Petsmart initially, but the bristles were too far apart to do any good.

So, I added a different one to my Chewy order, and Chiquita LOVES it. She stretches out and purrs and lets me brush her all over.

This is gonna seriously cut down on any cat hair I have to clean up around here because the brush is full of hair whenever I brush her!

cat brush.

I like that the tips of the bristles have a little coating on them; it’s a little more gentle than the brushes that have just bare metal ends.

Chiquita says it’s 10/10.

Shelly has never liked being brushed but I’m gonna see if she changes her mind with this type of brush. Perhaps she will be a convert.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Anita Isaac

Saturday 26th of August 2023

GOOD LUCK with school. you will be GREAT.


Friday 25th of August 2023

Those berries are so pretty! Would love to have some around my chain link fence! Fingers crossed for your first day of nursing school!

This week I am thankful that hubby's MRI and CT scan were clear and his PSA is so very low again. Next scans are in 6 months, so things are stabilizing. It was a year ago this week he had the tumor removed from his liver, PSA was doubling every couple of months, and he had to go to rehab after the surgery, so was away from home 3 1/2 weeks. I am so happy to report my dog is now off all restrictions from her surgery! It's been 3 months since she tore two ligaments in her knee, and I have had to take her out on a leash to potty every time she needed it for the entire time, no matter the weather. Now I can just open the door to the yard and let her explore all the potential potty places without me! I, too, am grateful for air conditioning. A friend of mine is going on her 3rd week without it in her apartment, and the loaner window units they have provided keep blowing her power. It just reminds me how much I take ours for granted! Grateful for fresh tomato sandwiches! I generally eat maybe 3-4 slices of bread a month, but all bets are off when it's tomato sandwich season! I'm eating at least a loaf a week right now. lol I'm grateful that the last dental bill is paid! Hubby had to have 10 teeth pulled and got the impressions done for both partials this week. They should be in in a couple of weeks, but we had to pay in advance, of course. That's over $5000.00 worth of work in his mouth this year and the savings account has taken a blow, but he will be able to eat better, and won't feel so embarrassed to be out among people again. He's very much an extrovert (unlike me), and this has been hard for him.


Friday 25th of August 2023

On July 7th I ran a red light hitting a very nice lady. She was getting married the next day. Yikes. We are all ok, air bags did not deploy, cars were drivable. I’ve never caused an accident in my 56 years. I’m just so upset with myself. My daughter and we’re just having a really nice conversation and I did not see the light change. I’m thankful for insurance and having that. She has now suing my insurance which is her right. My car is getting fixed. It started at 1500.00 worth of damage and is up to 7500.00. Thankful for people who can fix things. The past two months have been very hard on me too. I’m trying to look at the positive side but am worried about how much our insurance is going to go up.


Friday 25th of August 2023

So sorry to hear of this! But I'm so glad that you all are ok. Whew.


Friday 25th of August 2023

I’m glad you get to talk to Lisey often. When I went to Hawaii, I called my cell phone provider to see if there would be a charge to call home. He politely said, “ma’am, it is part of the United States.”


Friday 25th of August 2023

Sure, I can do that! Edit: I just did. :) Click here and then scroll all the way to the bottom for the printable.

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