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Thankful Thursday | A lost and found hamster

This week, I’m thankful:

that we found Zoe’s hamster

hamster cage.

One morning this week, we realized that he had gotten out (as hamsters will do!)

We went on a hunt for him, dearly hoping he hadn’t made it down to the basement.

Mercifully, I spied a little pile of seeds underneath the baseboard heat in my office, and sure enough, I heard some little feet scrabbling around in there.

I figured out how to take the cover off, and Zoe managed to grab him and put him safely back in his cage.

And then I had to vacuum out the massive amount of food he’d brought into the heater overnight. I wondered how many trips he’d taken overnight!

The funny thing is, earlier that morning, I’d noticed that our cat was hanging around by my desk, and I thought, “Hmmm, that’s a little weird. She never sits there.”

But now it has all become clear. 😉

So, I guess I can also add: I’m thankful our cat didn’t get the hamster!

for air-conditioning (every day!)

We are not experiencing 100+ degree heat like a lot of the country is, but oof, it has been awfully hot and humid here and I am so thankful for a cool house to hide in.

for a snuggly cat

Kristen with her cat.

I’ve met some cats who are not interested in snuggling, and I’m glad ours does like to hang out with us!

Zoe holding the cat.

for time with the little kids in my family

Yesterday afternoon, I spent the afternoon playing at the pool with my nephew and nieces and also my cousin’s children.

And last Saturday night, I babysat for a nephew and three nieces.

They are always excited to see me and play with me and show me things, and that warms my heart.

for kid misspellings

My niece made me this drawing of “types of dogs” and I could not love her spelling more. I adore the sensible, phonetic way that young kids spell words! So, so, cute.

A kid's drawing of dog breeds.

Another case: I’m “Ant Kristan” when we play Wii games. 😉

Picture of a TV with a Wii display.

that several of my eBay listings have sold

Remember how I did a pretty big batch of listings after organizing my office here at my rental? Well, a small pile of those have sold, so, yay!

packages in a post office bin.

for my dad’s help in hanging blinds in Zoe’s room

This was kind of a process because these windows are a little unusual. But we got it done, and I made it through the annoying process of shortening the blinds.

pile of broken blinds.

(Annoying AND stressful, because I am always terrified that I will cut the wrong string and ruin the blind!)

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 22nd of July 2022

Very glad that you found the hamster before the kitty did.

I am thankful:

1) For having not caught COVID (yet).

2) For having central air. This year hasn't been scorching hot but hot and muggy enough for the AC to be on. Last year we (Western Canada) had weather like what the UK is having right now, and even hotter. Marine animals boiled to death off the coast of British Columbia. :( I'm thankful that this year has not been as hot.

3) For my car insurance company waiving the $500 deductible.

4) That I chose an insurance policy that provides a rental vehicle.

5) That my items on eBay continue to sell.

Sophie in Denmark

Friday 22nd of July 2022

The story about the hamster made me laugh so much! Glad it ended up well.

1. I am grateful that the heatwave broke where I am in Britain! My parents do not have AC and it was a very hot few days! 2. I am grateful that the weather broke and we went for a beautiful walk in the countryside yesterday. I am also grateful to be seeing my family! 3. I am grateful to be seeing my friend later today.


Thursday 21st of July 2022

In the first photo you look so much like Lisey. :). When you said “seeds” I thought you meant, well, poop, because I only have Guinea pig and rabbit experience. Funny how that hamster was storing up for his new home!


Thursday 21st of July 2022

People have been telling me Lisey looks like me since she was so young. And I can never, ever see it! I think I'm too close; people outside the family can usually see these things better.

And yeah, he had corn and all manner of seeds stored in that heater!

Amanda P

Thursday 21st of July 2022

Hooray for the hamster making its reappearance! I remember as a child that ours got out once and ran across my mom's chest while she was sleeping in the middle of the night. I'm not sure either one of them were ever the same!

1. I'm grateful that my husband and I were in agreement that something was really wrong and pushed past the "she's just aging, it's normal" thoughts to got his grandmother in to be evaluated. She was in early kidney failure and sepsis from an infection, but responded quickly to treatment and is coming home with some extra health care provisions in place. It's also encouraging to see how my husband has stepped up to help with her care far beyond what he should have to as a grandson, just because it's the right thing to do to love it her well.

2. Sweet friends that were more than glad to watch our kids on short notice when I needed to be at the hospital with her, and truly kind and attentive hospital staff, even though the hospital was completely full.

3. Hearing my daughter going around the house singing sweet songs she's learning at VBS this week at the top of her lungs, and that reading is starting to click! (As a homeschool mama, this is always so satisfying.)

4. Next week is the last week for a summer job 2 of my sons have. It has been a very, ahem, stretching experience and we're glad to finish that commitment. They've learned a lot about working faithfully and not quitting even under hard conditions, standing up for themselves when needed, and the value of food communication.

5. Watermelon!!!!!

Liz B.

Friday 22nd of July 2022

@Amanda P, Great job being alert to the things you observed with your hubby's grandmother, and getting her the medical care she needed. You may have saved her life, or at least prevented her from getting much, much sicker.


Thursday 21st of July 2022

I am thankful that the anti-inflammatory I was prescribed has finally, finally given me some pain relief in my hands and wrists ( I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.)

I’m thankful that my middle daughter, hubby and three kids (10,8,6) had a wonderful trip to Disneyland and came home safely.

Kristen, it sounds like the hamster was busy setting up a new home for itself! Which is probably what saved it from the cat- it was protected down in there.

Thankful the Astros just beat the Yankees ( sorry Yankees fans)

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