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Thankful Thursday | a less-sick edition

This week, I am thankful:

that I am most definitely feeling better

I did indeed have Covid, but I am over the worst of it. I had two pretty miserable, achy days the first week, but by now, I just have a lingering cough, plus some fatigue.

that I was able to go for a walk yesterday

I am not quite ready to do an actual workout or anything, but it felt good to get outside and move my body a little.

a view of a river from the shore.

a view from my walk

that getting tested is way easier now

The crazy long lines from a few weeks ago are gone. Whew. 

that I am able to go to school

Thanks to the timing of me getting sick, I’m not having to miss classes; I was clear before the semester started. Whew.

that I am not contagious anymore

I still cough a little, and my voice sounds not quite right, but at least I cannot make anyone else sick. Yay! 

(Don’t worry: I will still wear a mask at school. Mask-wearing is required for everyone.)

that I got sick so late in the pandemic

I got to have a milder variant than what was going around in the early days, and I’m vaccinated. This is much preferable to, say, having caught it in April 2020. 

And I didn’t lose taste or smell at all (as I hear is typical for this variant.)

Overall, it was a mild experience in comparison to what it could have been. 

that it’s easy to stay home when you feel sick

This is a funny thing to be thankful for, but…I was not at all tempted to go out before the CDC said I should. I felt too exhausted and sick to consider going anywhere! 

Obviously, an asymptomatic case would be preferable in some ways, but then again, it might be annoying to be stuck at home if you feel perfectly fine. 

for people who care about me

When you are under the weather in some way or another, a silver lining is that you are reminded how many people care about you! I appreciate all the people who check in on me and pray for me.

for a warm house

It’s 17 degrees as I type this, and that’s pretty cold for us here in the Mid-Atlantic! 

for a car with heat

After I publish this, I’m hopping in my car to head off to class, and I will be very grateful for the warm air coming out of my vents. 

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Saturday 29th of January 2022

I'm thankful that YOU are getting better! So glad it wasn't a severe case, for you or your family. I'm feeling pretty cruddy today, and grateful that it's from getting the booster yesterday and not covid itself. I'm thankful that we are getting a new tenant on Feb. 1st. The process was excrutiating this time, but I think it's resolved. I'm thankful for visits from grandchildren. They are the best distraction! I'm very grateful that most of the house is unpacked and set up. It's time to get back to real life!


Saturday 29th of January 2022

I am so happy to be feeling better too! Whew.


Friday 28th of January 2022

I am grateful for today being the 1st day of our spring semester—halfway through the school year! Thankful that our new principal is so supportive and understanding. The previous one we had for 5 years and she was a doozy (to put it nicely). Thankful for my cats and dog. My dog, Charlie, had a kink in his back and a friend gave me some CBD for him to take orally and it has helped him straighten out:) So thankful for good friends that make me laugh and are compassionate! Thankful that my husband came back from snowboarding with his only injury being he fell and a TicTac container’s sharp corner stabbed him. Bizarre. Last season he broke some ribs, so this is much easier to deal with.


Friday 28th of January 2022

So glad you’re feeling better, Kristen. I’ve had Covid. For me, the deep fatigue was the most challenging. Once I regained strength, my husband and I were able to resume weekly dancing. For that, we’re both thankful. I’m so grateful for current good health for our family. We also have a new puppy who is bringing us huge joy. Kristen, your neighborhood photos are always beautiful! I’m glad you include them in your blog.


Saturday 29th of January 2022

I am so glad you are feeling better now, and that you are able to get back to dancing.

Sandy Beach

Thursday 27th of January 2022

I'm so glad you are feeling better!

I'm thankful for Texting. My Mom (in her 80's) texts me everyday to check-in. We started this at the beginning of the pandemic. I love seeing her good morning message and a quick note on her weather and her new rescue dogs. I respond back and it's a good chance to say hello and tell her I love her everyday. I'm so grateful she's healthy and staying safe. We talk on the phone a lot too, but a quick text everyday is really nice.

I'm also thankful for the library, lately I've just been reading e-books from there. I just finished Into the Forest by Rebecca Frankel. The things they lived through were just heartbreaking and terrifying.


Thursday 27th of January 2022

Glad you are all on the mend. Thankful for - A friend that lent an ear. My son who fell down his steps did not get hurt although he did take out the baby gate. Prescription drugs, I really needed them this week. The days are getting longer and we have had some sunny days. For Aldi this week, the roads were horrible so I did not want to drive to Meijer. I managed to get what I needed there. Hubs was plowing and there were several bread trucks in their workplace lot and they gave him a couple of loaves of bread. Pretty random but man the bread was really good.

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