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Thankful Thursday | for happy shoes

This week, I am thankful:

for my new blue Converse

I feel pretty happy when I wear them. 🙂

replacement laces in a pair of blue converse.

that my first microbiology exam went well

I got a solid A, so, yay! And now I know better what to expect on the next exams in this class.

that I took Bio 101 so recently

Bio 101 was my first class back as an adult student (spring 2021), so that was pretty recent. This is a good thing because wow, all the stuff I learned in that class has repeatedly appeared in my subsequent classes.

For instance, this week in microbiology, we are talking about active and passive transport, exocytosis, endocytosis, pinocytosis, and so on.

And this has been super easy because I remember it all from Bio 101.

that I do not have to take a ton of chemistry classes

I’m doing an intro to chemistry class this semester and oof, I just do not find this material faintly interesting.

It’s not that I can’t do it; it’s that it is not bringing me joy. Kinda the same way I feel about algebra. 😉

I like biology types of science WAY better.

So, I am feeling super grateful that I don’t have multiple semesters of chemistry ahead of me!

Two and a half more months, and then I can kiss this chemistry class goodbye.

for the fan I found in my basement

a white floor fan next to a weight bench.

I set up my weights in the unfinished area of the basement, and I found a floor fan in there, left by the previous renters. So now I have some breeze hitting me while I work out. Yay!

for our cat

I know…she’s always on the list.

Kristen cat sitting on the floor next to her.

I think it’s so cute how she always wants to be where we are.

for beautiful skies

red sky at sunrise.

I’ve been going for super early walks some mornings, and I have seen some lovely sunrise skies as a result.

for the hardwood floors here

The other morning I got up and noticed how lovely my office was looking, largely because of the wood floors.

Kristen's home office.

I really love them! And I am especially appreciative of having them in a rental.

for hoodie weather

I was PRETTY excited to pull out some jeans and hoodies this week.

Just Black jeans repaired.

I know I will eventually be tired of jeans and hoodies, but for right now, it’s a welcome change.

Speaking of which….

that seasons change in my area

We get a pretty even mix of all four seasons and I am HERE for that. I never get too sick of any one season this way!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Thursday 29th of September 2022

1. I’m grateful Hurricane Ian didn’t hit the east coast where we live. I feel bad for those Floridians on the west coast; we lost power for 2 weeks some years back after a hurricane, and it’s really hard. We had heavy winds and bad rain this time, but it was okay.

2. I’m grateful for 4 days off this week. We had Wed and Thurs off (schools closed), so with fall holiday and a personal day Tues, I’ll only have one day of work this week.

3. I’m grateful for time with my sons this week. They live in Orlando, which was in the path, so they drove down to spent 3 days with us. The rain was heavy with white out conditions on the way down, and I’m so happy they made it safely.

4. My husband accidentally drove through some deep water/flooding in the dark the other night during the storm. The water ripped a cover off under the car but otherwise didn’t damage the car.


Thursday 29th of September 2022

I'm thankful for beautiful weather and cooler temperatures, for family living nearby, for being able to make healthy meals (even when I have to throw out my meal plan for a day), for free book studies, for my local library, for free activities in my area, for knowing that there are people to help when it's needed.


Thursday 29th of September 2022

Thankful for: 1. Being introduced to a new mystery series, set in Elizabeth I era. They were written a long time ago but I am enjoying them. By Leonard Tourney, the Mathew Stock series if anyone is interested. If you like the Mel Starr books set in the 13oos and featuring a surgeon named Hugh de Singleton, you will like the Tourney books. Light reading but good escapism. 2. the 200 plus green cherry tomatoes I harvested weeks ago are sitting on the kitchen counter turning red, but not all at once. Every day we have a small serving of them and only one has gone bad so far. I get 7 gallon bags of red ones that I froze for future spaghetti sauce, besides the ones we ate all summer long. 3. living in interior northern Alaska, with no hurricane threats ever. When I watch the evacuations and displacements on the news, it is heart-hurting. 4. for the vacation pictures I took years ago, before cell phones. I was cleaning a shelf and pulled out an ancient photo album. One of the pics reminded me of a time I was standing in a very busy part of London and this little guy, barely 5 I think, pulled at my leg and cried that he was lost. The husband lifted him up on his shoulders and we walked around until the frantic mother spotted him. As he reunited with her, I said I was glad that he had come to us for help. His answer still makes me laugh: "My mother said if I am in trouble I need to find the oldest lady and ask her for help. Old ladies can be trusted." I was 41 at the time but I was grey in my 30s and never colored my hair so apparently I looked ancient to him. 5. For leggings season. They are much easier to fit a brace over than pants. 6. the hound and the husband.

Lisa K

Thursday 29th of September 2022

Today I'm thankful for... 1. The beautiful September we have had. Extra warm temperatures, sunny days, and beautiful blue skies. The gold leaves everywhere are an added bonus. 2. An extra "free" day unexpectedly. 3. Good co-workers 4. A less-stressful than usual start to the school year 5. Books


Thursday 29th of September 2022

Hello! I gain much peace from reading everyone’s Thankful Thursday’s. And I am thankful for that. Hugs and well wishes to those in Ian’s path. My Thankful’s:

-That we hired our favorite contractor to paint our living room. Normally my husband and I paint, but he did not want to deal with drywall repair (and I couldn’t because of my torn rotator cuff repair). Our contractor got the job done to his high level of standard which we always appreciate.

-That our contractor found a plumbing leak in our ceiling, originating from a 2nd floor shower remodel from 18 months ago. My husband was able to troubleshoot the leak, which turned out to be minor. If it hadn’t been found then, the potential for mold and other damage down the road was great.

-That the person who installed the shower tile came over in a timely fashion to repair the crack that caused the leak. He was very professional and did not charge us for the work. We’re not sure how the crack started, but he repaired it without any problems.

-Covid hit my husband last Thursday and since then, my son and I have gotten sick also. We are on the mend now. Thankfully my husband was not the one doing the painting otherwise that job would still be dragging on.

-Thankful that we sold all of the furniture from my son’s bedroom. He grew out of the furniture, and the money we made is being put towards good use.

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