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So, what did you eat this week?

I’m short on time today, but I know a lot of you love to share what you’ve had for dinner on the What I Spent, What We Ate posts.

So, even though I won’t be able to type up a full post today, I at least wanted to put this up here for you guys.

(and Kristin, from Going Country, we expect to hear a report on how much elk you ate this week.;) )

The comment section is yours!

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Wednesday 18th of March 2020

It’s all about comfort food I made hassle back potatoes with pesto and garlic stuffed inside the slices Steamed garlic in olive oil And turkey cutlets with a big wedge of lemon to squirt on top of each bite My partner insisted on taking a photo to send to his foodie friend Gigi

Kymberlee Fisher

Sunday 1st of March 2020

Monday - Philly Cheesesteaks

Tuesday - Tacos

Wendesday - Hamburgers

Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie

Friday - Spaghetti & Meatballs

Saturday - Pot Roast

Sunday - eating out


Saturday 29th of February 2020

Lots of planned leftovers. The first part of the week I made vegetarian chili that lasted three days and supplemented it with boiled eggs, tangelos and granola bars. The last half, I made a big chicken casserole with lots of veggies and the sides were some apples and good cheese.

Amy Helsel

Saturday 29th of February 2020

Spring sport practices are starting up so I need to start planning a bit more for logistical and frugal reasons.

Monday: I think it was chicken... too long ago. Tuesday: On your own... mac/cheese, omelettes and no clue what the 4th one ate. Wednesday: Logistic- we went out - If the kids wanted to see their dad at all this day, we had to meet him near his work for an early dinner before we went four ways. Thursday: BBQ pulled pork in the crock pot Friday: Tacos- that some how always end up as burritos since I buy the wrong size tortilla everytime.... Saturday- Breakfast for dinner- french toast with sausage. This was planned on Tuesday before everything went down hill


Saturday 29th of February 2020

I always say I will remember but never do.. Lets try reverse order and see...

Friday- I KNOW we had homemade chili and baked potatoes. That was an easy supper after we got back from the girls volleyball match..

Thursday- I had pulled leftover cooked chicken from the freezer- Made my oldest bbqchicken and bacon pizza on Naan bread and a handfull of steak fries before he went to work... The rest of us had naan pizza or tortilla wraps of bbq or buffalo chicken..

Wednesday- Sheet pan supper- broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and garlic, beef keilbasa and gnocchi all tossed in italian dressing and baked..(new recipe.. 1/3 of the kids liked)

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday! Seasoned beef, tortillas, beef, veggies and queso.. create your own mess..

Monday- Beef ramen stirfry- used ground beef, loads of veggies and 3 packages of ramen noodles.. I would definitely tweak the sauce more... but filling and a new recipe that all 5 of us were good with.


Saturday 29th of February 2020

I almost always write mine in reverse order, filling in the last slots first! Otherwise I just cannot remember.

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