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Photo-A-Day Project | March

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These photos were mostly taken with my iPhone 7 Plus, which is definitely not as good as my SLR. But it IS more convenient and I always have it with me.

Day 1: Self-portrait (ok, this is just a selfie, but who is splitting hairs here?)

Day 2: What you wore today

You might remember this jacket from a Stitch Fix.

Day 3: Clouds

(A view looking up from my deck. The moon is making a little cameo above the larger cloud.)

Day 4: Something green

shelf lichen

Day 5: From a high angle

Kristen kneading bread

Day 6: From a low angle

birthday balloons

Day 7: Fruit

citrus fruit

Day 8: A bad habit (a candy store!)

lolli and pops

Day 9: Someone you love

Day 10: A childhood memory

My siblings and I spent hours outside in the woods around our house, so the smell of being in the woods always reminds me of my childhood.

pine trees woods

Day 11: Something blue

Day 12: Sunset

sunset and flag

Day 13: Yourself with 13 things

I thought this was a weird prompt, so here’s this instead.

Day 14: Eyestuxedo cat eyes

Day 15: Silhouette

silhouette trees

Day 16: Long Exposure

I couldn’t think of anything for this, so here is a random photo of expensive cheese (which I have since discovered is available at Aldi for half this price.)

Day 17: Technology

Day 18: Your shoes

Day 19: Something orange (I broke my toe!)

Day 20: Bokeh

Day 21: Faceless self-portrait

Day 22: Hands

Day 23: Sunflare


Day 24: Animal

Day 25: Something pink (technically, this is a violet drink. But it’s sort of pink!)

Day 26: Close up

Day 27: From a distance

Day 28: Flowers

Day 29: Black and white

Day 30: Self Portrait


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Friday 5th of April 2019

These pictures are beautiful!

I tried to do this challenge as well, but didn't follow prompts. I felt like I would take too much time out of my day trying to figure out a picture and thus making it too much work. I do like the creativity prompts can evoke though, so I'm considering another 30days with prompts of some sort.


Thursday 4th of April 2019

Love this!

Jem Horwood

Thursday 4th of April 2019

These are lovely. I'm glad you shared them!

Erika W.

Thursday 4th of April 2019

I found that I could have done everything here, with a little bit of cheating, from the chair in my bedroom where I am presently sitting. Cheating = letting our 2 cats in and then calling my husband to shoo them out!

Your choices are very evocative and enjoyable.

We used to play a childhood game of everyone having to name, quickly, a choice from the previous player such as "5 green things" or " 5 birds' names" etc..

Thank you for such a nice entry, Erika W.


Thursday 4th of April 2019

I love your photos! Maybe you could add a post of your week in pictures. Or something. Or add a link (like in your update post) in your weekly shopping/meal post at the end. :) I'm an avid reader but don't often comment. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.