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Oh, the wonderful things you can find at Goodwill!

So, the other day I showed you my $3 Goodwill shoes.

You can see the jaunty heel in this picture, unlike in the other one, though!

Anyhow, that reminded me that I have a few other Goodwill things that I wanted to show you.

First up, a pair of black snow pants that were brand new. They were marked at $10 or so, but they had a tear down the front part of the bib. I pointed this out to the sales clerk, who suggested a price of 50 ¢.

50 ¢???

I said something about how that price would work for me (and how!), and paid for them.

This was an excellent find because I had exactly 0 pairs of hand me down snow pants for Lisey, and I’d have had to buy some for her somewhere.

And I’m thinkin’ that no matter where I shopped, I’d have ended up paying more than 50 ¢.

On a related note, we’re going snow-tubing next week, and this meant that I needed some snow pants. A stop at a regular store turned up nothing (because of course we all want to buy bathing suits in February, not snow pants. It’s not like there’s snow on the ground or anything).

But, when we stopped in at Goodwill last week, what did I find but a brand new pair of black snow pants for me from Target! Yay!

They were $9, and now I’m all set for snow tubing.

I don’t have a picture, though. Can you believe it??

Moving on…

Whenever I see something like this at Goodwill, I take notice.

White shirts, if they’re in good shape, are a most excellent addition to a hand-me-down wardrobe. It seems that a lot of hand-me-down bags contain skirts, pants, and shorts that are not neutral (plain pairs of jeans don’t usually live in hand-me-down bags!).

So, having a number of white shirts on hand is super helpful, because white goes with almost anything. Also, when a kid picks a white shirt out of the drawer, odds are good that the outfit they concoct will not be hard on the eyes.

Always a plus.

Oddly enough, I found all 3 of these on one day! The star one is long-sleeved and will be for Sonia to grow into. The shirt in the middle should fit Lisey this summer, and the tank on the right will function as an undershirt now (Lisey has a shirt that fits loosely and has a somewhat low neck, so a tank to layer will be perfect) and a tank top in the spring.

These shirts were only $1.25 each, which is a fabulous price for shirts that appear to never have been worn.

Yes, indeed…I love my Goodwill.

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Wednesday 9th of February 2011

Funny that you posted this yesterday, I saw it after my best trip to goodwill ever! I was in need of a new 4 slice toaster, goodwill had an almost new one for 5.99! I also needed a new winter coat, 10.99 and very stylish. I also got some summer dresses for my toddler and jammie bottoms for my teenager. My husband found a Packer long sleeve tshirt for 4.99, that is great for a major Packer fan and they did just win superbowl. We are in Wisconsin BTW, so seemed like an even better deal. Love how sometimes you find nothing and sometimes you find lots!!


Wednesday 9th of February 2011

You can get patches for nylon snowpants or jackets at Walmart. They work great.

Anne - Mommy has to Work

Wednesday 9th of February 2011

I found some great stuff this weekend too! Our Goodwill had childrens' clothes on sale for $.99. I even got a Lilly Pulitzer dress for my daughter for $.99!!


Wednesday 9th of February 2011

We don't have a very well-stocked Goodwill store near us, and i think what you find in thrift stores really depends on where you live. We're in such a rural area now that our trips to thrift stores mostly turn up nothing. However we went to one of my docs about an hour away to an Alabama Thrift Store that supports King's Ranch and Hannah Homes and we were amazed at how well kept it was and how much inventory they had! We had one of them near where we used to live and I bought many books there and a few clothes. My body type is just too hard to find clothing for at thrift stores a lot of the time but we can often find some great shirts for hubby!

Have you ever had a bad thrift store buy that you've regretted? I know you praise them, but nobody is perfect (sorry for the crazy type, my keyboard is not cooperating!). Could you tell us about a purchase that you might have had buyer's regret about? I know once we bought a computer for my husband to fix up in his spare time because it ws working when we got it but it quit about a week later beyond repair. It wasn't terribly expensive but $30 is a lot to our budget!

Tina (Tightwad Mom)

Tuesday 8th of February 2011

Woo hoo! I went to Goodwill today and found a pair of boy's dress shoes without a tag on them. At the check out counter the girl gave them to me for $3.00. Now my 3rd child won't have to curl his toes up in his shoes during church, anymore! :D

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