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Oh, Black Friday, you miserable shopping day!


In case you couldn’t guess from the title, I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. In fact, I would almost prefer to stick forks into my eyeballs than go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Here’s why.

  • I hate crowds. Hate them, hate them, hate them. Being a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom, I am accustomed to being able to drive and shop during off hours, and I love it. No traffic to sit in, no trouble finding a parking place, no standing in checkout lines forever, and no worries of losing track of my kiddos in the crowds.
  • The things on sale on Black Friday are rarely things I need to buy. This is true pretty much across the board, but it is especially applicable to toys. Most often, the toys that are deeply discounted are unitaskers (toys that do one thing), or fad toys. I’m much more prone to buying classic, not-so-electronic things for my kids, like Duplos or Bionicles, books, craft supplies and the like.
  • The supplies of the really good deals are exceedingly limited. Even if I could manage to find a Black Friday deal I wanted, the odds of me snagging the item are really low. Often, stores have only 10-20 (or even less) of a doorbuster item, and so even if I got to the store at 3 am and waited in line, I might not get what I came for. That is not worth the risk to me.
  • I can cut my Christmas spending by employing other, less miserable means. For example, I find great deals on books and music at, I come across gifts in perfect shape at Goodwill, I make quite a few presents (more on that in the coming week), and I buy things throughout the year as I see good bargains (contrary to popular opinion, deep discounts can be found throughout the year, not just on Black Friday!).

So, while I will be getting up at 4:40 am on Black Friday, it won’t be because I’m going shopping…it’ll just be because my husband has to work that day, so we’ll be getting up as usual (incidentally, he also has to work Thanksgiving day. My poor husband. But, he rocks for faithfully providing for us.)

Yes, other people can have the crowds and craziness. I’ll be home hanging laundry, cooking dinner, baking bread, and decorating the house with my kids. And I know I’ll be much happier for it.

What about you? Do you loathe Black Friday like me, or are you a die-hard Black Friday shopper?

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Sunday 28th of November 2021

I have a cousin who is a police officer, and he likes working nights for the same reasons you mentioned; more of the calls are actual emergencies!

I know all the "firsts" after you lose someone can be very tough to navigate, so I'm really glad you had a good day with your kids.


Sunday 28th of November 2021

I re-read this article from way back when and I 100% agree with the crowds thing. Not because of covid, but because I worked for years in retail and it is definitely a miserable experience during the holidays. I guess I just didn't have the right frame of mind for it! Even now I like to shop on off hours or even on-line with curbside pick-up. That being said, you still work holidays at a hospital because people don't take a break from being injured or sick. Thankfully, only the sickest people come in to the ER so they can get more of our resources and attention than say, the kid who stubbed his toe last week. Yes, that really happens... Thanksgiving was my holiday to work, but it turned out to be a pleasant day.


Sunday 3rd of January 2010

This was my first (and probably last) year of trying out Black Friday shopping. I went to get my budding photographer an inexpensive but quality digital camera--his only gift for the year. I couldn't find better deals online, unfortunately. Black Friday shopping is for hardier folks than me! Crowds bother me a lot, so I probably will never do it again. Maybe Cyber Monday sales are the better bet...?


Saturday 28th of November 2009

I *love* crowds and I adore being where lots of people and action are. Having said that, I think Black Friday is a complete waste of time. First of all, my sleep is precious and I cannot imagine waking up earlier than normal ON MY DAY OFF to score a few "deals". The internet is a lovely thing and it's so easy to find what I need or want for my children (most of the time) without going into lots of stores.

I did go one year to Marshalls (Or, was it Ross? TJ Maxx? They all blur.) - they had all of their fancy dresses on sale for $20 and I REALLY needed a nice one for my husbands Christmas party. Never again, though. Or, so I say :p


Friday 27th of November 2009

I hate toys that are "unitaskers"---they're always the heavily-hyped ones, they never work the way the look in the commercial, and they are almost always noisy and annoying! Luckily, my son (8) loves Bionicles and art supplies and history books. Were in the toy aisle of Target a few weeks ago (a very rare occurrence, believe me, we were just passing through and he wanted to look although he knew we weren't buying anything) and when I launched into my spiel about how toys like that never work right etc. he said "let me guess: it's a one-trick pony" and I was rather pleased that he remembers me using that phrase about other dumb toys in years past! Frugal Jedi training proceeds... Oh and also, there was a story on the front page of the Seattle Times today about Black Friday and in it, a woman was quoted as saying she was going to get up early and go shopping, looking for stuff that was 50% off because her husband lost his job last summer. My husband commented on that, how maybe if they have no income, she should stop shopping. Sigh. I hope she clues in soon, that frugal is the new black. :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.