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My grandma would be proud

A refashioned knee-length khaki skirt.

My daughter and I both had a pair of khaki pants that had some pretty darn near irreparable damage done to the knees…more than I was willing to mend, at least!

A while back, I found a link to a site with a how-to on turning jeans into a skirt, and I figured that it could be done with khakis too.

And, it can! Yay!

I didn’t follow the directions exactly…I modified them so that my front seam is just straight. I hemmed my daughter’s skirt, and on mine, I’m trying a frayed hem.

This picture was taken right after I made the skirt, and since then, the hem has frayed nicely.

A girl and her mom wearing matching refashioned khaki skirts.

I’m pretty pleased with the results. It wasn’t terribly hard or time-consuming to do, and it cost almost nothing.

Kristen and Zoe walking hand in hand.

All I had to buy was a spool of khaki-colored thread, which will come in handy over time for sewing buttons (or maybe modifying more khaki pants!).

My grandma, like many grandmas, I assume, was a very frugal lady, having lived through the Depression.

A grandma holding a little girl with dark hair.

This is my grandma with the same daughter who is wearing the skirt above!

My grandma is now gone, but I often think that she’d be thrilled to see the frugal things that I do, and that’s the reason for the title of this post. 🙂

P.S. Here’s another pants-to-skirt refashion I did, except with ruffles this time.

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Friday 6th of August 2010

I will have to try this....I am just getting my hands damp in the sewing's kind of scary to me......

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Thursday 16th of April 2009

And in spite of the fact that I've never actually made it myself. I do still the 38 cent cups at Walmart. Oh well, maybe if you could show a wa to make a good low-cal strawberry version I may take the plunge.

Sometime I want to try making my own cottage cheese but using a whole gallon of skim PLUS the half and half and salt and cheesecloth makes it a bit less than frugal.


Thursday 16th of April 2009

Oh wow, you've been here from the beginning then, huh?

I need to re-do my yogurt post...the pictures are all way small on it. But I'm glad it made you bookmark me in spite of the small picture size!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.