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More Refashioning: Old Khakis = Ruffle Skirt

A pair of khaki pants turned into a ruffled skirt.
Can you tell it’s summertime? I’ve been using my sewing machine a lot more than usual because now that we’re on break from homeschooling, I actually have something approaching free time.

Ahhh. I love summer (not so much the weather…just the break from school!).

Anyways, I’ve been slowly working through my pile of clothes to mend/modify, and last week I tackled a pair of Lisey’s khaki pants. They were getting a little too short for her, but the main problem is that there was a gaping hole in one knee.

I briefly considered patching it, but then thought better of it. I hate trying to maneuver a sewing machine around in a kid-sized pant leg.

So, I decided to make a skirt. I cut the legs off even with the hole in the knee, and removed the stitching from most of the front inseam (usually up the to zipper works well).

A pair of khakis with the seams ripped.

And I removed stitching partway up the back as well.

The back of a pair of khakis after seam removal.

Next, I folded the raw edges under to make a new, straight seam.

Folded khaki fabric to make a seam.

And I did the same thing in the back.

The back of a pair of khakis arranged to make a seam.

After sewing those two new seams down, I decided to try something different than the straight skirts I’ve done before. I’d seen a ruffled skirt tutorial recently, so I decided to give that a try (except that I did it from memory instead of actually looking at the tutorial, and that made the project a little harder!).

Unfortunately, at this point I stopped taking pictures and just plowed through the project. You can go look at the tutorial for more details, but basically I took the leg pieces from the pants, cut the thick seams out, cut the legs into strips (each leg made two strips) and sewed them into a long strip of fabric. After that, I sewed the two ends of the strip together to make a large loop.

I really should have taken pictures. Even I’m confused by that last paragraph!

I then cut the skirt like so, to make an even edge for attaching the ruffle.

A khaki skirt with a line drawn to show where to cut.

I gathered the top edge of the long loop I’d sewn, pinned it to the bottom edge of the skirt, and sewed it on. After that, I hemmed the bottom of the ruffle. This was kind of stupid, because it’s really hard to hem a little ruffle…if I’d consulted the tutorial before making this skirt, I’d have hemmed the ruffle before I gathered it! That would have saved me some difficulty.

But in spite of my stupidity, I’m still pleased with the end result.

A khaki skirt with ruffles.

and so is Lisey.

A girl wearing a ruffled skirt.

Perhaps Sonia needs one of these too. If I do end up making one for her, I promise I will be more diligent with the picture taking!

A girl lying down reading a Peanuts comic book.

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Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Very cute!

Helen Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

This used to be a pair of shorts.

Friday 20th of August 2010

[...] made another ruffled skirt for Lisey (I took pictures this time! and I will get a sort-of-tutorial post up about that) and [...]


Wednesday 23rd of June 2010

How pretty! I have two sewing machines and can't figure out how to thread either of them. *sigh*

jodie potter

Wednesday 23rd of June 2010

very cute! how long did it take to make this?


Wednesday 23rd of June 2010

U r brilliant! I could never do it. Terrible with my hands.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.