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Messy Fridge Pictures!

Ok, dear commenters….you asked for it, so here you go!

This is what my fridge used to look like on a regular basis. Sometimes it even looked like this
right before I went grocery shopping, which is pretty ridiculous. I had too much food and
way too many leftovers.

Now that I’m buying less and using more of what I buy, my fridge is much less scary. This is
what my fridge looked like a couple of days ago(and actually, it was the day after I had gone
grocery shopping!). Change is possible, people! 😉

And, while I’m posting embarassing pictures, here’s a picture from the early days of my
food-waste blogging.

Yep, that’s a lot of waste. But sadly, before I got starting on this no-food-waste kick, it wasn’t
even faintly unusual for me to throw away this much food every week or two.

So, to all of my new readers who are just finding me in the success stage of this journey and
who have been intimidated by the low amount of food-waste in my house now…be encouraged!
I was a messy fridge person(and a food-waster) for years and years, and I thought I’d be a
messy fridge person(and a food-waster!) until I died. Happily, though, I’ve been able to make
some progress, and if I can do it(I, who wasted food for years!), probably anyone can.

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Friday 7th of September 2012

omg my fridge looks like that too i can admit to having stacked and limboes things all the way to the top but we always use it we never really throw anything out unless some child (name withheld) turns the fridge all the way up or down n ruins all my veg. but we have 4 kids so its not hard to use up every bit into lunches and what not. also its a good idea to plan meals that you can use again in a different way or re purpose into something else this is a link to my brothers book where he makes one meal and then uses it to make tuns others. Also measuring and knowing egsaclty how much you are going to eat helps tuns. took me a while but i am now a master at cooking egsactly how much my family will eat. we almost never have left overs.

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