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How we do Easter (at least, this year!)

A reader wrote to me shortly before Easter asking if I’d share what we do to celebrate Easter. Our Easters are much less predictable than our Christmases, but I thought I could at least share what we did this particular year.

On Good Friday, we attended the service at our church (well, Mr. FG and I participated…I played the piano and he ran sound). Since we’re kind of essential personnel, our attendance at this service is pretty faithful. 😉

On Saturday morning, Mr. FG had to work as usual, but the kids and I headed down to the pier with many of our neighbors for a community egg hunt.

Ivy makes a great egg hiding place!

There were sack races and other games for the kids.

Zoe wasn’t too sure about this whole sack-racing thing.

On Saturday night, my husband and I had a grand time stuffing a big pile of plastic eggs with candy, and on Sunday morning before church, we sent the kids to the office while we hid eggs all over the house.

It is our practice to hide the eggs in different zones given the disparity in our children’s ability to find hidden objects (!).

Zoe’s were in her room, and Lisey’s were hidden in the room she shares with Sonia.

Sonia’s eggs were in the living room.

Which has more hiding opportunities than one might think.

Mr. Frugal Girl hid all of Joshua’s eggs in his room, which means that they were delightfully hard to find. Since I was busy helping Sonia and Zoe with their hunting, my camera and I didn’t really make it into Joshua’s room. I only took one really bad photo of him, unfortunately, and no good ones. I’m sorry, bud! I’ll follow you around next year…promise.

Using these plastic eggs means we don’t have to buy that dreaded Easter grass and it also means that we don’t have to buy individually packaged candy.

We just buy big bags of jelly beans and M&Ms and divvy them up in the eggs.

We did put Peeps inside some of the eggs, of course.

After we finish the egg hunt, we usually let our kids eat some candy, and then all the rest of the eggs go into a big bowl on our kitchen table. Our kids are allowed to choose one egg after lunch and one after dinner, which is our usual modus operandi with candy anyways.

We went to church on Easter morning just like we do every other Sunday, and afterwards, we went to my brother’s house to have dinner with my side of the family. I did bring my camera, but since I was busy chatting with family, the only pictures I have are of the supremely adorable babies that were in attendance.

So, dear inquisitive reader, there you have it!

What Easter traditions do you have?

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Wednesday 14th of April 2010

I love the idea of zones. Camille pretty much found all the eggs this year, although she sweetly took a bunch of hers and put them in her "bubby's" basket. Such a sweet big sister. We woke up in the morning read from the Jesus Storybook Bible & then I had a few small gifts in their easter basket. Chris got a ton of dark chocolate peanut m&m's (our favorite). You would be quite proud, I stocked up on our m&m stash the Tuesday after Easter. I remembered it from your m&m post and rushed to the discount easter candy in search of our beloved m&m's. Instead of paying $3.40 for a bag, I paid $1.08. :-)

Brooke (

Tuesday 13th of April 2010

I LOVE your photos!! Thank you for taking them and posting them. I enjoy seeing how you've taken sometimes something very boring and made it look like it would be something that Martha Stewart took! I enjoyed "watching" the kids go Easter egg hunting!


Tuesday 13th of April 2010

Here in Germany, Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays. Good Friday we had traditional lunch, "Maultaschen" (they are like swabian ravioli and they get eaten in vegetable broth or roasted). In Swabia it is a tradition to eat them on Good Friday although they contain meat. In the Middle Ages, people thought that God can't see the meat because it is hidden in the pasta. Also, since I am 2 I got a baked Easter lamb every year on Easter Sunday. The nice lady who always made them for us gave me the recipe and so this year, for the first time in my life, I made my own Easter lamb (Unfortunately, she has Alzheimers and is not able to cook or bake anymore). Also we went to church on Easter Sunday (they had an American youth choir as special guests and they sang so awesome) and on Easter Monday.


Tuesday 13th of April 2010

My Easter tradition? It's a great one. I take the kids to my brother and sister-in-law's house to enjoy Easter! LOL. We don't actually celebrate Easter (we're Jewish), but my brother and SIL do, and have invited us each year to join them. It's a wonderful, family time, and of course the kids do love the candy and the fantastic food.


Tuesday 13th of April 2010

I don't get to hide candy any more because the cat finds it, knocks it on the floor and then the dogs eat it (and get sick if it's chocolate). So, I stuff the baskets the night before; each girl gets a small gift along with candy. Last year they got flip flops (2 pair/$5 at Old Navy) in their baskets; this year they each got a $5 Starbucks card. We always have fruit and Goldenrod Eggs ( This was the first year I didn't prepare a special Easter dinner for some reason; I think we had pizza or something! Because it was Sunday, I also did the laundry (my oldest daughter helps).

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