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Grocery Spending/Menu Plan | Peeperific Edition

The Peeps are in honor of tomorrow’s holiday, of course. 😉 I apologize for the way that they are obscuring the actual groceries….next week the stuffed animal population should be smaller.

In case you missed it there in the back, I bought more flour.

Weis had it on sale for $1.50/bag, so I bought ten bags. I also bought three boxes of General Mills cereal, as it was part of promotion, and as a result of my purchases, I got a coupon for $10 off my next shopping trip. So, I spent $21 on the flour and cereal and basically got $10 off of that, which means my net total for 10 bags of flour and 3 boxes of cereal was only $11. Sweet.

As you can see from the picture, Weis was a little low on unbleached flour, so I got a rain check that will allow me to buy 10 more bags of flour at the sale price once they have it in stock again.

It might seem crazy to buy this much flour, but considering that 10 bags of normally priced flour would run me $28.90, I think it’s totally worth it. Plus, I know that I will have absolutely no trouble using up this flour before the Christmas sales start rolling out (I might even run out before then!).

Whenever I post about buying flour, someone usually wonders how I store it, so I’ll just answer that question now! I keep mine in my laundry room on a shelf because I have not had any bug problems ever (lucky me!). If you do have bug problems, freeze your flour for 24 hours before storing it, or if you have the space, store the bags in large airtight Rubbermaid bins.

I spent $63.46 at Aldi this week and $45.98 at Weis. My total spending amounts to $109.44, and that’s not counting my $10 coupon which I will use on next week’s groceries. So, I expect that I will be at least $10 under budget next week and that will balance out this week’s spending.

Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinner this week:



  • We’re visiting with family and I’m bringing (surprise, surprise!) rolls. 😉


  • Stromboli
  • Zucchini Salad


  • Beef Burgundy over egg noodles
  • green salad


  • French Chicken in a Pot (a new Cook’s Illustrated recipe I’m trying)
  • Whole Wheat Rolls
  • Cucumber Salad


  • Taco Salad
  • whatever fruit happens to be hanging around by then


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Wednesday 7th of April 2010

i was wondering if you make a menu before or after you go grocery shopping, didn't know if you just buy what's on sale & make a menu out of that or you research first or do you just plan a menu, make a list & buy. i never do menu's and i rarely follow recipes, i just throw things together (thanks to my mom, who is a tremendous cook & i learned from her while being homeschooled through high-school) i just shop & then use what i need to b4 it goes bad and it always turns out great.( which is hilarious since one of my favorite "me time" is looking through recipe books to get ideas). i would like to prepare a bit more by making menus though. you have seriously inspired me to not waste food, since i used to do that too often.i have been making my yogurt & bread since finding your site 2 months ago. thanks ;)

Kristin @ klingtocash

Monday 5th of April 2010

Where did you get your recipe for Beef Burgundy? My husband loves it but I haven't been able to find a recipe I love yet.


Monday 5th of April 2010

Thought of you on Saturday when grocery shopping I was so excited to snag Gold Medal unbleached for $1.39 at a local store!!


Monday 5th of April 2010

Whoops - "shopping THERE regularly though". Mistakes like that drive me batty.


Monday 5th of April 2010

Regarding the flour prices - I don't really shop at Walmart, however I went in to do some price comparison for groceries that I buy pretty frequently. I saw that Gold Medal Unbleached flour 5lb bag was priced regularly at $1.50.

I know Walmart can be a pain in the neck, but if the prices are that good it might be worth going in to stock up once in a while. I couldn't imagine shopping their regularly though :(

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.